Chapter 672: Rampant

The Magus Era

Chapter 672: Rampant

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The great shocking wave intensively vibrated the city, that had cost Zhu Rong Tianming a genuine fortune. Countless huge cracks appeared on the ground as boiling lava gushed out from the chasms and drilled into these cracks. The complete fire spell symbol seemed to fall apart.

The fire screen condensed from ninety-nine different types of fire had collapsed, from which, flame surged out like strong water streams. Those terrifying flames flew to the plain area and burned the withered earth. Rock, sands, all combustible and incombustible thing were set ablaze, burned into streams of smoke, rising into the sky.

Those fire zombies stood on the fence wall hadn’t discovered their enemy, but they were already frozen by the strong ice power released by those icebergs. Tens of millions of fire zombies were sealed in thick ice blocks. Then as the earth quaked, these iced fire zombies shattered suddenly and turned into countless bits.

Treading on the last iceberg, Pan Xi flew over expressionlessly. When she was less than a hundred miles away from the city, she raised her hand and pointed forward again. A towering mountain shrunk instantly, after which, it was transformed into a thick, dazzling sphere of lightning bolts. The enormous lightning bolts sphere quickly shrunk and eventually became a needle-tip-sized bolt of lightning.

Pan Xi pointed at the lightning bolt, and next, the needle-like bolt of lightning dazzled into the city.

"How dare you!" Priest Corpse shouted out while pushing his hands forwards.

The air before the lightning bolt moved, from which, a pair of fifteen-meters tall, entirely golden and shining hands reached out. The pair of hands moved quickly inwards and gripped the bolt of lightning.

Buzz! A tremendous wave of dragon-like bolts of lightning burst out, and the pair of enormous hands turned transparent inside the silver-blue wave of lightning bolts. Lightning bolts spread out wave after wave. Wherever they reached, countless fire zombies were turned into ashes or blasted out into fire clouds.

Following a shrill howl, the pair of hands launched by Priest Corpse were torn apart by the lightning bolts. He immediately drew his hands back and saw that his real hands were now covered in incalculable bone-deep wounds, with streams of smoke rising from them.

"My hands!" With an extremely shocked and weird look, both Priest Corpse and Bo Qiujia stared at Priest Corpse’s hands. Back in Pan Gu world, Priest Corpse was a well-known one even in the prehistorical era. He was born with great and special powers, and in addition to that, he became Priest Hua’s disciple and attained some unimaginable magics. Not to mention anything else, his physical body was far tougher than human Divine Magi. Natural-crafted treasures, and even ordinary world-accompanying spirit treasures couldn’t harm his body.

Nevertheless, with some strangely powerful method, Pan Xi turned a mountain into a bolt of lightning, and with the highly compressed lightning bolt burst, Priest Corpse’s especially tough body was easily wounded.

"Where is this woman from?" Bo Qiujia was clearly aware of the toughness of Priest Corpse’s body. Physically, Priest Corpse could even be counted as the strongest one among his entire sect. In the eye of other cultivators, he had truly reached the level of invincible.

Pan Xi wounded Priest Corpse with a single move. How powerful was she?

Priest Corpse leaped straight up. He glared at Pan Xi with his pair of hands glowing with a gray-white light, devouring the lingering silver-blue bolts of lightning in his hands.

"My friend, may I ask your name?" With a darkened face, Priest Corpse stared at Pan Xi and said. A gray hassock silently appeared under his feet, and from the hassock, a stream of Chaos power surged out, transforming into a mushroom-shaped cloud that wrapped him up.

"Why do you want to know her name?! Just chop her!" Zhu Rong Tianming screamed out in anger. He had spent a solid effort and so much time, used so many local people to build this sturdy city. However, Pan Xi broke this city even before any non-humankind being showed up. And a second before Pan Xi attacked, Zhu Rong Tianming bragging with Bo Qiujia and Priest Corpse about how indestructible this great city was. His own words were still lingering beside his ears, but all of a sudden, Pan Xi came and shattered the fire screen of ninety-nine fires. This was just like a heavy slap landing loudly on Zhu Rong Tianming’s face. How could he possibly endure that?

Following a series of deep roars, tens of Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi who were under Zhu Rong Tianming’s command, trod upon fiery clouds and rose into the sky. Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi possessed the mixed bloodline that originated from ancient human beings and fire Qi Lin. They were half human beings and half beasts, but were stunningly powerful. As rare elite warriors among the alliance of human clans, based on the same power level, Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi could rival elite Jia Clan warriors in frontal battles one on one.

These few Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi, who were brought to this life-and-death game by Zhu Rong Tianming, were all top-grade powerful warriors. Each one of them could rival three to five ordinary human Divine Magi based on the equal power level.

Fiery cloud rolled in the air as these Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi roared resonantly, flying towards Pan Xi like a group of crazy beasts.

Ancient style bronze long spears raised bright streams of fiery light and released beast-like roars, fiercely piercing towards Pan Xi. Tens of long bronze spears zipped over simultaneously. Exactly as Zhu Rong Tianming ordered, these Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi attempted to chop Pan Xi directly.

A dim beam of light flashed across Pan Xi’s purely dark eyes. She floated in midair without making any move, letting these sharp and powerful bronze spears cut violently on her body.

Loud clangs could then be heard without a break. Within a single second, these Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi had launched tens of thousands of attacks. Like a tsunami, the waves of attack launched by tens of them together struck on Pan Xi’s body one after another.

Fiery light dazzled while fire sparkles flew everywhere, but Pan Xi’s body stayed perfectly unmoved. The attacks launched by tens of Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi failed to deliver any effect on her. Not even a slight wound could be found on Pan Xi’s white and smooth skin. Those incomparably sharp bronze spears used by Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi were inherited treasures, passed down from prehistorical era. But these great weapons couldn’t even leave a mark on Pan Xi’s skin. On the contrary, the counter force generated by Pan Xi’s body caused direct harm to these spears, making countless thin cracks appear on these long bronze spears.

"So tough!" A Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magus shouted out while looking at Pan Xi in astonishment.

In the next moment, Pan Xi slightly waved her hands and raised tens of shreds of afterimages. Her hands struck on the bodies of these Divine Magi simply and directly. A deep bang was generated, following which, the bodies of the tens of top-grade powerful Divine Magi blasted out simultaneously.

Then nothing was left. The bodies of these Divine Magi exploded without leaving any trace.

No broken body parts, no burned wisps of hair, no trace was left at all. Just like this, those incredibly strong Divine Magi were struck into nothingness by Pan Xi with a simple punch.