Chapter 616: Entering Unavoidable Confrontation

The Magus Era

Chapter 616: Entering Unavoidable Confrontation

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Ji Hao freely changed directions and restrained the power vibration released from this body while flying. He flew for a whole day and two nights and only then did he finally stop. Near a large local city, he found a lonely mountain where he opened up a small cave for himself on a cliff and settled down.

The five-colored flame was quietly burning, with the round cauldron wrapped in it.

Flame dragon sword and nine dragon spear were both swallowed down by the cauldron. The mysterious man was floating beside the cauldron, constantly changing his hand motions and sending streams of spell symbols into the cauldron; sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

Ji Hao sat next to the mysterious man, carefully watching him do the work.

With close observation, Ji Hao found that thirty percent of those weapon-crafting spell symbols came from the secret tool-crafting techniques taught by Po, while the rest seventy percent seemed strange and of an ancient style. Apparently, those were created by the mysterious man himself.

When the mysterious man’s hand motions changed, surrounding his body, hazy scenes of earth, water, fire, wind, mountains, and rivers would emerge faintly. Meanwhile, an indescribable, mysterious feeling of Dao had been given off by the mysterious man through his hand motions. Ji Hao’s mind immersed entirely in the mysterious feeling, and he felt it hard to come out of it.

Guided by the mysterious man’s hand motions and under the effect of that unspeakable feeling of Dao, Ji Hao was quickly gaining a deeper understanding of the secret tool-crafting techniques taught by Po. Every single second, countless difficulties would be solved for him, and every now and then, all kinds of ingenious inspirations would pop up in Ji Hap’s mind.

Three days later, the mysterious man finally finished all the hand motions, drew a circle with both of his hands and slowly put them in front of his chest, releasing two turbid streams of air from his hands. These streams transformed into a strong gale, swooshing out of this small cave.

Seeing the mysterious man finishing the work, Ji Hao instantly woke up from the mysterious and magical state of learning. He looked at the mysterious man and praised sincerely, "I didn’t think that your tool-crafting skills are even better than brother Po. I never knew that you have this ability."

The mysterious man shook his head and quietly sat beside the cauldron.

His pair of eyes were shining with a blue light. After a long while, he looked at Ji Hao and said blandly, "Before, I truly didn’t know how to craft tools. I started to learn these small tricks when you did. However, you and I have different foundations. Therefore, I had already generated my own tool-crafting system based on Priest Po’s skills before you learned some solid things."

Ji Has looked at the mysterious man in shock. Stunned for quite a while, he abruptly shook his head and subconsciously exclaimed out, "You already surpassed Brother Po on tool-crafting skills?! But it has only been a few years!"

The mysterious man spread his hands and responded mildly, "Like I said, you and I have different foundations. Therefore, in some aspects, I can do better than you, but in many aspects, you can do better than me."

Ji Hao curved his mouth corners downwards. He didn’t believe this old man, as he seemed to be much more powerful than Ji Hao in terms of everything.

The mysterious man flicked slightly on the cauldron that was floating in front of him. A few light-purple pills flew out. The mysterious man swallowed the few pills up, then his hazy body became clearer. Looked at Ji Hao’s Gold Crow cloak, he laughed and said, "This cloak is not bad, but the natural foundation of it is a bit weak after all. Find some good chances to loot a few more so-called ancestor souls. When we get enough materials, I can remold all your treasures for you."

Narrowing his eyes, the mysterious man looked up at the ceiling, then glanced down at the ground and murmured in confusion, "Pan Xi has fallen, but where is her spirit treasure? Where did she hide it?"

Ji Hap’s eyes suddenly shone. Pan Xi’s spirit treasure? Pondering for a while, Ji Hao smiled and said, "Probably destroyed."

The mysterious man shook his head and said in a deep voice, "No, I have a feeling that her spirit treasure isn't destroyed. If we can find it, we should get it as quickly as possible. If Pan Gu world swallowed her spirit treasure entirely along with this world, that would be a great shame."

Ji Hao paused, then helplessly spread his hands. The mysterious man sounded reasonable, but finding Pan Xi’s spirit treasure? That sounded truly difficult. The mysterious man didn’t say any more words, and Ji Hao could only look at the round cauldron wrapped in the five-colored flame in silence.

Time flew by swiftly, and over forty days later, a deep yet loud buzzing noise came from the cauldron. Following that, the lid of the cauldron flew up. The new treasure, which was the combination of flame dragon sword and nine dragon spear, flew out from the cauldron along with a raging fire.

This was an entirely golden, nearly transparent long spear, with a bright golden stream of light coiling quickly around it. Within the golden light, nine spheres of, sun-like golden lights had been darting around, releasing dazzling golden light ceaselessly.

The spear was eight-feet long, and just the spearhead was six-feet long. The spearhead was wide and flat, seeming more like half of a sword attached to a spear pole. On both sides of the spearhead were two especially sharp, crescent-like blades. This pair of foot-long crescent-shaped blades could hack, pierce and defend. Ji Hao injected a stream of sun power into the spear, after which, the two crescent-shaped blades zipped out from the spear along with a resonant clang. They transformed into two streams of golden flames, punctured the wall and left two bowl-sized holes on the thousands of meter thick mountain wall.

"I changed its look and merged it with the great Dao of sun of Pan Gu world." said the mysterious man quite proudly while looking at the long spear held in Ji Hao’s hands "You can name it whatever you like. Use it for good purposes… this is the very first time for me to make a weapon. I’ve spent quite some efforts on it."

Proudly letting out a long breath, the mysterious man then waved his hand and followed by his move, the cauldron transformed into a five-colored stream of light and flew back into Ji Hap’s lower abdomen. As for himself, he flew back to Ji Hao’s spiritual space, transformed into wisps of mist and disappeared.

Ji Hao gripped the long spear and wielded for a few times. When the mysterious man remold this spear, he had taken a big half of Ji Hao’s spirit blood and mixed it with this spear. Therefore, Ji Has could freely manipulate this long spear with his mind, as smoothly as manipulating his own limbs.

"Name…Based on this look of yours…like a spear but also like a sword… with nine golden lights shining like suns… I think I’ll call you nine sun spear." Ji Hao grinned delightfully while conveniently naming this new weapon. He then gripped it with both of this hands and walked out of the cave, where he had been hiding in for over a month.

Outside the cave, Ji Hao threw the nine suns spear up towards the sky. Instantly, a golden stream of fiery light dazzled straight up into the air, then turned around and dove down. It swiftly transformed into nine three-hundred meters in diameter spheres of golden light, rotating around this great mountain which was thousands of meters in radius.

Puff! Within the golden light, this towering mountain disappeared without leaving any trace. All plants, rocks and sand on the mountain were evaporated into nothingness within a moment by that terrifyingly great heat; not even a single strand of smoke puffed out.

The location of the mountain now became a nearly hundred-mile in radius flat area. Countless weak animals and insects living underground fell all over the area, huddled their bodies in a great panic and dared not to move.

Ji Hao chuckled. Gradually, he began laughing out loudly towards the sky.

This nine suns spear was incredibly powerful, and it was easy to manipulate. It could easily destroy a towering mountain but without harming any living creature. This weapon was truly powerful enough to be a spirit treasure that could be manipulated freely under its owner’s will.

Packing the nine suns spear, Ji Has was still standing in midair and laughing. However, from a long distance away, a cold voice came abruptly.

"Earl Yao seems to be quite happy, what is it about? Why don’t you share and make us happy as well?" A cloud swished over from afar, upon which, Miao Yin and her disciple, Qing Mei, and tens of their disciples with long robes of theirs approached in a group.