Chapter 640: Resist

The Magus Era

Chapter 640: Resist

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"Brave, that’s what I like!" The Jia Clan leader nodded towards Jin Tu in praise and said, "My name is Chi Zhe. After I have chopped your head off and made your skull into a wine cup, I will carve my name on the bottom of it."

Jin Tu raised his long spear. The power vibration released from his body became especially fierce and cold as he said, "My Name is Jin Tu. After I have killed you, I will extract your soul from your body and give it to our Master Maguspriest. He will then boil your soul slowly with a magic fire. You will have at least a thousand year of time to cry and shout my name, day and night!"

Chi Zhe and Jin Tu glanced at each other, then each let out a long and resonant roar while their weapons, a curved blade and a long spear, were lunged forwards at lightning speed.

Clang! Dazzlingly fire sparkles were started. Both of them took three steps backward, then saluted to each other in an especially formal way for a deadly fight. The lunge made by the two of them just now was only a ritual move, and both of them had merely used less than one percent of their powers.

"You’re indeed quite strong, but from now on, you would need to be careful!" Chi Zhe chuckled while popping his four eyes widely out, with his eyeballs glowing brightly like cat eyes.

Jin Tu stayed silent while he slightly twisted his wrists. The ritual and tentative clang of the weapons made his wrists slightly numb. Chi Zhe’s physical power was way greater than Jin Tu, and just now, Jin Tu could have been sent flying straight away by Chi Zhe if he wasn’t so skillful.

Ji Hao straightened his waist, pressed his hand on Man Man’s head and forcibly pushed her behind himself. Both Jin Tu and Chi Zhe were top-level warriors, and even a slight single stream of power sent out by them could cause tremendous damage to the others who had been watching this fight. Even though Man Man was protected by Zhu Rong’s clone, Ji Hao still subconsciously treated Man Man as the weak and fragile little girl that he met back in the Southern Wasteland jungle.

Turning around, Ji Hao glanced at Shaosi. The air before Shaosi’s face was weirdly shaking. After Shaosi had merged with the Candle Dragon spirit pearl, she had already inherited many magical special abilities through the Candle Dragon bloodline. The power of space was one of her special abilities. Ji Hao smilingly nodded to Shaosi. ’This girl doesn’t need the others to worry about her.’ thought Ji Hao.

Nevertheless, Man Man was not the only one who he needed to be worried about. Abruptly, Ji Hao thought of someone else. Ji Hao turned around, grabbed Taisi’s neck, who had been reaching his head out from the behind. Ji Hao carried him up then heavily thudded him against the ground right next to Man Man.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Following a series of thunderous noise when Ji Hao turned around to check on Man Man and Taisi, Chi Zhe launched three fierce hacks towards Jin Tu at lightning speed. His moves were simple and straightforward, without any hesitation. Every single hack was launched directly towards Jin Tu’s head. Streams of blade light dazzled towards Jin Tu, seeming to chop the whole world into two.

Watching Chi Zhe launch these three hacks, the faces of Elder Destiny and the other elders all turned deathly pale again, which made them look barely alive.

Pan Xi world was a war-torn world, that every year, every month, every year, every hour, every minute, local people living in this world were fighting without resting. Nevertheless, after all, those local people all shared the same origin, and even for those long-lasting wars, there was a bottom-line. Wars happened all the time, but generally, those were never too cruel.

When had these local people ever been through brutal wars like those between the humankind and the non-humankind, which were bloody and cruel, completely merciless and without limits? The nearly crazy cruelty and fierceness showed by the three hacks launched by Chi Zhe made the hearts of Elder Destiny and the other elders ice-cold.

"These creatures were born for killing!" Screamed a green kind ancestor soul, as Green-kind people were sensitive to the power of death the most. "Why would such a terrifying kind emerge from the world?"

"Because they don’t belong to our world!" Responded Elder Destiny weakly.

Jin Tu roared out. Facing the three fierce, unstoppable hacks, he raised his long spear and rushed against it. Streams of arc-shaped light were raised by the long spear, as the strong metal power transformed into numerous sharp thorns attached to the long spear, causing a shrill swishing noise while grinding against Chi She’s long blade. That noise sounded like the cries of ghosts, and was not so pleasant to hear.

Chi Zhe gave three hacks while Jin Tu launched a hundred and eight lunges in a row. The long beams of light brought up by the long spear were crushed in the blade light. With merely three hacks, Chi Zhe destroyed the one hundred and eight lunges. The mountain-great power that came from the blade made Jin Tu’s arms soft and tired, forcing him back staggeringly.

A strand of blade light flashed across the cursed spear light, and next, Jin Tu abruptly turned around and let out a deep roar in pain.

Chi Zhe chuckled, teasingly crooked his finger towards Jin Tu and said, "Jin Tu, you’re indeed a decent man, but you can’t rival me. Power, speed, skill, in any aspect, you’re weaker than me. With three more hacks, I can surely cut your head off!"

A long slash appeared on Jin Tu’s left eye, tore his eye socket apart, broke his nose and cut deeply into his face, reaching straight to his right chin. Large streams of blood gushed out of his eye sockets mixed with his smashed eyeball.

Jin Tu dodged truly fast, that this hack only landed on his face. If he had moved even slightly slower, he would definitely have been chopped into two.

Watching this fight, Elder Destiny and the group of ancestor souls felt more and more frightened. If any ancestor soul in Pan Xi world suffered such a severe injury, he or she had to fall into a deep sleep and rest quietly for around a thousand years to recover. But right now and right in front of them, Jin Tu, who was wounded so gravely, had his wound recovered perfectly and immediately without leaving even a slight scar by simply taking a long breath.

Even the blood that gushed out of his body and his smashed eyeball had flown back into his body in an extremely weird way. Not a single drop of his blood was left outside.

Such a strong life-force, with such a great self-healing power, all this stunned those green-kind ancestor souls of the Pan Xi world. The great shock nearly disabled them from talking.

Holding the long spear, Jin Tu twisted his neck, looked at Chi Zhe, laughed out loud and said, "You want to chop my head off with three hacks? Never so easy!"

Growling deeply, Jin Tu raised his head and looked at the sky. From high up in the air, a fierce gust of wind roared down. Chi Zhe knitted his eyebrows, gripped the hilt of his blade with both hands while taking over ten steps backward, increasing the distance between Jin Tu and himself.

An enormous Qiong Qi beast dove down from the air, roared rampantly and transformed into a turbid dark light that swished into Jin Tu’s body. Jin Tu raised his head and gave a deep roar in pain, after which, his body began expanding speedily like a gas-filled balloon.

Within the blink of an eye, Jin Tu’s body expanded to as large as Chi Zhe. On his arms that were not covered in armor, thick and twisted blood veins could be seen under the skin. Boring hot waves of air spread out from his body, roaring toward all directions like a hurricane.

Along with an ear-piercing noise, Jin Tu raised the long spear once again, sliced through the air and pierced towards Chi She’s heart, leaving a white beam of light in the air.

Chi Zhe cast a great growl while swinging his curved blade down, accurately hacking on the tip of the spearhead.

Clang! The bodies of Chi Zhe and Jin Tu shook simultaneously, then both of them took around ten steps backward.