Chapter 716: Dishi Cha’s Soliloquy

The Magus Era

Chapter 716: Dishi Cha’s Soliloquy

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Dishi Cha was eager to vent his excitement, or, as a great achievement was now right in the front for him to be attained, he just couldn’t wait to share his pride. Therefore, in front of nearly a hundred Jia Clan warriors and Chi You, who was wrapped in blood-red mist, Dishi Cha began telling his story, with both pride and humility, with arrogance and hysteria.

"For passing the great trial of sun and moon, I abandoned my children. I abandoned Di Sha and Di Luo, and volunteered to take the cruelest trial."

"Ten-thousand people, out of a whole ten-thousand people, only thirteen survived, only thirteen! I am one of them, I broke into the stage of sun and moon, merged my bloodline with the Dao of dark curse that originated from the great Blood Moon, and attained the title of ‘Great Master’."

"I gained power and honor and I returned to this bloody Pan Gu world. But what welcomed me in here? Nothing. No cheers, no passion, only hidden competition and refusal, and those cold, bland clansmen."

Dishi Cha clenched his five fingers and gripped that exquisitely carved piece of ruby. Along with a slight, silvery cracking noise, countless cracks appeared on the tough ruby. Looking at that divine magic formation of annihilation, Dishi Cha said word by word, "Cold, vigilant, all people seem to be polite and respectful, but in fact, everyone has been seeing me as an enemy."

"I possess the title of ‘Great Master’, I am the emissary of inspection. Therefore, they think that I came to contend for power and profit!"

Dishi Cha sneered in a teasing tone, then continued, "Their small power?"

Chi You remained silent while looking at Dishi Cha with his symbolic cold face. Except for that coldness, he seemed not to have any other facial expression.

"Maintain vigilance towards me, I don’t care." Dishi Cha puffed his chest out and said. "But my sons, my two sons, my most beloved sons, have died! They died in battle! But they died like the lowest, poorest wild dogs in wastelands. They died silently, with ill face of incapableness." Dishi Cha’s face glowed like the most devout believer.

"They had gone too far." said Chi You with a dry voice.

"Indeed, they have gone too far." Dishi Cha threw the crushed ruby away, then took out a white silk handkerchief, gently wiped that drop of tear that he squeezed out of his eye corner with an effort, and continued, "My poor sons, Disha and Di Luo, they were so poor. They were treated unfairly. Therefore, I have to bring justice back for them."

Chi You nodded and continued with that dry voice, "Indeed, fair. If anyone dares to treat my son unjustly, I would certainly chop off his head."

Dishi Cha passionately patted on Chi You’s abdomen; because of the height difference. Dishi Cha could only reach Chi You’s abdomen even if he straightened his arms. "You’re right, Chi You. Therefore, I always believe that, we will get along very well. Following my lead was your wisest choice… Because, in our hearts, we have the selfless, great love of fathers for their sons!"

Chi You lowered his head, looked at Dishi Cha and said embarrassedly, "I don’t have a son yet."

Dishi Cha paused, then blinked his eyes, shrugged his shoulders and responded quickly, "Go to the female slave camp and select a batch of beautiful women. You will soon have sons...This is not the point, the point is what I said just now, I will bring justice back!"

"Fair!" Chi You seriously nodded and said, "We can discuss women later, fair!"

"Therefore, I had put a slight little bit of power of the great man who has been supporting me in use, and made the twelve ‘emperors in power’, who think they were quite big deals, decide to run the life-and-death game with the humankind."

"The humankind sent out ten-million elites while they sent out a million, the greatest warriors under their direct commands. Those elite warriors had been kept around them all these years without being sent out to fight." Dishi Cha laughed in satisfaction while stroking Chi You’s armor, as if he was trying to feel Chi You’s strong muscles through the thick armor.

Chi You’s face twisted. He lowered his head and looked at Dishi Cha. He saw Dishi Cha’s twisted face and realized that Dishi Cha had now fallen into his own imaginary world, and wasn’t touching Chi You intentionally. Without having any other choice, Chi You could only stand still with a darkened face.

"A million to ten-million more or less, those rich kids of the humankind had brought some guards and warriors into Pan Xi world, ranging from tens to thousands. On an average, each one of them had brought in fifty warriors." said Dishi Cha with his eyebrows raised, "That made it a million to hundreds of millions of barbarians. What a great, astonishing game!"

"Sure, in my plan, the one million poor kids wouldn’t have lost." sighed Dishi Cha slightly as he continued, "After all, that powerful being, my supporter, had even sent over the secret magic talisman for controlling the power of great Dao of Pan Xi world. How could they even lose?"

"But at last, we lost." said Chi You with a darkened face, "If you, dear Lord, didn’t tell me to grasp the opportunity and swallow Pan Xi’s spirit blood ahead of the time, we would lose everything, even including our underpants!"

"Underpants?" asked Dishi Cha while looking at Chi You a bit weirdly, "Do you wear that kind of a thing? Don’t you think that it would be much more convenient if you don’t wear that, when spending time with those beautiful girls? Ah, right, you’re not a noble Yu Clan man, who can live a good life…You don’t understand our party fashions, it’s understandable."

Shrugging, Dishi Cha quickly returned to the original topic, "According to my plan, they would have won, bringing me a good reputation, and they would have gained actual benefits…But eventually, the greatest profit would have landed in your hands. Chi You, you will eventually gain the greatest benefit."

"I have already gained the greatest benefit." Chi You gave a faint smile and responded.

"But, those idiots, useless things, they lost… they actually lost! They controlled the great Dao of nature of a whole world, and with such a great power, they still lost. Those twelve stupid things, they even threatened me, taking this as a weakness of mine!"

Chi You knitted his eyebrows and said, "If they push all responsibilities of the failure of this game on you…"

Dishi Cha smilingly raised his hands and said, "But how can I lose? I won… I won everything."

"This divine magic formation of annihilation will detonate the core of great Dao of nature of Pan Xi world in a moment. Pan Xi world will become nothing." said Dishi Cha intoxicatedly, "You know, according to the information provided by our human spy, eighty percent of senior ministers of Emperor Shun’s government are now in Pan Xi world, busy collecting the rich trophies they gained from Pan Xi world."

"And I will detonate the whole Pan Xi world. Eighty percent of senior human ministers and hundreds of millions of elite human warriors will be annihilated completely." Dishi Cha’s entire body was trembling. "Do they want to hold my weakness in their hands? Hehe, these ‘emperors’, who are stationed abroad, are indeed short-sighted,"

"I will take out so many human leaders… I will earn pure credits without having any weakness fall into their hands."

Without any hesitation, Dishi Cha continued, "Only with a spell…"