Chapter 673: Invincible

The Magus Era

Chapter 673: Invincible

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"Oh! No!" Zhu Rong lost the tens of Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi, which caused a great heartache and dizziness, making him vomit blood. He tried truly hard to bring those Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors under his command, and although the number of those warriors was not big, every single one of them was an absolute elite. Tens of Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi, based on the actual powers, should be worth even more than a thousand ordinary human Divine Magi.

Nevertheless, Pan Xi killed all of them by simply with a punch.

Poor Zhu Rong Tianming, he had spent a great fortune on those Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi, and each of those Divine Magi had cost him tons of magic crystals and countless jade coins.

"This crazy woman, I, I…" Zhu Rong Tianming pressed his chest with both of his hands and couldn’t even complete a sentence.

Bo Qiujia and Priest Corpse glanced at each other, after which, Priest Corpse seriously nodded and said, "Brother, take care of our Prince." Next, Bo Qiujia’s body flashed across the air and moved beside Zhu Rong Tianming. He took out a streamer and waved it, releasing streams of smoke from it, rolling and expanding the air and wrapping Zhu Rong Tianming and himself up.

Zhu Rong Tianming opened his mouth, looked at Bo Qiujia, seeming to say something. But soon, he realized what was happening, then hurriedly turned around and looked at Priest Corpse in panic. What did this mean? Did Priest Corpse think he couldn’t rival this crazy woman and had already been preparing to flee?

Pan Xi landed on the ground, walking towards Zhu Rong Tianming with big steps

A troop of elite Zhu Rong Family warriors blocked Pan Xi’s way. Over a hundred warriors raised their long spears together. Their battle beasts showed the sharp teeth, letting out dense smoke and raging flames, trying their best to make themselves look more furious to frighten Pan Xi.

"Kill!" The leader of these warriors cast a growl while raising his long sword, hacking straight towards Pan Xi, leaving a bright beam of fiery light in the air. Following a loud bang, the long sword held by the warrior leader broke into two. At the same time, Pan Xi’s palm was pressed on his chest. The warrior leader’s body exploded suddenly and turned into ashes without leaving any trace, just like those Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi.

Over a hundred warriors fiercely lunged their spears together. The sharp spears loudly clanged against Pan Xi’s body, but Pan Xi expressionlessly took a step forward. Along with an ear-piercing metal-twisting noise, over a hundred long spears twisted and broke simultaneously. Afterward, Pan Xi waved her right hand. Her white and tender palm released a sharp, arc-shaped airstream, cutting all warriors and their beasts, who were in her way, into pieces.

Blood spurted out from the twitching body parts of these warriors and beasts. Treading upon the blood, Pan Xi approached the city step by step.

Groups of Zhu Rong Family warriors rushed out and blocked Pan Xi’s way again and again, from over a hundred to hundred, then to thousands. Then, a whole hundred Fire Qi Lin Clan Divine Magi led three-thousand elite warriors from Fire Dragon Clan, Fire Phoenix Clan, Be Fang Clan and Rosefinch Clan, and a hundred thousand fire zombies, showed up in front of Pan Xi.

Such a huge and powerful army only made Pan Xi wield her fists a couple of more times, before it was turned into ashes and dissipated in the air.

Pan Xi slowly walked to the city. Great numbers of spell symbols lit up on the metal fence wall, creating a strong force field that twisted the air. The faint silhouettes of a few large-scale magic treasures flashed across the air. As a prince of Zhu Rong Family, Zhu Rong Tianming never lacked great treasures. Therefore, he did his best to set a top-grade, super strong magic formation that he found in the Magi Palace, on the fence wall.

The fire screen of the city was destroyed when Pan Xi attacked the city with icebergs, but the defensive magic formation based on the fence wall remained unharmed. The core of the magic formation was made from a couple of divine magic treasures that belonged to Zhu Rong Tianming, and it was powerful enough to fend against savage attacks launched by over a hundred Divine Magi together.

