Chapter 767: Dark Divine Curse

The Magus Era

Chapter 767: Dark Divine Curse

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
When the dark beam of light dazzled towards Ji Hao, thunder, lightning, flame, ice, hurricane and earth, six layers of protective magic screens with different natures of powers had already emerged in front of Ji Hao. Nevertheless, the black beam of light flashed across the air and penetrated all six layers of the protective screen one after another.

Puff! The black light beam stuck on Ji Hao’s body.

The Pan Xi divine mirror automatically activated to protect its owner, releasing a dim stream of light that flashed across his skin. The black light beams abruptly disappeared when it was only around a millimeter away from Ji Hao’s body.

Ji Hao sensed a great coldness from every corner of his body, which made his fine hair stand straight up. He stared at Dishi Cha in shock. Just now, the black light beam brought him an especially strong sense of danger. That was a powerful attack, more than enough to kill Ji Hao. If he didn’t have the Pan Xi divine mirror, Ji Hao would have been struck to death by the black light beam for sure.

Cold, bone-piercingly cold. When the black light beam approached him, the first thing Ji Hao sensed was a chill that came from the deepest area of his soul and his marrow. That coldness froze Ji Hao’s entire body and disabled him from moving for a while.

After the coldness, he sensed the evilness. An incomparably strong sense of evilness came right to his face. That evilness contained the dirtiest, darkest, negative power in the whole world. It even blocked Ji Hao’s sight for a while, disabling him from seeing anything.

Apart from all these senses, Ji Hao also felt sick, because his internal organs had been intensively twitching under the effect of the evil power released from the black light beam. If the immemorial sun streamer didn’t release a golden light to shine on Ji Hao’s entire body and neutralize a part of sickness for him, Ji Hao would have started vomiting by now.

All of Ji Hao’s pores suddenly opened and soon, he was soaked in cold sweat. Sticky cold sweat attached his clothes to his skin, making him quite unconformable. Finally, he could see again. A few drips of sweat perspiration hung on his eyelashes. Through the few drops, Ji Hao saw Dishi Cha stood in the midair naked, while countless lightning bolts pierced across his body.

The powerful lightning bolts had been striking Dishi Cha’s body. Through his transparent skin and muscles, Ji Hao could see his bones — Black bones, as clear as crystal. Within those transparent bones, countless twisted spell symbols had been wriggling like poisonous snakes, chasing and devouring each other.

Blood Moon possessed the power of curse and darkness. Ji Hao recalled the information regarding Yu Clan. Clearly, Dishi Cha majored in the power of darkness and curse. The black light beam released by him had the darkest evilness gathered in it, and with a slight touch of it, Ji Hao would have vanished, both his body and his soul. He wouldn’t even be able to leave a dead body behind.

The Pan Xi divine mirror sent that black beam of light away. Randomly or by coincidence, or maybe the Pan Xi mirror’s original spirit told it to do so, that purely dark beam of light silently flashed across the sky, straight towards the man in black, standing beside Dishi Cha.

Within the sizzling lightning bolts, Dishi Cha tried his best to turn his head around and growl a word out.

"Move away!"

The man in black gave a cold and faint sneer; scornfully and even a bit angrily. He reached out his right hand and grasped towards the black light. From by this man’s movements, Ji Hao discovered a strong confidence and dissatisfaction towards Dishi Cha!

Apparently, the man in black didn’t believe that Dishi Cha’s attack could actually cause any harm to him. In other words, he believed that he was equally powerful as Dishi Cha, or even more. Therefore, facing the black beam of light released by Dishi Cha, the man in black didn’t want to dodge, neither could he dodge.

Dishi Cha’s face twisted, but next, he showed a weird trace of a smile on his face. By now, he couldn’t even sense the pain brought by those lightning bolts, which had been rampantly dazzling across both the inside and outside of his body, burning his skin black.

The man in black had long, slim and jade-smooth, snow-white fingers. His fingers were of a unique shape; every one of those fingers was over a hundred percent longer than fingers of ordinary people, but slimmer. Therefore, when he wielded his hand, Ji Hao even thought that was a long and slim bamboo leaf, carved out of white jade.

A dark-blue stream of cold mist sprayed out of the man’s palm, from within which, thirty-six turtle-shell-like, meters in radius and especially thin dark shields flew out, floating in a straight line in front of the black light beam.

Following a silvery cracking noise, the thirty-six dark ice shields were penetrated while the black light beam shrunk by around sixty percent, but the rest forty percent of the light beam stuck directly on the man’s chest.

The man in black quivered while a large puff of black mist rose from his body. His body began shrinking, as if he was an ice statue exposed to the sunlight, shrinking inch by inch. As the cloud of black mist puffing out of his body grew dense and denser, larger and larger, his body turned shorter and shorter, smaller and smaller.

The man in black moved backward step by step while his shrunk body quivered intensely, letting a strange noise out of his chest.

"My friend, you should take my dark divine curse." A black light stream surged out of Dishi Cha’s body and transformed into a black hurricane, hovered around him for a while and cleaning up those lightning bolts released from Ji Hao. He looked at the man in black, helpless sighed and said, "I can’t explain the secret of my dark divine curse, but you’re cursed by me now. It’s troublesome, truly troublesome."

Dishi Cha’s three eyes showed a trace of excitement and delight due to the misfortune of the man in black, along with a complicated, incredibly strange emotion. He continued in a soft voice, "Maybe, you have to stay more couple of days with me, because I need some time to cast the power of the curse away.

The man in black chuckled and raised his head with difficulty. He glanced at Dishi Cha, shook his head and said, "Hehe, no need to trouble you. This is nothing but a clone of mine. Even if it’s destroyed, my real body won't suffer any harm."

Turning around, the man in black threw Ji Hao a complicated glance and said blandly, "Earl Yao, amazing! Even my clone couldn’t take this strike, but you stayed perfectly unharmed. Truly amazing…Gold Crow Clan of the Southern Wasteland can never raise a talent like you."

Pausing for a second, the black mist puffing out of the man’s body grew even denser, and his body turned shorter and smaller as he continued, "I’ve been hearing from some people that you have other teachers. At first, I didn’t believe it. Earl Yao, Candle Dragon Gui, what can those few old men possibly teach you?"

"But today I witnessed your power… Interesting, truly interesting." The man in black chuckled and continued, "Maybe we have all underestimated you. You didn’t make so many unexpected contributions by simply relying on Si Wen Ming’s power. You’re great!"

Laughing again, the man’s black robe split up, transformed into countless dark ice crystals and dissipated in the air.

Nothing was inside his clothes, and only cold gusts of wind blew out.

Dishi Cha suddenly raised his head, glared at Ji Hao and said, "Earl Yao Ji Hao…You! How can it be you?! How can it be?! But, great Blood Moon, did you just send this lowly barbarian to me?"

Waving his hand, Dishi Cha released a black light stream from his right hand and next, a paper-thin black machete was gripped tightly in his hand.

Ji Hao raised his Moho staff, laughed and said, "You recognized me?" Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao continued, "That man knew so much about me, who was he?"

Dishi Cha remained silent while transforming that black machete into a dark moon, raised it up into the air then hacked down towards Ji Hao.