Chapter 609: Ancestor Souls Showing Up

The Magus Era

Chapter 609: Ancestor Souls Showing Up

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These local holy spirits in Pan Xi world all had distinctive features of elements of energy.

While rushing towards Ji Hao in a battle formation, a hundred holy spirits growled out loudly while expanding their bodies to hundreds of meter wide. They transformed into gray rock giants, holding heavy and huge shields and rushing in front of the formation.

Behind these strong giants, the other hundred holy spirits let out high-pitched screams, transforming into metal giants. Their whole bodies sparkled with a cold light while countless sharp thorns grew out from their bodies. Holding long spears in their hands, these metal giants closely followed those rock giants.

Following behind those metal giants were another hundred holy spirits who were shouting and growling. They had transformed into gigantic treemen, every single leaf on their bodies coiled in lightning bolts or fierce dark-green wind. From over a thousand miles away from Ji Hao, these enormous treemen waved their huge branches and sent out countless bolts of lightning and fierce blades of wind, slicing the air open and screaming towards Ji Hao.

The three hundred holy spirits were from the earth kind, gold kind and green kind respectively. They covered both short and long attacking ranges, and could cooperate perfectly in attack and defense. This was an amazingly powerful army with great teamwork.

Ji Hao slightly opened his eyes. As his eyelids shook, fire sparkles spread out, fell on the tortoise chariot’s shell, and burned a sizzling noise out of the thick tortoise defensive screen.

Golden light dazzled out of his faint golden eyes for tens of miles. Ji Hao waved both of his hands and left a raging, golden fire coiling around his body. He opened his mouth and let out a stream of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi, transforming into a strong golden gust of wind and swiftly hovering around him.

Lightning bolts and fierce blades of wind struck on the long gust of wind transformed from Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi. After a series of popping noises, all lightning bolts and blades of wind were set ablaze, then burned into streams of light-green smoke, dissipating without leaving a trace. All of this happened within the blink of an eye.

The three hundred holy spirits who were rushing towards Ji Hao shouted out in shock simultaneously. They had never seen any fire that could even set lightning bolts and blades of wind ablaze!

Although both the lightning bolts and blade-like fierce gusts of wind were generated by the green power, no matter the lightning bolts or the wind, it was already a form of ‘energy’, without a tangible body. What kind of fire could even set these energies, that had changed their natures, ablaze?

"Outer space monsters! Kill!" The three-hundred holy spirits roared out together while hysterically charging towards Ji Hao.

The more powerful Ji Hao seemed, the more these holy spirits were afraid of him, and the more dangerous they thought he was. Whether for protecting their own benefits or the whole Pan Xi world, these holy spirits definitely wanted Ji Hao to die.

It had nothing to do with evil or justice, neither was it related to Ji Hao’s morality. Even if Ji Hao didn’t hurt a single grass of this world, he would still be an ‘outer space monster’, an intruder, and these holy spirits would still hunt for him with all their powers until they killed him.

"I don’t want to be your enemy…" said Ji Hao blandly, "I came to this world…Alright!"

Ji Hao wanted to calmly communicate with these holy spirits, but before he finished his first sentence, those metal giants already swung their enormous arms and threw thousands of sharp spears over.

Taking a deep breath and inhaling that stream of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi back, Ji Hao pulled out the flame dragon sword, gripped it with both of his hands and fiercely wielded. A raging stream of flame swooshed out from the sword, raising a hundred miles long stream of sword light.

Ji Hao didn’t know how the mysterious man sealed the great Dao of sun of this world inside his body. This thing was way too strange and mysterious, and Ji Hao couldn’t even describe it as he hadn’t reached that kind of level of cultivation.

Nevertheless, once the great Dao of sun was injected into his body, the suppression given to him by this world had gone for good. By now, Ji Hao could release his full power like before when he was in Pan Gu world. Besides, just now, Ji Hao’s spirit star power, that was also the sun power, had raised by at least ten times. This meant that the effect of this sword move he launched just now was more than ten times greater than any sword move he launched before.

The stream of sword power roared over like a dragon. Over a hundred rock giants raised those tens of meters thick rock shields held in their body, fending against this sword move.

Followed by an ear-piercing noise, the sharp sword power of the flame dragon sword cut those enormous rock shields open and left deep slashes. A few rock shields in the front of the troop were sliced apart by the sword power, which then left large wounds on the bodies of those rock giants behind the shields. The aftereffects of the sword power then swept across the troop.

Not only that, but the flame dragon sword power was also incredibly hot, and the golden essence sun flame attached to the sword power burst on the wounds of those rock giants. Within the short span of a breath, a hundred rock shields were all burned into lava, while a few injured rock giants roared in pain because their bodies were set ablaze by essence sun fire as well.

Essence sun fire, the most powerful, top-grade fire of a world, it could burn everything in the world and was invincible.

The bodies of seven to eight rock giants burned intensely. They growled, struggled in the air like gigantic torches, wailing and screaming in pain. Half of each of their hundreds of meter tall bodies was melted within the span of a few breaths.

These local holy spirits could no longer maintain the shape of a rock giant. Instead, their bodies transformed into puffs of yellow sands, drifting all over the sky while cursing loudly. Nevertheless, the essence sun fire was so violently and powerful that even though those holy spirits had already transformed their bodies into tiny grains of sand, thin wisps of essence sun fire still tightly attached to each grain of sand and blazed ragingly.

After the span of another breath, these seven to eight holy spirits, which were set ablaze by the essence sun fire, were burned completely out, without leaving even a trace of their soul.

Among these so-called holy spirits of this world, even the weaker ones were at the level of Magus kings or above while the stronger ones were at least at the level of Divine Magi. These three-hundred holy spirits in front of Ji Hao were not the most powerful ones, but they were all as powerful as one to two star Divine Magi in Pan Gu world.

Ji Hao had actually killed seven to eight powerful beings like these with a single move. This made those holy spirits, who had been aggressively rushing toward Ji Hao, pause simultaneously.

Surrounding Ji Hao, a golden flame was blazing. The thousands of spears thrown over by those metal giants were melted into puddles of liquid by the golden flame even before they could approach Ji Hao.

The remaining over two-hundred holy spirits glanced at each other, then a giant treeman abruptly raised a branch and released a dark-green bolt of lightning dazzled straight into the sky. It reached millions of meters high within the blink of an eye, then exploded, generating a sky-shaking boom and an overwhelming wave of lightning bolts.

"Supreme ancestor soul, your descendants are begging for your power. Please kill this terrifying outer space monster!" The whole group of holy spirits knelt in midair and transformed their bodies back to normal. They cut their wrists open and shed their spirit blood out.

Their spirit blood quickly transformed into spell symbols, flashed swiftly across the air then disappeared. After that, the entire space began shaking slightly.

The mysterious man’s voice suddenly came from Ji Hao’s spiritual space, "Run! Run! Now! I didn’t think that this so-called ancestor soul of theirs was actually a powerful being that merged his own body with the Dao. For a powerful being at such a high grade, you can’t possibly rival him now! Run!"

Ji Hao popped out his eyes in shock. Without saying anything, he took back the Tortoise chariot and transformed into a beam of golden light, covering millions of miles away within a single second, rushing out of the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows.


A deep voice resounded in the surrounding space. Following that, on the tiniest petal of that enormous flower of great Dao, a fifty kilometer tall, fiery giant silently emerged from the air, reaching his hand out slowly and gently towards Ji Hao.