Chapter 615: Transboundary Loot

The Magus Era

Chapter 615: Transboundary Loot

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All those thunder bombs Ji Hao threw out were top-grade ones given by Priest Xuan Du. They were all made from essence thunder power collected from Pan Gu world and with a great, powerful magic, having gone through thousands of processes.

Ji Hao didn’t know exactly how powerful those thunder bombs were, but as he found millions of thunder bombs like that in the cloud bag given by Xuan Du, he didn’t take them too seriously. He just conveniently took out a handful of thunder bombs and threw those tens of different-colored thunder bombs down.

His primordial spirit had partially merged with the great Dao of sun of Pan Xi world, and the suppression given to Ji Hao by Pan Xi world had gone for good. Therefore, Ji Hao now could move swiftly after he transformed into golden light, even many times faster than before, back when he was in Pan Gu world.

He darted up, snatched the nine dragon spear, threw out thunder bombs then turned around and fled right away. This series of moves were done at lightning speed, that even before the fiery giant and River Earl realized what was happening, Ji Hao had already succeeded smoothly and fled to tens of thousands of miles away with the nine dragon spear. After that, a golden beam of light flashed again across the air, and thus, Ji Hao disappeared from the sights of River Earl and the fiery giant.

"You…you reckless little one!" River Earl roared in a high-pitched voice quite hysterically. Someone actually dared to snatch a trophy away from his hands?!

"My treasure!" The fiery giant was even more enraged. He popped out his eyes and glanced where Ji Hao disappeared as if he couldn’t believe what had just happened. "Damn you! Outer space monsters, you will all die! I remember you! I know it was you! Bloody little thing!"

By now, both the fiery giant and River Earl were hundreds of kilometers tall, and neither of them noticed the tens of thunder bombs thrown down by Ji Hao quickly and conveniently. After all, compared to their current sizes, those human-fist-sized thunder bombs were way too tiny.

Purple spell symbols flashed swiftly across those thunder bombs one after another. After that, streams of strong and violent, purely positive and terrifyingly destructive power released speedily from the thunder bombs, spreading out towards all directions.

Tens of spheres of different-colored thunderbolts exploded, and the power released from them struck fiercely out. It was so scary and was completely beyond any possible description. Within a thousand miles in radius, the entire world was blown to hell. The air was twisted, then split up like a mirror, showing countless thin cracks that made the sky look like a spider net.

The water area created by River Earl blasted out suddenly. Countless mountain-like waves were shattered into pieces, turning into tiny water drops and scattering away. The raging fire released by the fiery giant was even more vulnerable. As tens of thunderbolts slightly bumped into the fire, the fire was killed immediately. Afterward, the fiery giant’s entire body was swallowed up by a dazzling lightning.

Waves of inundant and violent thunder power struck the body of the fiery giant, destroying his body layer by layer. The fiery giant’s enormous body was damaged bit by bit, turning back into the most original sphere of fire power. The soul power of the fiery giant, which was contained in the original fire power, was torn apart and destroyed without leaving even a trace.

Within the blink of an eye, the hundreds of kilometers tall body of the fiery giant was crushed thoroughly and showed up its core, which was a water-tank-sized, incredibly complicated crimson pattern of Dao of fire.

This pattern of Dao of fire was now the body of the fiery giant and was the container of his soul, the base of his cultivation of Dao. This pattern of Dao of fire contained all of the fiery giant’s understanding regarding the Dao of fire of this world. It was the foundation of his communication with the world, and his cultivation based on the great Dao of fire.

Layer by layer, those destructive thunderbolts covered the pattern of Dao of fire up.

Within the water-stream-like, layers of thunderbolts, silhouettes of a pair of clear and watery eyes that seemed to belong to a child, yet contained the calm and peacefulness that was only possessed by people who had lived through endless years, silently emerged. Meanwhile, an unhurried, calm and natural voice, that sounded free and strong, resounded across the sky, "Hm, a small trick, but indeed has some ingenious thinking of the great Dao. A stone from another world might not be worse than a jade from our own world. This thing can become the foundation of our outer disciples’ cultivation in the future, good!"

