Chapter 679: Burn

The Magus Era

Chapter 679: Burn

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Oddly shaped metal puppets roared ceaselessly towards Gong Sun Yuan like a tsunami. But with the help of the sword light released by Si Wen Ming, all metal puppets and Jia Clan warriors approaching Gong Sun Yuan were struck away. Taking a deep breath, Gong Sun Yuan turned around, looked at Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming and said, "Earl Yao…and brother Wen Ming, I owe you one."

While speaking, Gong Sun Yuan’s eyes sparkled brightly as he took a glance at the thirty-six large black flags. He was a bit disappointed towards Gong Gong Wuyou. Gong Gong Wuyou said that Gong Gong Family would support Gong Sun Yuan with all of their powers and help him to become the next human Emperor. But under such an emergency situation, when Gong Sun Yuan risked his own life to cover the others’ retreat, Gong Gong Wuyou did nothing but flee into Fallen Land under River Earl’s protection!

"These kinds of people are not even qualified to cooperate with me! The oath of alliance?" Gong Sun Yuan swung his sword and fiercely hacked at the heavy shield held in Jia Clan warrior’s hand into two. His look turned ice-cold as he murmured, "Do our You Xiong Family need the help of Gong Gong Family?"

Ji Hao activated the immemorial sun streamer, which had started absorbing the sunlight being released from the three suns of Pan Xi world speedily. The sunlight was absorbed so fast that the area ten-thousand miles in radius around Ji Hao had become purely dark. All of the sunlight was swallowed up by the streamer.

"Why are you all crowding? Wanna give me some convenience to burn you?" Ji Hao laughed out loud while looking at those gathering battle puppets. He gripped the sun streamer with both of his hands and swung fiercely in the air.

Golden essence sun fire descended from the sky, looking like a golden, transparent rain falling from the air. It silently released a splendid golden mist that spread in the sky. Such a beautiful scene contained a strong, destructive power of killing. Without touching Gong Sun Yuan and any of his three-thousand warriors, the golden fire rain fell on the ground. All objects touched by the essence sun fire were set ablaze, including those metal puppets released by the few Xiu Clan young men, and those Jia Clan warriors.

Countless spell symbols sparkled on the surface of those metal puppets as the defensive magic formation set inside their bodies quickly consumed stored magic crystals, fending against the essence sun fire. But the essence sun fire was way too powerful, that those spell symbols were burned out layer by layer, and those defensive magic formations were destroyed within the blink of an eye. The fire easily reached the bodies of those metal puppets.

The secretly-crafted alloy produced by Xiu Clan master craftsmen seemed to be totally vulnerable to the essence sun fire. Only a very few powerful metal puppets, which had cores made from extremely precious divine materials, could hold on for a second before they were burned into a puddle of liquid and evaporated ultimately. Over a hundred thousand small to mid-scale metal puppets were burned out almost within a flash. Right after that, it was those Jia Clan warriors’ turn to suffer.

As elite Jia Clan warriors, the armors worn by them were much stronger than those metal puppets, and could even withstand continuous heavy attacks launched by Divine Magi without being harmed. Nevertheless, facing the essence sun fire released by Ji Hao, ninety-nine percent of those armors only sparkled shortly and slightly before they were burned into liquid and evaporated along with a series of cracking noises made by spell symbols contained in these armors.

The armors worn by those Jia Clan warriors who were wrapped up by the essence sun fire melted right on their bodies, which was truly a nightmare. Their skins were burned out by the metal liquid, and in some areas of their bodies, even translucent bones were exposed. They howled out in pain, trying their best to boost up their life-force and attempt to heal their bodies. Nevertheless, after burning out their armors, the essence sun fire quietly lingered on their bodies.

Muscles were burned out layer by layer, and then the fire surrounded their bones. Soon, those nearly indestructible bones were silently evaporated as well. Thousands of human-shaped torches desperately dashed around on the ground while letting out shrill howls. The howls had lasted for the span of around a breath before these human-shaped torches disappeared as well.

Only spheres of essence sun fire landed on the ground, silently setting the rocks and soil ablaze, then burning all these into nothingness as well. The armors worn by the tens of Jia Clan warrior leaders were obviously genuine treasures, and might have been pre-world holy weapons looted by their ancestors from an unknown world. Therefore, under the essence sun fire, these armors lasted much longer than the ordinary ones. Nevertheless, even pre-world holy weapons couldn’t stand the burning of essence sun fire. A deep cracking noise came from deep inside these armors. Meanwhile, the owners of these armors were struggling and running away. The temperature inside the armor rose swiftly, and the bodies of those Jia Clan warrior leaders burned, making them cry and howl in pain.

In the distance, Dishi Fang screamed out while he pulled out the black staff subconsciously.

Gong Sun Yuan immediately raised his long sword and growled provokingly at Dishi Fang, "Dishi Fang! Didn’t you claim that you are the most extraordinary one among the entire Yu Clan? What? Do you dare to fight fairly against me?"

Dishi Fang paused for a short while. He waved the black staff, seeming to not know what to do. Indeed, he had said something like that. But his army was suffering a great loss right now! Less than a million non-humankind beings had taken part in this life-and-death game, but thousands of them were already burned to death by Ji Hao. By now, the other Jia Clan warriors under his command, who could be counted as the strongest ones, were also in a fatal danger. If all these warriors fell, how would Dishi Fang explain this to his superiors?

Besides, even those Jia Clan warrior leaders who came from large Jia Clan families that had long histories and had looted countless worlds couldn’t withstand Ji Hao’s attack, even though they all had powerful treasures with them. Clearly, the immemorial sun streamer floating upon Ji Hao’s head was some kind of supreme treasure.

Ji Hao killed his enemies with such a powerful treasure, could this be counted as a fair fight?

Dishi Fang was confused deeply. He subconsciously waved the black staff, and next, a dense dark cloud emerged above Ji Hao’s head. Following a rumbling thunder, hundreds of huge thunderbolts roared down.

Ji Hao chuckled as a dim stream of light emerged from above his head. all thunderbolts disappeared as the fell into the dim light stream, then dazzled out from the air around Dishi Fang in the next moment. Dishi Fang and the group of non-humankind leaders didn’t even realize what was happening before hundreds of thunderbolts overwhelmingly struck down. The thunderbolt surged ragingly and crushed the space for around ten-miles in radius. Within this area, every single thing was struck into ashes, including the air and the ground. The space of the area disappeared, only leaving behind a dark hole.

Inside the dark hole, turbid airstreams had been rolling while the surrounding normal space slowly moved inwards like water streams. After half an hour, this destroyed area of space was finally fixed.

Nevertheless, Dishi Fang and his people were gone for good, without leaving a single hair.

"How did this happen?" Si Wen Ming stared at Ji Hao in shock. Dishi Fang had already put the power of great Dao of Pan Xi world in use, but why were they wiped out from this world by the thunderbolts?

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, seeming to be thinking about something.

These non-humankind beings had indeed brought the great Dao of nature under control, but they seemed to not pay enough attention to their own defensive powers. Maybe they thought they had already attained the fiercest killing weapon and didn’t need any defenses anymore?