Pan Xi’s purely dark eyeballs sparkled with a dim light while looking at the metal fence wall in front of her. Her pale lips began moving as she gently murmured a syllable.

This short and slight syllable somehow turned to be like the great thunder that happened when the world was created. The terrifying thunder lingered in the hearts of all living creatures of Pan Xi world. The metal fence wall standing in front of Pan Xi collapsed, then this hundred-mile long section of fence wall was turned into a stream of smoke and disappeared.

The few great magic treasures brought by Zhu Rong Tianming from Zhu Rong Family let out shrill screams, transformed into light streams and dazzled back to Zhu Rong Tianming’s chest. Zhu Rong Tianming was stunned. In a daze, he looked at Pan Xi, who walked into the city step by step. Abruptly and hoarsely, Zhu Rong Tianming screamed out.

"What kind of monster is this?!"

"You retreat with uncle Bo Qiujia." said Priest Corpse while glancing at the hundreds of disciples gathering behind him. Then, he seriously whispered something to Miao Yin and Miao Lian, who were standing in the front of the group of disciples. The group of disciples dared not to waste any time and hurriedly rushed behind Bo Qiujia.

Bo Qiujia waved the streamer and released dense streams of black smoke, wrapping these disciples up.

"My friend, do not be too aggressive. Just let me see what you can do." Priest Corpse snorted coldly as the gray hassock under his feet released streams of gray mist, surrounding his whole body. The gray mist split up upon Priest Corpse’s head, allowing a glowing-white stream of light to dazzle out, holding up a purely black and cold coffin, which seemed to be carved out from ice.

The gray hassock started shaking slightly, sending out gray mist streams that carried Priest Corpse up into the air, flying towards Pan Xi. Priest Corpse pointed at the three-meter long black coffin when he was around ten miles away from Pan Xi. Immediately after that, the black coffin, which had been releasing a fierce power vibration, transformed into a black beam of light, swiftly smashing down towards Pan Xi’s head.

This coffin was a pre-world treasure, and was also Priest Corpse’s spirit treasure that he gained back in the prehistorical era. Back then, he traveled around the prehistorical world and was wounded severely countless times. But every time, this coffin saved his life. This purely black and lusterless coffin was as heavy as a mountain, and was especially tough. It also had some special functions. Therefore, Priest Corpse treasured it very much.

If Zhu Rong Tianming weren't related to many important plans made by those powerful beings who had been supporting Priest Corpse, Priest Corpse would never activate this spirit treasure of his for Zhu Rong Tianming. To Priest Corpse, this coffin was truly as important as his own life. If it suffered any harm, he might die from grief.

Expressionlessly, Pan Xi looked at the coffin that descended straight from the sky. Without showing any intention of dodge, she just stood still and let the coffin smash on her head.

"Good!" Priest Corpse laughed out and shouted. He was hundred-percent confident of his spirit treasure. Although it wasn’t designed especially for smashing enemies, with its sturdiness and weight, Priest Corpse had knocked down quite a few prehistorical powerful beings, who were much more powerful than himself back then!

After a thunderous bang and a wave of raging flame, the coffin heavily landed on Pan Xi’s head, then was bounced back.

A large stream of blood ejected out from Priest Corpse’s mouth to nearly a hundred meters away. In a great panic, he saw a human-head-sized breach on his spirit treasure — the breach caused by Pan Xi’s head.

Even the word ‘excruciating’ couldn’t explain Priest Corpse’s current feeling. In this very moment, he even had an impulse to perish together with the whole Pan Xi world.

"Ma…My master Shifu!"

Hot streams of tear gushed out from Priest Corpse’s eye sockets. He was truly having a heartache right now.

Pan Xi’s body flashed across the air and in the very next moment, she appeared before Priest Corpse’s face and swiftly punched on his chest.

A loud bang was generated, and the coarse long robe worn by Priest Corpse blasted into rags. While vomiting blood, Priest Corpse was sent flying backward.