Chapter 651: Educate All Living Creatures

The Magus Era

Chapter 651: Educate All Living Creatures

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In the middle of Pan Xi world was a vast plain area. Trees stood orderly in straight lines, dividing the earth up like a chess board, while numerous villages scattered on the chess board like chess pieces.

Under a towering green mountain, hundreds of kilns had large clouds of smoke puffing out. Many fire-kind people surrounded those kilns while murmuring something and calmly manipulating the raging fire inside them.

Besides the mountain was a crystal clear river winding across. Water-kind people with neat clothes were standing by the river side, holding large staffs made from fish bones, manipulating the water and raising countless whirlpools. Spheres of mud were wrapped in the whirlpools, spinning instantly, until all sand impurities were filtered away, only leaving the finest and smoothest clay.

In the end, those perfectly clean clay spheres were sent up onto a flagstone by the river. Many earth-kind people gathered in this place, taking over clay balls sent over by the water-kind people, then cast their magic and transform those clay balls into all kinds of exquisite tools and containers.

Those earth-kind people knew how to manipulate the clay to an extreme level. Therefore, those wares were especially exquisite. For example, some small wares like tea cups or wine cups were as thin as cicada’s wings, seeming even to be transparent if one put them under the sunlight.

On the other side of the river and among farmlands, some earth-kind people had also been casting magic. They were manipulating the soil in the farmland. The soil moved, strangling all eggs of injurious insects, pulling out all wild grasses and sending those rank grasses away, piling up on the ridges of the farmland.

In the farmland, soft shoots of all kinds of crops were tender and green, glowing with a lovely green light under the sunshine.

Some green-kind people stood on the bridges, holding all kinds of wooden staffs and incanting spells with deep voices. Waves of green glow spread out from their bodies. Wherever the green glow reached, crops would grow speedily. The roots grew longer and stronger, the leaves grow larger and thicker, and on those tender shoots, the thriving green color seemed even to drip down like dew drops.

Abruptly, a wave of excited shouts rose into the air. The few kilns under the mountain that had already cooled down were opened. Large numbers of snow-white, crystal clear porcelains were carefully carried out.

These exquisite porcelains were never seen in Pan Xi world before. Earth-kind people could indeed produce some potteries, but what they could make were only simple and rough ones. They could never produce these exquisite porcelains with their techniques and fire-controlling skills.

No matter those fire-kind people, who controlled the fire, water-kind people, who cleaned the clay or earth-kind people, who crafted those wares, all of them now gathered together, happily looking at these exquisite, beautiful porcelains which still had faint streams of some energy coiling around them. All present people had their eyes squeezed into curved lines because of the big grins on their faces.

All people were working according to their own abilities. In the flat areas between villages, large groups of muscular gold-kind people and some people from other races had been training in ordered arrays. Large numbers of human warriors were standing among these local warriors, harshly teaching them how to fight enemies back, how to cooperate with each other, how to form a killing battle formation with long spears and short swords, and how archers needed to match up with warriors using spears and machetes.

At first glance, one could find more than hundred-thousand villages like this on the vast plain area. Countless local warriors were training severely while sweat poured down from their body in streams. By now, they already had a faint yet sharp sense of power released from their bodies.

In the middle of a city which was just built up that the grout on the surface of the city wall hadn’t even dried, was a square, which was broad enough to contain a hundred-thousand people for a large meeting. Countless local teenagers and children knelt on straw mats, each having a small table in the front with pens, ink stones, ink sticks and papers placed on the tables.

In the middle of the square was a small platform with a simple straw shed built on it. Si Wen Ming was sitting straight in the shed, holding a scroll and seriously teaching a lesson to these local teenagers and children.

"…Therefore, no matter which kind you belong to, gold, green, water, fire, earth, thunder, lightning, poison, wind, air… you all share the same origin, and you are all people of this world."

"Because of the shared origin, you are all brothers and sisters… You are families, regardless of your natures of powers. Therefore, you shouldn’t fight against each other. You should combine your powers, expand your races and strengthen your civilizations."

"So, today, I am going to teach you about filial piety, friendship, and fraternal duty!"

Si Wen Ming sat straight under the shed without casting any magic or activating any of his powers. However, a dense yellow cloud had been rolling around his head. The yellow-colored cloud was hundreds of meter in radius, floating right above the shed. Streams of warmth were spreading out constantly from the yellow cloud. Every local kid who was enveloped by the warmth was enlightened suddenly, understanding the things taught by Si Wen Ming quickly.

Every after a kid truly understood what was taught by Si Wen Ming, a faint yellow stream of mist would descend down from the sky, merging with the yellow cloud. In the distance and under the mountain, when another kiln was opened, and large numbers of porcelains were carried out, streams of water-tank-sized yellow mist would descend. Over there, in a workshop, when gold-kind people and fire-kind people crafted another exquisite, strong armor, which was hundreds of times greater than the armors made by them before, new waves of water-tank-sized yellow mist would surge down. In a stock farm which was not so far away, some green-kind people and water-kind people had been working together, delivering young livestock for a group of domestic animals. When tens of baby animals came to this world while singing happily, denser and thicker yellow mist swooshed down from the sky…

Si Wen Ming smiled gently while looking at these people who were fighting against each other a couple of months ago, but then awed by him with his great, violent power to stop fighting, and be influenced and changed by his amazing charm of personality. Si Wen Ming only felt delighted.

After coming to this world, Si Wen Ming didn’t willfully kill and loot like Gong Gong Wuyou. Instead, he did what he truly wanted to do. He appeased the fights, taught these local people some wisdom of life, and allowed them to remove the long-lasting hatred between different races.

The contribution made by Si Wen Ming through educating local people was recognized by the world itself. The natural awards constantly descended on him, bringing him countless benefits.

From a distance, Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kong looked at the rolling yellow cloud above Si Wen Ming’s head, both confused and shocked.

"So strange, even this kind of benefit was gained by Si Wen Ming."

"Hm, only he can be so patient. Don’t you forget that when we just arrived, these local people were under orders given by their so-called holy spirits, and tried to kill us as outer space monsters."

"I seriously wanted to meet true powerful beings in this world…Did we really come here to be teachers?"

Glancing at each other, the two of them helplessly shook their heads.

Si Wen Ming held the scroll and seriously continued the lecture for those local kids. His gaze was warm and determined, glowing with a bright light of wisdom, that allowed him to see through everything.