Chapter 610: Hunted By The Ancestor Soul

The Magus Era

Chapter 610: Hunted By The Ancestor Soul

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The flowing air was paused, and below Ji Hao’s body, dense spheres of flame emerged from the air, expanding swiftly and transforming into a thousand-mile in radius swirl, that slowly approached him. A great suction force locked Ji Hao’s body, dragging him down and seeming ready to swallow him up.

"You damned old thing!" Ji Hao turned around and cast a glance at that fiery giant in shock.

The fifty-kilometer tall fiery giant was entirely scorching red. Within its translucent body, black stripes seemed were sparkling. Through the flame covered on his body, one could see countless fist-sized flame-shaped spell-symbols moving around inside his body.

That flower of great Dao was an embodiment of the natural Dao of Pan Xi world. This fiery giant came out directly from the flower, so apparently, he had already merged into one with the flower of great Dao. If he had truly merged perfectly together with the great Dao of fire, his would be immeasurably powerful.

"Hm…He hasn’t managed to understand even one percent of the great Dao of fire." said the mysterious man, "He has already reached the ice-breaking level of merging with the great Dao, but he is far away from controlling the great Dao of nature… far, far away. Ji Hao, just run at your highest speed!"

Hearing the mysterious man, Ji Hao slightly lessened his tightened nerves. He took a deep breath, let out a resonant long roar then raised his hand and released a bolt of lightning. Next, the Heaven and Earth stamper floating over his head vibrated intensely and released a dazzling golden light, forming an invisible force field that fiercely bumped against the flame swirl down below.

The spinning flame swirl was slowed down for a single second, after which, a terrifyingly grat counterforce came from the air. It violently vibrated Ji Hao’s body, squeezing a loud creaking noise out of his body. His bones were shattered into thousands of pieces.

Letting out a stream of blood for meters far, Ji Hao then fixed his eyes on that flame giant. Spirit blood surged inside his body, and his broken bones immediately recovered. He then transformed into a golden stream of light, taking the opportunity when the spinning flame swirl was slowed down temporarily to zip across the air and fled immediately away.

"Where do you think you’re running?" The flame giant growled out in both anger and shock. It shook its enormous head, looked around for a while, then suddenly burst with a raging scream, "How did this happen? Where is the holy spirit mist in this place? Why is it all gone?!"

The purple mist generated by Pan Xi’s disintegrated soul was called holy spirit mist by these local holy spirits, which was an extremely precious cultivation resource. Every time a new holy spirit emerged from local ordinary people, he or she could gain a slight little bit of purple mist as a reward to solidify the cultivation and purify the soul.

Only when a holy spirit reached the level of this fiery giant, who was seen as ancestor soul by the other holy spirits and already started to live on the flower of great Dao to try and merge with the great Dao of nature, this holy spirit could finally be qualified to stay in this core area of the Holy Land all year round. They could then expose themselves to the purple mist, cultivating under its nourishment constantly.

Nevertheless, after those holy spirits woke this fiery giant up with a secret blood-offering magic from his deep meditation and cultivation, he found that not even a single strand of ‘holy spirit mist’ was left in this place. All of the holy spirit mist had gone, this was way too unacceptable, probably even more unacceptable than the destruction of his ancestors’ tombs!

A sky-shattering roar vibrated the entire space.

One after another, the petals of the flower of great Dao released a dazzling light. A group of ancestor souls was awakened with a start in a row, then they all let out a high-pitched scream in both anger and shock.

Within a very short span of time, the mysterious man collected all of the purple mist with the round cauldron contained in Ji Hao’s body, without leaving even a slight little bit of it. By doing this, he had almost destroyed the future cultivation of these ‘ancestor souls’. Therefore, even ancestor souls who were in the deepest meditation and cultivation based on the great Dao of nature woke up in a great shock.

Hundreds of ancestor souls trod upon the flower of great Dao, cursing loudly and crazily as if they were all driven mad.

Having cursed for a while, the fiery giant drummed his own chest and gave a long roar. Then, the other ancestor souls waved their hands together. The flower of great Dao shook slightly, and after that, the fiery giant growled in pain while large streams of dense, blood-like flame spurted out from his mouth. Next, his feet left the flower of great Dao and his body transformed into a straight stream of fiery light, swishing directly into the air.

"I will certainly kill that outer space monster and bring back all our holy spirit mist!" The fiery giant roared confidently.

The hundreds of ancestor souls who had their feet tightly stuck to the flower of great Dao each let out a heavy breath. They raised their heads and looked at where the fiery giant disappeared without saying anything. No one could tell why, but by now, all of them felt that a great danger seemed to be quickly approaching.

"Give out the holy order, let all holy spirits gather in this place. Prepare for war… For this coming disaster, we have to combine our powers and fight together!"

The fiery giant flew out from the spot between Pan Xi’s eyebrows, flashed across the air and reached above the palace. He took a deep breath, raised both of arms and gave another series of growls, making tens of thousands of holy spirits around the palace kneel and kowtow to him.

Without glancing at those holy spirits, this fiery giant twitched his nose and shouted in a deep yet resonant voice, "Evil monster, you can’t run… you can never run. I remember your smell, I remember you."

His body flashed again across the air, left the palace and moved to the air above the land upon Pan Xi’s body. Looking around for a while, he abruptly growled out in both shame and anger, "How can you be so fast?! But no matter how fast are you, you can’t be faster than me!"

The fiery giant swung his right hand, and followed by his move, a feather fan that seemed to be made from tens of long red feathers showed up in his hand. He pointed his finger at this feather fan, and instantly after that, it transformed into a pair of fiery wings hanging on his back. With a single flash, this fiery giant left the space where the Holy Land was located in. In the air, the golden beam of light which was transformed from Ji Hao after he restrained all his power had been moving swiftly.

The suppression given to Ji Hao by Pan Xi world had all gone. Due to that, Ji Hao’s power was improved greatly. Therefore, by now, when Ji Hao cast the flowing sunlight flying magic, he could truly transform into a thin beam of light and within a single second at least fly tens of millions of miles.

Not only that, it was a bright daytime in Pan Xi world right now, with three suns shining in the sky. Within the bright sunlight, the golden beam of light transformed from Ji Hao gradually faded, merged with the sunlight and became invisible. Under his will and with the sunlight, which now suffused in every corner, he could move anywhere easily.

Gradually, Ji Hao moved faster and faster, and even himself was shocked by his speed. He flew so fast that he couldn’t see the surrounding environment clearly even by releasing his spirit power.

However, behind him, a red light spot had been sparkling swiftly along with crazy roars. The fiery giant, who was now with an enormous pair of wings and could cover the distance of over a hundred million miles within a second, followed closely after Ji Hao at a stunningly high speed.

"Bloody evil monster, give the holy spirit mist back!" growled the fiery giant madly, "Where are you from? Why are you intruding into our world? What on earth do you want? What are you planning? Eh? Why do I feel that something bad is happening? Our world is weakening, what have you done to our world?"

While cursing, the fiery giant pointed his hand forward and released a fierce beam of fiery light, screaming towards Ji Hao’s back as he aimed at his heart.