Chapter 614: Sneak Attack and Snatch

The Magus Era

Chapter 614: Sneak Attack and Snatch

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"Good treasure!" River Earl was forced to take a few steps back, looking at the enormous trident gripped in the fiery giant’s hands.

"Good treasure indeed!" The fiery giant proudly carried the trident and yelled, "This is the most powerful holy fire weapon in our world, ‘nine dragon spear’, representing the supreme power of fire in this world. Stupid evil monsters, you shall just obediently die in my hands!"

The fiery giant laughed out loudly. Meanwhile, the trident in his hands that was called ‘nine dragon spear’ raised streams of hundreds of miles long fiery light, violently roaring towards River Earl’s body. By now, the fiery giant’s body had already expanded to around a hundred kilometers tall, and when he launched a full-strength power attack on River Earl, who was only as tiny as an ordinary human being, every single move made by him was as horrible as the end of the world.

The power vibration released from River Earl’s body became colder and colder as he growled harshly, "Prince, bring your warriors and draw back for ten thousand miles, now. The treasure of this thing is quite good, and he is supported by this world. It is not so easy to defeat him!"

Gong Gong Wuyou turned around and left right away without saying anything. He took his group of warriors and left the battlefield at his highest speed.

River Earl told Gong Gong Wuyou to draw back for ten thousand miles and watch the fight. However, Gong Gong Wuyou apparently valued his own life even more, or one could also say that he valued River Earl’s suggestion extremely, because he didn’t stop after he drew back for ten thousand miles with his warriors. Instead, he kept moving and soon reached a million miles away.

"Eh…Prince…" River Earl turned around and glanced at Gong Gong Wuyou, murmuring speechlessly.

Shaking his head, River Earl took out a square-shaped halberd that was formed from nine coiled dragons. Once this purely dark halberd showed up, the rampantly surging waves became even more violent. The heads of those waves seemed to solidify, making those tremendous waves look just like a group of giant mountains roaring toward the fiery giant from all directions.

Afterward, River Earl took out a purely black bowl from his sleeve. The foot- in radius bowl floated upon River Earl’s head, slightly tilted, and poured an extremely clear, dark-colored water out, silently merging into River Earl’s body.

Followed by a loud series of fluttering noise, River Earl’s body began expanding swiftly as well. Under the effect of that mysterious liquid poured out from the bowl, River Earl’s body expanded to a hundred kilometer height as well. He gripped the halberd with both of his hands and slightly waved. Immediately, countless giant waves turned into icebergs, smashing down towards the fiery giant.

The fiery giant wielded the trident and easily shattered those icebergs one after another. Meanwhile, he laughed crazily loud out and growled, "Evil monster, you do have some power as well. The long spear in your hands is not bad, not bad at all…But what a shame, it is with a nature of water and is useless to me. But still, it is mine for sure. Although I can’t use it, I can trade this for useful treasures with those old ones!"

River Earl let out a cold smile. Instantly, the halberd brought up tens of streams of water power, fiercely piercing down toward the fiery giant.

The fiery giant remained perfect still on the spot while gripping the trident with both of his hands and fending against River Earl’s attack, showing no signs of weakness.

Both the hundred kilometers tall giants stood steadily in midair while wielding their tremendous weapons as they boomed against each other. Every single strike caused by them would raise a huge wave of water, endless streams of fire power and the thunderbolts generated from the impact, that would then explode and blow both banks of the great river down below into pieces. Within the area with a radius of at least a hundred thousand miles, not a single local ordinary person could survive.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Thunderous noise could be heard endlessly. The whole space was turned into Chaos, while River Earl and the fiery giant attacked each other with the purest and most violent powers. The two pre-world great treasures clashed heavily against each other, and within a single moment, tens of thousands of attacks were already launched by them.

Suddenly, a raging growl rose as the fiery giant staggeringly stepped back for a few times. Then, the purely dark long halberd magically sparkled and fiercely pierced into his ribs, raising dazzling fire sparkles. After that, half of the fiery giant’s waist had turned black, and the fiery light released from his body dimmed down to an extreme point.

"You…Damn it!" The fiery giant raised the trident once again. Clearly, many dark marks appeared on the trident, and it was obvious that the halberd held in River Earl’s hand was way too powerful. It had thoroughly suppressed the fiery giant’s power and had caused damages to the trident itself.

Treasures all had their spirits. The trident was damaged quite seriously, therefore, when it was wielded against River Earl’s halberd again, it might reasonably want to protect itself and get away from this dangerous fight. Because of this, in an intense strike, the trident made a mistake and allowed an opportunity for the halberd held in River Earl’s hand to pierce into the fiery giant’s body and hurt him severely.

"How could this happen?!" The fiery giant raised the damaged trident and roared as if he couldn’t believe his own eyes, "This is the most powerful holy fire weapon, how can it be damaged? How can it be?!"

Ji Has widely opened his eyes, staring at the fiery giant growling in a rage with the trident raised in his hands. From his spiritual space, the mysterious man’s anxious voice came, "This idiot, the origin of Pan Gu world is way more powerful than Pan Xi world. Based on the same level, the treasure from Pan Gu world is naturally more powerful than the treasure from Pan Xi world!"

"Ji Hao, the ‘nine dragon spear’ held in this fire man’s hands is a pre-world great treasure. Although it’s from Pan Xi world and not as powerful as the great pre-world treasures from Pan Gu world, it is still stunningly powerful. Go snatch it, then I’ll help you to merge it with your flame dragon sword. After that, the sword can be considered as a powerful weapon even in Pan Gu world."

Snatch the nine dragon spear from the hands of the fiery giant?

That was reasonable though. The flame dragon sword was a nature-crafted holy weapon, produced naturally by Pan Gu world. It was merged with a few magic treasures that had a nature of fire by Yu Yu using a great magic and became the flame dragon sword.

Since Yu Yu could remold the flame dragon sword, this mysterious man living in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, who was so mysterious and immeasurably powerful, could surely do the same thing.

However, snatching the dragon spear from the hands of the fiery giant?

"Very challenging, I love it!" Ji Hao gave a grin and then patted heavily on the cloud bag. Immediately, a huge sphere of watery mist, that had a radius of nearly a hundred-thousand miles was released from the tiny bag. The faint watery mist perfectly combined with the great waves raised by River Earl, making the surrounding areas even more hazy and misty. Under the mist, both physical eyes and spiritual powers lost their functions.

"Die!" The fiery giant burst in a great anger as he madly wielded the trident and crazily pounced on River Earl while roaring, even risking his own life in the process.

River Earl sneered coldly. Proudly, he wrung the halberd, easily fending against the giant’s attacks.

Suddenly, River Earl launched another swift attack and punctured the giant’s right shoulder with the halberd, then cut his right arm entirely off.

The trident spun in the air, then flew out from the giant’s hand.

A golden beam of light dazzled across the air, which was Ji Hao transformed into golden light, flying over. Gripping the trident with both of his hands, Ji Hao then slightly twisted his wrists. Following his move, a stream of purple mist that was generated by Pan Xi’s collapsed soul surged out from the small cauldron contained in his lower abdomen and gushed into the trident through Ji Hao’s palms.

The trident, that was going to struggle intensively suddenly quieted down, then obediently transformed into a three-foot-long, small trident, being held in Ji Hao’s hands.

Ji Hao laughed loudly and resonantly out, then transformed back into a beam of light and fled away. Conveniently, he left tens of fist-sized thunder bombs behind him.