Chapter 717: Family Issue

The Magus Era

Chapter 717: Family Issue

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Chi You nodded heavily in agreement with Dishi Cha.

A million non-humankind elites were killed in Pan Xi world. Of course, in Chi You’s eyes, the death of these ‘elites with ‘noble bloodlines’ who were actually weak meant nothing at all. On the contrary, the death of these elites could highlight the powerfulness of his Chi You Army.

Under the lead of twelve emperors in power of Yu Dynasty, a million elites were killed in a life-and-death game. But Dishi Cha, the emissary inspection who was responsible for supervising this life-and-death game, struck back after the twelve emperors admitted defeat, severely injuring human leaders from Pu Ban City.

What a splendid battlefield report, and what a bright future to be delivered by this great battle achievement!

Chi You seemed to be simple and silly, but in fact, he was never stupid. On the contrary, he was quite smart. A stupid man could never become the leader of Chi You Army, and Chi You himself was clearly aware of this fact. Therefore, he looked at Dishi Cha passionately. Perhaps, with the help of Dishi Cha, the goal of his life, the ultimate pursuit of his, would come true.

"The only problem..." Abruptly, Chi You thought of something, "You and the twelve emperors in power have all taken a blood oath. Once we failed, we cannot launch any attacks on the humankind within the next one thousand years."

"If the power of the blood oath bursts, your safety…" said Chi You carefully while looking at Dishi Cha.

Dishi Cha grinned satisfyingly, patted heavily on Chi You’s abdomen and responded, "I am glad to hear this. It’s good for you to notice such things…For all kinds of oaths, the only purpose for taking one is to break it…All promises are fake, are jokes."

Proudly taking out a blood-red, heart-shaped gemstone, Dishi Cha pointed at a black line in the middle of the gemstone, grinned and said, "Delusive gemstone, a magical treasure. For all kinds of blood-oath or souls-oath, unless we make the oath with the original will of great Dao of our world, no matter which world we are in, our noble Yu Clan people will never be restrained by any oath with a piece of delusive gemstone like this."

Shrugging, Dishi Cha carefully packed the delusive gemstone, then continued, "This is a precious treasure. The powerful being who is supporting me awarded this piece to me because I broke into the stage of sun and moon…Therefore, I don’t need to worry about the blood oath regarding this life-and-death game that I made with those human beings at all."

Pointing at the divine formation of annihilation, Dishi Cha grinned proudly and said, "I will break my oath and sneakily launch deathly attack on those human leaders. But what can they do to me? An oath can never restrain me, neither can those stupid human beings harm a hair of mine.

Slightly sighing, Dishi Cha reached his pair of hands out towards the divine formation of annihilation and continued, "I will conquer Pan Gu world. This great achievement will make me a ‘Great Master’ with solid power, instead of an emissary of inspection who doesn’t have any actual power."

"My dear son, my dear daughter, your father will give you a bright future." Dishi Cha smiled gently. That smile of his was filled with the love of a nice father.

"Do you have a son and a daughter?" asked Chi you in surprise while looking at Dishi Cha.

Remained silent for a while, Dishi Cha gave another gentle smile and responded, "Indeed, I have a pair of children, a son and a daughter… they are twins. They are a pair of very adorable babies, just as glowingly beautiful as their mother, and they have a noble bloodline."

"Eh…" Chi You was confused. Just now, Dishi Cha was growling about bringing justice back for Di Sha and his brother Di Luo, who were his only sons. In order to do that, he had even sacrificed a million elites. In this case, where on earth did he get those twins that he had been thinking about with the warmest love of a father? Just now, he was growling so angrily, but where did the great change come from? Dishi Cha, this guy, which word from his mouth is believable?

Dishi Cha smiled faintly and responded, "Chi You, you will find out in the future. This pair of babies of mine are extraordinary. Their bloodline is extremely noble, and their mother is an especially noble person as well. In fact, even though I have broken into the stage of sun and moon, because I was born in Pan Gu world, I could never be sent back to Pan Gu world as an emissary of inspection."

"But…" Continued Dishi Cha while throwing a sideway glance at Chi You, "My wife had used a little bit of her influence. Therefore, I was assigned to be an emissary of inspection in Pan Gu world. In the future, you will learn how powerful my supporters are, and how wise were you for following my lead."

‘You kept man, no, you kept old man!’ Chi You nodded, but silently cursed in his head.

"As for Di Sha and Di Luo, although I am so sad about their deaths, deep down from my heart…I have to admit that their death will bring me more benefits." sighed Dishi Cha as he continued, "Besides, many problems are naturally solved by their death. You have to know that, my wife, she is…very powerful."

Chi You looked at Dishi Cha without any expression, daring not to talk. He thought that he had already known enough about the shamelessness of Yu Clan people, but today, he finally realized that he knew nothing about these so-called noble Yu Clan people.

Can a man sacrifice his sons just for hooking up with a new wife, who has a strong background? But he was yelling about bring justice back for his dead sons just now! Everything was an excuse, a bloody excuse!

"How, only with a simple spell!" Dishi Cha looked at the divine formation of annihilation with a big grin on his face and said, "A spell, and boom! Most of those senior human ministers will become ashes. You know what, according to the message delivered by our human spy, right now, many, many important human beings are gathered in Pan Xi world. Normally, each of those human beings is extremely hard to kill."

"Thank you, Pan Xi. They are all there for Pan Xi. Hehe, they all want to gain something from Pan Xi." Dishi Cha laughed while shrugging and continued, "But they would never, ever know that Pan Xi is nothing but a bait, and Pan Xi world is a giant trap."

Dong! The door of this underground hall was violently pushed open.

Hundreds of Yu Clan warriors with luxurious golden armors and long spears, looking as gaudy as peacocks, rushed into the hall. Surrounded by these warriors, around ten Yu Clan elderly men walked into the hall as well with big steps.

"Di Cha! Where are the hundred top-grade Jia Clan battle kings of our family that you transferred days ago? A whole hundred of them, where did they go?!" One of those elderly men rushed up to Dishi Cha and growled out in rage.

Dishi Cha narrowed his eyes and responded blandly, "Ah, I sent them to carry out a small task, what? My dear elders?"

"Small task?! Damn you, they were captured alive by the humankind! Di Cha, they were captured alive in Yao Mountain City! You have to take all the responsibilities for this!"

Di Cha carelessly raised his eyebrows, whistled and said, "Eh? Captured alive? What a bunch of useless things!"