Chapter 656: Sign

The Magus Era

Chapter 656: Sign

Translator: Law Editor: AntiGod
Time flew by, as some strange changes started happening in Pan Xi world.

On this particular day, the three suns and three moons of Pan Xi world showed up together, releasing bright golden and silver light, lighting up the whole world. Soon, both the sunlight and moonlight dimmed down, and the world darkened, as if the dusk had suddenly come.

High up in the air, all clouds looked like ink pieces that had been flashing by like a surging wave, creating long dark tracks extending across the sky. Long cloud streams lined up orderly in the sky, pointing at the skyline and the meeting spot between Pan Xi world and Pan Gu world.

The ground had been shaking slightly. Volcanos in Pan Xi world erupted one after another as surging lava streams submerged numerous valleys. Fire-kind people who liked to live by volcanos left their homelands while crying. Even though they were possessors of fire power, they could not live in lava like fishes in the water.

Large areas of woods withered. Many green-kind people had lost their homelands where they had lived in for countless years. But in the meanwhile, plants in some other areas began growing thrivingly, to the extent that people could no longer walk in some grasslands because of the grass that had grown especially tall and thick like sturdy walls.

In some ocean areas, the seawater was drained, while in some other areas, heavy rains never stopped. The land in some place turned into deserts, while some deserts suddenly turned into mud; some mountains collapsed, forming deep, fathomless pits, while some bottomless gorges abruptly became towering mountains.

Heavy snow and hailstone descended from the sky together while bolts of lightning dazzled down along with dense mist. Hurricane swept across the ground with rain and snow rolled into it; not a single grass could survive wherever it reached. The natural law of the entire Pan Xi world was disorganized, and by now, Pan Xi world was just like a teenager who was drunk for the first time, and had been in a drunken brawl with itself.

Countless earth-kind people activated their altars, giving out their best offerings while crying, begging their ancestors to protect them. Different colored light emerged from all altars, bringing orders that came from holy spirits and ancestor souls.

Elder Destiny ordered those holy spirits and ancestor souls to deliver messages to their people with all kinds of methods. Therefore, some local people found while walking by the river that the river water suddenly moved and showed crystal clear characters; some local people were walking on the road, but the sand and soil in front of them moved suddenly and formed clear characters as well. Some local people hid in woods, but abruptly, the leaves or grasses around them expanded and showed clear characters.

Billions of messages were sent into the local clans in the Pan Xi world. These messages were orders given by their holy spirits and ancestors

‘All clans, put down all kinds of hatred, gather together according to your geographic locations, dig deep holes, stock as much food as possible, hide, and try your best to produce a new generation.’

Meanwhile, some other orders were spreading out speedily, in accordance of which, countless local people were moving at their highest speed, gathering information from all kinds of sources.

On a vast grassland, in a city covered in raging flame, Zhu Rong Tianming was sitting in an armchair, taking over a grass leaf presented tremblingly by a local warrior. On the grass leaf, a line of Pan Gu world characters was clearly readable. Below that line of characters was Ji Hao’s personal seal.

"The non-humankind have brought Pan Xi world’s natural law under control? He wants me to take my people and meet him in Fallen Land? Fight against the non-humankind together?" murmured Zhu Rong Tianming while teasingly shaking the leaf, showing off to Priest Corpse and the other few Daoist priests sitting beside him and said, "Look, look, this brother-in-law of mine is indeed quite smart. He knew that he should find some people to fight for him and maybe die for him!"

Flicking his finger, Zhu Rong Tianming turned the large leaf into a puff of ash, then stood up. He proudly looked at Priest Corpse, Yi Shen, Lie Mountain Xi and the other elite human beings from the Southern Wasteland, Western Wasteland, and Eastern Wasteland, gathered around him.

"With the help of you all, we can just let that little kid Ji Hao, play his own game."

Stomping his foot heavily against the ground, Zhu Rong Tianming growled harshly, "Without ten-million non-humankind warriors, they can never, ever break this Tianming City of mine! Want to break my city with merely a million warriors? Hehe, I still have hundreds of millions of local warriors in the city, and those warriors are willing to risk their lives and fight for me!"

People sitting in the great hall laughed out loud together. They were all laughing at Ji Hao.

The same thing also happened to Gong Gong Wuyou, Gong Sun Yuan and the other few princes who came from some large clans, who were all ambitious. They rejected Ji Hao’s kindness and friendliness without any hesitation, treating Ji Hao’s friendly invitation of solidarity as a vicious intent. They thought that Ji Hao wanted to find some people to fight and die instead of himself. These princes had their hearts set on fending against the non-humankind with their own forts.

In a small city, Si Wen Ming was giving a lecture to a group of local kids. The number of his student had expanded by hundreds of percent. He was teaching these kids how to manage a clan, how to mediate conflicts that happened between clansmen, and how to be fair and just. Abruptly, a local elder rushed up to Si Wen Ming and politely placed a clay board under his feet.

Si Wen Ming lowered his head, glanced at the clay board then instantly laughed and said, "Earl Yao is indeed lucky. It seems that these local people are lucky as well. Fallen Land? We spent so many efforts but still didn’t discover that place."

Standing up, Si Wen Ming grinned warmly towards Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kang and the other few princes who were rather close to him and said, "Earl Yao has sent us a message. He wants us to meet him, then we shall go meet him. I didn’t think that he could have the prince of dragon-kind and young master of phoenix-kind on his side. Hm, the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind…As older ones, we should keep an eye on them for Ji Hao, to keep him from being tricked."

Huaxu Lie responded slowly, "Brother Wen Ming, I think you’re wrong…Since they dragon prince and phoenix young master have already fallen in Earl Yao’s hands, we should worry about them instead. I hope Earl Yao won’t peel the ninth prince of the dragon-kind, pull his tendons out and cook him into a pot of soup…As for the phoenix young master, ah, Earl Yao, please don’t let her return to our world as a pregnant woman. Otherwise, the phoenix queen might burn the Pu Ban City to vent her anger."

Lie Mountain Kang laughed so hard that his eyes even curved into a pair of lines, as he picked up the topic and said, "We shouldn’t worry about that though, after all, Earl Yao’s future father-in-law is an old fire player. I’m just wondering which fire is more powerful, phoenix divine flame or Zhu Rong divine fire?"

After a loud series of laughter, Si Wen Ming gave out his orders. Quickly, he contacted Ji Hao through the method mentioned on the clay board, then told those local people under his command to start collecting all kinds of magic herbs, crop seeds, and minerals, as well as babies of all kinds of livestock, then prepare to bring all these resources to the Fallen Land.

A couple of days later, countless enormous birds descended from the sky, carrying all local people under Si Wen Ming’s command away. Each enormous bird could carry over ten-thousand people at a time, and tens of thousands of birds could transport hundreds of millions of people at a time. Countless enormous birds had come to transport people and resources, sending all local people under Si Wen Ming’s command and those that lived in the surrounding area of his city, to the Fallen Land.

Finally, this day had come.

A ten-thousand miles wide, tens of thousands of miles long, eye-shaped crack emerged from the sky.

The dark, eye-shaped crack floated in the air, and from the pupil area of that eye, a metal palace that belonged to the non-humankind, descended slowly.