Chapter 642: Manipulating the Great Dao of Nature

The Magus Era

Chapter 642: Manipulating the Great Dao of Nature

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"Break!" Ji Hao let out the Heaven and Earth stamper that released tremendous waves of power, striking heavily on the solidified air which had sealed Jin Tu in it.

Creaking noise could be heard ceaselessly as the blue air crystal cracked quickly. Large pieces of air crystals fell on the ground, even letting out muffled booms like bricks. Even after being broken, those air crystal pieces didn’t gasify back into the air. Instead, they remained in the form of a crystal.

Streams of glowing red liquid melted from floor tiles were dragged out of Jin Tu’s body one after another like worms by the great power released from the Heaven and Earth stamper. Jin Tu was nearly suffocated to death, and once those liquid streams were removed from his body, he held his throat with both of his hands while beginning to breathe quickly and deeply.

Ji Hao flicked his finger, and along with his move, the Heaven and Earth stamper slightly shook. Instantly, the air surrounding Jin Tu’s body transformed into five square-shaped air shields, shielding Jin Tu in the middle. The space cracks created by Chi Zhe banged against those air shields, only generating a series of noise before both the space cracks and the air shields disappeared.

"Interesting!" Chi Zhe narrowed his eyes and glanced at Ji Hao while the staff held in his hand glowed with a dim light. The erect eye floating upon the staff slowly turned around and fixed on Ji Hao coldly.

Dark-green waves of green power emerged from the air, drilling into Chi Zhe’s body like living creatures. The two huge wounds on his chest and abdomen were healed speedily without leaving even a single scar. More green power continuously surged out from the air and layered up on Chi Zhe’s body, gradually transforming into a thick, dark-green scale armor.

Flicking his finger, Chi Zhe laughed proudly and next, the scale armor worn by him transformed from the green power, suddenly turned into thin bolts of lightning. The bolts swiftly rotated around his body, turning his entire body into a unique, lightning-like blue hue.

Meanwhile, more green power streams had been rotating around Chi Zhe’s body. The thick and dark-green streams of green power drifted in the air, looking like a gigantic octopus floating above his head. A series of muffled swishing noises would be generated when its tentacles swept across the air.

More astonishingly, the green power, which contained the strongest life-force in the world and had just healed Chi Zhe’ s wounds, now became a terrifying poison. Under Chi Zhe’s control, a stream of green power swished across the plaza, leaving a purely dark and deep trail on the ground because of its high toxicity.

"How about this? I don’t know about any magic, but how is this in comparison with your magics?" said Chi Zhe grinningly while looking at Ji Hao and the others. The lightning bolts sizzling on his body had already formed a few large, ancient style spell symbols, representing the supreme natural law.

Over a hundred fully armored Jia Clan warriors walked over quickly without much noise. They speedily moved towards Ji Hao while waves of bright, fiery light streams emerged from the air. The fiery light condensed into small, crystal-like spell symbols, orderly embossing themselves on the armors of these Jia Clan warriors one after another

A great heat was released from the armors of these warriors. Their bodies became scorching hot; wherever they reached, the ground under their feet would immediately melt into lava.

Elder Destiny raised his right hand and from behind him, the compass of destiny gradually showed up, releasing waves of mysterious power.

Hundreds of water kind holy spirits showed up from the air. Looking at those burning Jia Clan warriors, these water-kind holy spirits growled out simultaneously. Following their voices, an enormous wave of water emerged from the air, roaring down towards those Jia Clan warriors along with a surprisingly great cold power.

The water could kill the fire, and in Pan Xi world, this was also a part of the law of nature.

Hundreds of water kind holy spirits had combined their powers and had all activated their spirit power, which was the most powerful one among all natural water powers in Pan Xi world, called the ‘pre-world water power’. Flushing the ordinary fire burning on those Jia Clan warriors’ bodies with the pre-world water power would be as easy as smashing an egg with a mountain, a definite success.

Elder Destiny showed a trace of a smile on his face, yet, his smile froze in the next second.

The water generated by pre-world water power struck on the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors, but Chi Zhe gripped the black staff and gave a gentle yell. Following that, the fire burning on those Jia Clan warriors’ bodies burned even more intensely. Instead of being killed, it was as if the water generated by pre-world water power was actually gasoline.

Following a loud swooshing noise, the great, sky-covering wave of water was turned into an ocean of flame, and those hundreds of holy spirits who had merged their bodies with the water dashed out of the flame while howling in pain. The flame set their bodies ablaze, burning all their hair out, and even their skins.

Ji Hao sensed a dense smell of grilling meat from the air. He pointed his finger at the Heaven and Earth stamper, attempting to forcibly trigger the power of the stamper and kill the great fire. But those hundreds of holy spirits were already burned into puffs of smoke by that fierce fire while howling desperately.

"You have no idea who you are fighting against!" Holding the black staff, Chi Zhe looked at Ji Hao and the others with a serious face and said, "Your enemy is not me… Instead, it’s this world. The world you are staying in is your true enemy! Ignorant barbarians, you are so stupid, all of you… including the humankind and you local creatures, which are even dumber."

Laughing rudely, over a hundred Jia Clan warriors raised their weapons, which were wrapped in fire, fiercely hacking down towards Ji Hao and the others.

The Heaven and Earth stamper floated upon Ji Hao’s head as waves of power spread out from it in all directions. Ji Hao tried to gather natural powers to fend against the attacks launching by these Jia Clan warriors, but he found that wherever the power of the stamper reached, the space was completely empty. With Ji Hao’s current power and the high grade of the stamper, he actually couldn’t sense any natural power or natural law.

All natural powers and powers of natural law had been kept away from Ji Hao, and by now, only Chi Zhe could control them.

Jia Clan warriors rushed into the group of holy spirits like crazy tigers, fiercely wielding their weapons. Holy spirits were slaughtered in a raging fire one after another, then being burned into smoke. Shrill howls could be heard endlessly. Those holy spirits attacked these Jia Clan warriors with all of their powers, but they were all killed and burned out even before they could touch the bodies of their enemies.

For holy spirits in Pan Xi world, all their powers were originated from the natural powers of Pan Xi world. Without these natural powers, these holy spirits were no different from a group of ordinary living beings with vulnerable physical bodies.

Those holy spirits were defeated and dispersed once again. Led by Elder Destiny, they desperately flew up into the air and fled away from the Holy Palace.

Jia Clan warriors fixed their eyes on local holy spirits, rampantly slaughtering them, but completely neglected Ji Hao and his friends.

Chi Zhe held the black staff, looked at Ji Hao and said seriously, "Earl Yao, Ji Hao, we are keeping our promise. Before the life-and-death battle starts, we will not do anything to you…We won’t even kill this shameless Qiong Qi beast with the power of the natural law of this world!"

While smiling, Chi Zhe waved his hand and started a fierce gale, forcibly rolling Ji Hao and his friends up into the sky, sending them out of the Holy Palace.

Chi Zhe’s voice then came from far away, but clear enough to be heard, "However, you shall not disturb us when we do our job…We are only an advance force that came to explore this place! Haha, believe it or not… But if I were you, I’d chose to believe it!"