A sky-devouring thunder power swept over from all directions towards this pattern of Dao of fire.

The pattern of Dao of fire was shining dazzlingly, fending against those thunderbolts released from the thunder bombs. The fiery giant’s body had dissipated completely before, but as the strong thunder power ceaselessly surging in, his hazy body showed up again near the pattern of great Dao of fire.

"I am immortal! You outer space monsters, how could you possibly kill me?" The fiery giant roared within the fire.

"Immortal? You ignorant being with narrowed view, do you know how large the universe is?" Within the thunderbolts, that pair of watery clear eyes narrowed and showed a faint smile while saying, "Ji Hao, this kid has indeed chosen a good target. I should reward him after he returns."

A translucent, snow-white and tender hand that was as smooth as a hand of a baby yet slim and strong quietly reached out from the layers of thunderbolts and gently and easily gripped the pattern of Dao of fire. With a simple and slight shake, the fiery giant’s face froze instantly. Then, followed by a loud howl with a bone-deep despair, all traces of this existence were erased from this world, only leaving that pattern of Dao of fire floating in the air, then being easily grabbed in this hand.

Above this hand, a tremendous dark cloud quickly gathered over along with rumbling thunder, as if the sky of Pan Xi world had been driven crazy.

Ground-shattering thunders then burst out, shaking the whole world. A ten-million-mile in diameter swirl of dark cloud, that contained the severest thunder trial in Pan Xi world, emerged high up in the air. Within the dark cloud swirl, different-colored light had been dazzling swiftly, accurately aiming at this translucent hand which showed up abruptly.

Crack! Without any sign, a ten-thousand-mile in diameter bolt of thunder descended from the dark cloud swirl, fiercely striking down towards this hand, then the second thunderbolt, the third, the fourth. Within a single, short second, three-hundred and sixty thousand thunderbolts, which were ten-thousand-mile in diameter, roared down towards the hand, expressing the anger of the whole world.

"Hehe, funny, it seems that I have broken some rules of this world." The watery pair of eyes in the thunderbolt narrowed again. Another hand reached out from the thunderbolt as the fingers locked together into a lotus-like motion. Then a finger was slightly flicked towards the sky.

All three-hundred and sixty thousand thunderbolts were destroyed in the very next moment, and the dark cloud swirl in the sky was torn apart. With a single flick of a finger, this severest thunder trial ever, which was powerful enough to destroy a small world, was easily destroyed and cleared away.

After all this, those violent thunder released from the thunder bombs Ji Hao threw out silently disappeared along with that pair of eyes, a pair of hands and the pattern of great Dao of fire left by the fiery giant. They all disappeared without leaving a trace. Pan Xi world quieted back down as if nothing had happened at all.

Only River Earl, who had his chest blown out by the fierce thunder bombs and was now covered in blood, had still been standing in mid-air, stunned. The wound on his chest was healing speedily, but he seemed to feel nothing from that huge wound and instead, he stared where the pair of hands disappeared as if he was staring at a ghost.

Suddenly, River Earl quivered, then turned around and walked right away while saying, "Damn it, which old guy was that? He has, has actually…Who was that?! Who the hell was that! Who…on earth…was that?!! Damn it!!"

"Ji Hao, that little bastard, did he really have such a powerful being supporting him?! I have to tell Prince, we can only be friends with Earl Yao Ji Hao, and absolutely cannot…"

While River Earl was murmuring to himself, a gentle breeze suddenly blew across and then, his body slightly paused. All details of the fight that happened just now were erased from his memories.

"Hm, Prince, I have already killed that fire man…Hm, whoever dares to go against our Gong Gong Family… will die!" River Earl’s voice became extremely cold and proud.