Chapter 660: Afraid

The Magus Era

Chapter 660: Afraid

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The tremendous metal palace shattered those coiling black mist streams in the air and slowly flew towards the volcano. Ji Hao and the others all stood up, looking at the palace.

Yemo Sha and the other non-humankind leaders standing on the palace hadn’t sensed anything, but Ji Hao and other human beings had already seen that a large number of spell symbols began sparkling on the bottom of the palace. Those spell symbols were dazzling, constantly, letting out large fire sparkles. Obviously, the magic formation based on the palace was now fully activated.

The palace was miles in radius, entirely made of metal, and added with the metal foundation, which was thirty-mile in square, hundreds of meter thick. For such a heavy, enormous object, an unmeasurably huge amount of natural power would be consumed in every single moment to keep it flying in the air. The flying magic formation set on it had to rely on natural powers to work.

Nevertheless, as a collapsed area of Pan Xi world, Fallen Land had nearly zero natural powers in it, and neither did the natural law effective in this place. Therefore, for this enormous and heavy metal palace, coming into Fallen Land was like a giant whale coming to the dry land, it would be seriously difficult for it to swim.

While sending out large fire sparkles and flame streams, the palace flew towards the volcano for hundreds of miles, but was still around a thousand miles away from the battle fort built by Ji Hao. Ji Hao smiled and heavily stomped his foot.

A buzzing noise could then be heard endlessly. On the battle fort walls, countless yellow-colored spell symbols lit up, and soon, the bright yellow light formed a glowing ocean. The towering volcano was shaking, and deep down underground, the Pan Xi mirror, which was transformed from the soul-shaking clock, glowed with a splendid light. Huge streams of black mist was absorbed by the mirror and transformed into pure streams of earth power, then ejected into the battle fort walls.

The air surrounding the battle fort began twisting. The strong gravitational field made the air glow with a colorful light, seeming like countless drifting bubbles in the air.

A creaking noise was squeezed out of the metal palace, and next, countless magic formation set on or in the palace was activated automatically while thousands of spell symbols blasted out and burst with huge streams of fiery light along with dense smoke. Along a series of thunderous boom, this metal palace banged against the ground and sliced forward for over a hundred miles, leaving a smooth and deep trail on the ground.

Yemo Sha and non-humankind warriors stood behind him couldn’t react timely and didn’t even think about flying into the air. Instead, they all thudded against the ground along with the fallen palace while howling and rolling.

Those strong and muscular Jia Clan warriors were barely harmed but those Yu Clan people were not as tough. Over a hundred Yu Clan warriors rolled under the quickly sliding palace while the heavy, sturdy bottom of the palace and the sandy ground formed a giant milestone that violently crushed their bodies. On the over a hundred mile long trail left on the ground, over a hundred thin streams of blood were extremely eye-catching.

Yemo Sha also fell heavily on the ground but struggled up from the ground with the help of his guards. He subconsciously turned around and took a glance. Over a hundred Yu Clan people were killed, crushed into meat paste by the metal palace once they saw their enemies, and even before they could say a word.

"How should I explain this on the report when I go back?" Yemo Sha murmured a sentence that didn’t seem to match the current situation at all.

Ji Hao and the other human beings stood on the edge of the volcano cent, laughing so hard that couldn’t even speak. For such a giant palace, it would fine if they let it stay on the ground, not too many jade coins would be spent in that way. However, if one wanted this metal palace to fly in the sky and to have all kinds of functions, including attacking and defending, it would cost a sky-huge price, not to mention how much time and efforts it cost those Xiu Clan master constructors to build it.

A valuable flying palace that belonged to the enemy was dragged down from the sky and over a hundred Yu Clan warriors were killed even before the war started. This was indeed a great credit.

No one knew how those non-humankind beings make those jade plates, but after those hundred Yu Clan warriors had died, their jade plates exploded and released streams of bright light that accurately flew towards Ji Hao, quickly merging with his jade plate that was tied around his waist.

These credit-keeping jade plates were indeed effective. Although those Yu Clan young men were killed by their own palace, after all, they died because of Ji Hao. Therefore, this credit actually went to Ji Hao.

Si Wen Ming and the others couldn’t help but praise the smart idea of those Xiu Clan masters. Their tool-crafting techniques were much more advanced than the humankind. Therefore, these human beings couldn’t figure out how exactly did they make these magical jade plates that could record credits so accurately.

"I am Ji Hao. Does Dishi Cha want to kill me? If you want the reward, just come!" Ji Hao took two steps forward, stood on a rock and laughed loudly at the group of non-humankind beings who were now a great mess. He then said, "Apart from that, did Dishi Cha make a bet with Gong Gong that required you to kill us out within three months? If you can’t, Dishi Cha would have to give out a sun and moon blood pill, while you will all be punished?"

Yemo Sha and the others glanced at each other in surprise. A Jia Clan warrior shouted harshly out, "Lord Yemo Sha, they are well-informed even by hiding in here. Hm, they even know the name of the pill."

Yemo Sha looked at Ji Hao and the other human beings with a darkened face. Although there was a long distance between them, the brightly glowing erect eye between Yemo Sha’s eyebrows still allowed him to clearly see every single move made by Ji Hao and his friends. He said in a cold voice, "After all, the humankind is a strong race. They survived under our attack for many years, so it’s reasonable for them to have some powerful magics or abilities…Hm, they built a fort in this place? Who wants to go break the fort and kill them?"

Ten Yu Clan warriors hurriedly stepped out, each having a black crystal staff held in their hands. Leading hundreds of Jia Clan warriors, they left the metal palace, which still had smoke puffing out from it, and stepped onto Fallen Land.

These ten Yu Clan warriors screamed out once their feet landed on the ground. Many of their talismans and amulets cracked simultaneously, releasing streams of light that wrapped their bodies firmly up, fending them against the terrifyingly great gravity.

The metal palace was broken, but the defensive magic formation in it was still working. Therefore, they didn’t sense the abnormal gravity while they were inside the palace. But once they came out, the strong gravity struck over from all directions. Those talismans and amulets were automatically activated, protecting their owners, whose bodies were relatively fragile. But still, quite a few of them had blood flowing out from their mouth corners and nostrils.

"Damn it, what have they done?" A Yu Clan warrior growled angrily.

The gravity was so strong. Although these Yu Clan warriors were protected by powerful treasures, every step they made in this strong gravitational field would consume great energy, as if they were walking in a river of glue. They wielded their black staffs that could allow them to freely manipulate all kinds of natural powers in other areas of Pan Xi world and break mountains, split the ground, even turn oceans upside down. But now, they couldn’t feel any power delivered by their staffs.

The ten Yu Clan warriors paused in shock, looking at the fort, where Ji Hao and his friends were. These Yu Clan warriors suddenly lost the courage of moving forward.