Chapter 740: A Magical Barbette

The Magus Era

Chapter 740: A Magical Barbette

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Everything in the world had lost its original color. With the erect eye between his eyebrows, Ji Hao saw the true nature of the power of everything. Colorful natural powers had formed a splendid, thriving ocean while strong natural powers surged over in large streams. Through the Sky Eye, Ji Hao saw a boundless ocean of natural powers, without any tangible forms and structures.

Every type of natural power was agitated, seeming to be welcoming Ji Hao’s gaze. Ji Hao felt that these natural powers had become a part of his body. He felt that he could now freely manipulate them as naturally as using his own arms, without any difficulty, inconvenience, and inflexibility.

Warm fire power and cold water power could now coexist, violent thunder power could now combine with steady earth power, and dazzling light could merge with deep darkness. With the power of this Sky Eye, all kinds of miracles, that ordinarily people couldn’t even imagine, could now be achieved by Ji Hao.

Ji Hao flicked his finger and let a thin stream of red stamen surge out from his finger tip. This stamen was condensed from pure fire power. Afterwards, faro-blue petals condensed from ice crystals silently bloomed around the stamen. The ice crystal petals and the fire stamen were combined perfectly, without any conflict that was supposed to happen between fire and ice power. Next, the fire stamen set those ice crystal petals ablaze, and the dark-blue flower began burning silently.

Ice crystals coexisted with fire, right after which, extremely thin bolts of lightning were generated among the ice and fire. The thin lightning bolts were as soft as water streams, flowing down along those petals and creating a tender stem of the flower. On the three-foot long steam, green power in the color of vivid green, toxic power in the color of dark-green, earth power in the color of yellow, metal power in the color of white and other types of natural powers colored dazzling gold, pure black, bright purple…All these natural powers condensed into numerous lively leaves, gradually growing out from the stem.

In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man had also been quietly looking at this flower, that was generated by all kinds of natural power in the world.

"What a scary ability! These Full Moon people, their dominating ability for natural powers and energies is instinctive." praised the mysterious man sincerely, "Those Pan Xi world people are able to control natural powers as well, but each of them can only freely and accurately control a single type of natural power. Unlike them, these Full Moon people can control it all…How amazing!"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows in shock. Based on the word ‘amazing’ the mysterious man said, the power gained by Ji Hao after he merged with the Sky Eye at the first stage had shocked the mysterious man quite badly.

"In fact, you also have a great power of magic, don’t you?" Remaining silent for a while, that pain Ji Hao sensed from the wound between his eyebrows grew greater and greater. Ji Hao dispelled the flower of natural powers, then asked the mysterious man with a natural tone.

The mysterious man didn’t respond for quite a while. After that, he began talking with a slightly embarrassed tone. "Actually, I had never looked into these small things before I met you."

Ji Hao thought of the fact that the mysterious man had traded the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words from him, and during all these years, he taught him the moves of Sky-Opening, Earth-Splitting, and Everything grows in succession. Connecting to what the mysterious man said before, Ji Hao instantly figured out that this mysterious man was a rough fellow.

A purely rough fellow, who knew nothing but using simple physical strength. In terms of magic-casting and manipulation, the mysterious man might be even no better than Ji Hao. As for the moves of Sky-Opening, Earth-Splitting and Everything grows, those must be his new creations in recent years after he attained the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words and sneakily learned some of Yu Yu’s great Dao!

Abruptly, countless streams of light began rotating like water. Meanwhile, strong waves of natural power ceaselessly surged into Ji Hao’s body through the Sky Eye.

Before, Ji Hao could already absorb the natural powers at an especially high rate during his cultivation. But now, the Sky Eye had been drawing natural powers into his body at an even higher rate, that was over ten times higher than his usual rate. Besides, this rate had been increasing crazily fast and without an end, as the Sky Eye started merging with Ji Hao’s body for the next stage.

Ten times…A hundred times…A thousand times…Ten thousand times!

Ji Hao finally understood the feeling of powerful Full Moon beings. He now had inexhaustible natural powers contained in his body, and he never needed to worry about lacking natural powers at all. Additionally, his spirit power was nourished by the natural powers inside his body. As a consequence, now matter how strong a magic he cast, his spiritual power would always be abundant.

Crack! The thin threads reached out from the Full Moon Sky Eye had completely merged with the cranium in Ji Hao’s head. Ji Hao felt like countless lightning bolts had struck across his brain, along with which, an extremely strong flood of memory roared into his primordial spirit.

Without any consciousness, just pure images entered his spirit. Ji Hao watched Jialou Yuanjia’s whole life, from the day he was born to the day he fell, just like watching a movie. All memories of this powerful Full Moon man had now been absorbed by Ji Hao’s brain.

Jialou Yuanjia was born in a noble family, Jialou Family, the royal family of Full Moon. Every generation of Emperor in power of Full Moon had to be from Jialou Family. Jialou Yuanjia was the youngest son of an Emperor in power of Full Moon.

Jialou Yuanjia was amazingly talented, the efficiency of his cultivation being stunningly high. Within around ten years, he had reached the level of Divine Magi, after which, for the first time, he joined a great war between the humankind and the non-humankind.

On a boundless plain area, a great human army mounted on countless beasts and enormous birds formed a tens of thousands of miles long defensive line while rushing over.

Based on Jialou Yuanjia’s memories, back when he was in the war, the humankind was not as powerful as present days. Among those human warriors Jialou Yuanjia saw, only one in a thousand had metal armors. Most of the others were wearing all kinds of beast leathers, some even had their bodies bared, holding wooden sticks as weapons.

Jialou Yuanjia launched his move. He reached out his pair of hands and let his spiritual power surge out like a flood. The natural powers sensed his will and transformed into a terrifying tsunami, crazily roared towards those human warriors.

At first, thousands of water-tank-sized thunderbolts descended from the sky, then giant spheres of lightning bolts mixed with lava fell down. Countless hundred-meter radius meteoric stones smashing down from the higher sky, leaving long and dense streams of black smoke in the air. Wherever these meteoric stones reached, all human warriors were crushed into mud.

Tremendous waves were raised from the ground, reaching to the sky and then suddenly transforming into thousands of, tens of meters long, sharp ice thorns, which pierced down swiftly.

Countless human warriors were penetrated by those gigantic ice thorns. Then, those ice thorns abruptly turned into fiery thunderbolts and blasted out. Blood splashed everywhere, along with broken body pieces. But next, black mist puffed out from the ground, devouring all the blood and flesh.

The ground was shaking, and mountains were quivering, as a destructive earthquake was started. Jialou Yuanjia slightly flicked his fingers and made the earth for thousand-mile in radius split. Countless human warriors were swallowed by the tremendous splits on the ground, after which the splits joined back up a nd squeezed those human warriors to death.

Countless cruel scenes of wars showed up. The terrifying ability of Full Moon people turned them into super barbettes in wars, and countless human warriors died in the coverage of their brutal power.

"What a scary ability." Ji Hao silently watched Jialou Yuanjia’s memories while murmuring, "But all these powers now belong to me."