Chapter 789: The Power of A Divine Magus

The Magus Era

Chapter 789: The Power of A Divine Magus

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Reaching the fourth level of the Cultivation Method with Nine Turns, Ji Hao’s pure physical strength improved by sixteen times. The first spirit star was attained, and Ji Hao’s body had been through a terrifying-level transformation. The sun power descended like a great glowing waterfall, nourishing Ji Hao’s entire body with the inexhaustible, burning power.

The density of Ji Hao’s bones was raised by hundreds of times. The marrow in his bones speedily evaporated into a blood-red sphere of mist, that caused a piercing pain. Ji Hao growled in that pain, but then, the blood-red mist condensed back into the marrow, which had already turned faintly golden. It was pure and dense, like an ointment made from the best jade. The density of the marrow had been raised by hundreds, and even thousands of times.

New blood that was faintly golden as well surged into Ji Hao’s blood veins in streams, along with great heat. Just like throwing a fire sparkle into a puddle of oil, the original red-blood was set ablaze immediately by this golden new blood, and all blood veins withered. Thin streams of new blood began surging out of every piece of Ji Hao’s bones. Those thin streams gradually merged together, turned into larger streams, and soon became like rapidly flowing great rivers, refilling those withered veins. In a short while, all of the original blood had turned golden.

Following a series of cracking noise, Ji Hao’s blood, muscles, tendons, and every corner of his body transformed. Meanwhile, a strong, fierce, majestic, prehistorical sense of power released from his body.

"A Divine Magus already?" murmured Ji Hao while rubbing his own chin and looking at himself, "Indeed, with my genes, such a young Divine Magus, I probably have the best genes in the whole Southern Wasteland."

Yu Yu gave a faint smile and said, "Although human Magi rarely cultivate their souls and can’t achieve an immortal life, but judging merely by physical strength, they can be much better than cultivators like us. This great strength is terrifying, but also regrettable."

Ji Hao’s entire body had been shaking intensely. Stepping into the level of Divine Magi, this sounded like a simple thing. But in fact, this was actually an overall transformation in the level of life. Although Divine Magi couldn’t achieve immortality, in comparison to Magus Kings and Senior Magi, Divine Magi were just like a flood dragon while Magus Kings and Senior Magi were like primitive unicellular organisms in the ocean.

The difference between Magus Kings and Divine Magi could not be stated clearly with simple data. In terms of spirit star power, back at the level of Magus King, Ji Hao only had a thin layer of golden mist contained inside his body as his spirit star power. But right now, Ji Hao’s Magus Acupoints and meridians were filled with golden liquid, the density of which was thousands of times higher than that of mercury.

Immeasurable sun power surged into Ji Hao’s body while the thorough transformation of his body continued.

Everything Grows, Everything Perishes, over and over again, Ji Hao made these two moves. The simple movements actually contained the transformation between life and death, the ultimate secret of the creation of life, from the original Chaos.

At first, Yu Yu had only been silently observing Ji Hao’s breakthrough with a faint smile on his face. But as Ji Hao made the moves of Everything Grows and Everything Perishes for over ten times, Yu Yu’s look turned more and more serious. He popped out his eyes, stared at Ji Hao with his ten fingers slightly moving, drawing numerous mysterious symbols in the air.

"No, no, these moves are similar to ours, but we didn’t create them. Did Ji Hao secretly create these moves himself?" Yu Yu shook his head and murmured, "Mysterious and powerful, yet not the same kind as my great Dao…Hmm, is this a secret body-strengthening magic he created by combining our Dao with the humankind’s cultivation methods? Hmm, looks like it. This is highly helpful to himself, but completely useless to cultivators like us."

While Yu Yu was pondering with his eyebrows knitted, the mysterious man sat on the round plate inside Ji Hao’s spiritual space with crossed legs, looking at Yu Yu through Ji Hao’s eyes while smilingly faintly.

Yu Yu didn’t notice anything about the gaze hiding inside Ji Hao’s eyes.

"Ha!" Ji Hao shouted out while feeling his entire body begin burning ragingly. An incomparably tremendous power suffused his entire body, that made his body so strong, so rough, so sturdy and fierce.

Ji Hao felt that he could smash the sky with a punch and shatter the earth with a stomp. The surrounding space had become rather fragile in his eyes, that he could even bump a large hole out of the sky now!

By now, he suddenly understood the reason why Divine Magi had to fight high up in the air against the non-humankind beings in wars. The power of Divine Magi was way too destructive, and even a careless punch launched by any Divine Magus could destroy the entire Pu Ban City.

Ji Hao took a deep gasp while the sun power descended endlessly. The air he inhaled was heavy as mountains and scorching hot. While inhaling the burning air, his bones creaked and his body began growing taller inch by inch. Meanwhile, his slim body turned stronger and stronger. Gradually, an indescribable, strong power vibration was released from his body.

Both Ji Hao’s cultivation of Dao and physical cultivation had reached the level of Divine Magus.

He grew around two feet taller than before. On an average, powerful human beings were always way taller and stronger than ordinary ones. By now, Ji Hao was already as strong as Ji Xia and the other powerful Gold Crow Clan warriors, but the power vibration released from his body was way greater.

"Kiddo!" laughed Ji Xia loudly while spreading his arms, attempting to grab Ji Hao over, "Let Abba try your power!" Ji Hao laughed as well and straightened his arms to fend himself. Four muscular arms bumped against each other, making the surrounding air buzz and quake. Except for Divine-Magus-level powerful beings, all surrounding Yao Mountain people who came to watch Ji Hao’s breakthrough suffered a dizziness and fainted.

The Heaven and Earth great formation burst with a dazzling light, as strong layers of magic screens emerged around Ji Hao and Ji Xia.

Countless thin cracks appeared in the air, spreading towards all directions from Ji Hao and Ji Xia’ arms. But the heaven and Earth great formation wiped these cracks out when they reached around fifteen meters long.

"Haha!" Roaring streams of Gold Crow fire spurted out from Ji Xia’s body, swooshing towards Ji Hao like a tsunami.

"Fire!" Ji Hao gave a resonant shout as well, as a purely golden fire rose from his skin. The raging essence sun fire rose, then rolled back. It wrapped Ji Xia’s Gold Crow fire up and turned it into nothingness. A fierce hot air stream came straight at Ji Xia’s face, that even made Ji Xia take a few steps backward!

Ji Xia’s Gold Crow fire was completely suppressed by Ji Hao’s essence sun fire, without having any power to resist!

Ji Xia delightfully yelled towards the sky while laughing loudly, "Have you see this? The ancestors’ souls of our Gold Crow Clan! This is my son, this is Ji Xia’s son! Haha! Wow!"

Surrounding them, all Gold Crow Clan Divine Magi and Magus Kings shouted and cheered. Finally, a powerful Magus emerged from their Gold Crow Clan!