Chapter 825: A Shocking Discovery

The Magus Era

Chapter 825: A Shocking Discovery

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A cliché, at least to Ji Hao, this story was a cliché.

But to Po and Gui Ling, every single word of this story told by this strong spirit power was like a sound of the great Dao. Their bodies quivered slightly while clear lights surged above their heads. Meanwhile, strong power vibrations were released from their bodies. Obviously, they were now in a magical state, and were quite obsessed.

Unlike them, Ji Hao wasn’ truly touched by the story.

It was nothing more but a powerful Chaos creature who cultivated herself through a long period of time, then finally opened up the world, which was born with her, a world that was dominated by the water power. Unfortunately, this powerful creature didn’t have enough friends, so she didn’t even invite a friend to help and protect her when she was going to create a world. Consequently, she suffered a besiege launched by countless Chaos creatures, who tried to gain something from this newly created world.

With the power of the newly created world and the advantage as the creator of the world, this powerful creature killed all enemies, but her true spirit was struck into two by the last enemy, with the price of its own life.

Good and evil, kind and fierce, creative and destructive, her true spirit was turned into two extreme opposites.

The owner of this spirit power, who called herself Mother Spirit, had barely taken control of the creative power of this world. After she accumulated a certain amount of energy, she would let quiet life divine flowers bloom in random places to release large numbers of star dolphins, spirit mermaids, and mermen. The creator of this world was killed before a mature life cycle system was generated. Therefore, every newborn star dolphin, spirit mermaid, and merman was an independent individual, derived from a tiny part of Mother Spirit’s soul. Their thoughts, their sadness, happiness, anger and fear, all their life experiences could be sensed by Mother Spirit anytime, just like reflections in the mirrors.

Mother Spirit was like a giant, who was having an endless dream, and each of the countless creatures in the dream was a part of her. In Mother Spirit’s ‘dream’, when these spirit mermaids and mermen, who had immortal lives, got tired of their lives and felt the exhaustion of their souls, they would be impelled by their souls to come to this Holy Land, where Mother Spirit was sleeping in. They would merge their own bodies with the continuously expanding ice land.

The bodies of these spirit mermaids and mermen would transform into a magical type of jade, while their brains would transform into ‘water soul’. Thus, the brain of each spirit mermaid or merman was like a brain cell of Mother Spirit, and a part of her body.

The entire ice land was the body of Mother Spirit, while every spirit mermaid or mermen sealed in the ice was a grain of her body. To Mother Spirit, creating a mermaid or merman or a star dolphin only required a slight part of her soul. During their growth process, each tiny part of the soul would gradually absorb powers from the world and grow. When they returned to the Holy Land, their soul powers, which had improved by hundreds, even thousands of times, would be given back to Mother Spirit and make her stronger.


The peaceful voice resounded across the minds of Ji Hao and the other cultivators.


Mother Spirit understood that spreading out tiny parts of her souls, allowing these thin grains of souls to grow and strengthen themselves, then giving their powers back to her, the efficiency of this healing method was too low. Perhaps, she could never be the same as before, but at the very least, this healing method allowed her to recover.

Even though it was only a tiny hope, she would keep doing it.

"Who are evil mermaids and mermen?" Ji Hao asked a question.

Mother Spirit sighed heavily.

Evil mermaids and mermen were creatures generated by the other half of her true spirit, the evil half.

Mother Spirit creating these spirit mermaid and mermen to heal herself, while the other half of her true spirit chose to devour Spirit Mother’s power to strengthen itself. The evil half of true spirit created those evil mermaids and mermen to hunt and eat spirit mermaids and mermen, especially their brains, which contained their soul powers. By doing this, the evil half of true spirit had gained some powers back during the past countless years.

The evil half of true spirit was good at fighting and killing. Therefore, in terms of strength, it was slightly stronger than Mother Spirit. As a consequence, it had taken an advantage on controlling the natural will of this world.



Said Mother Spirit slowly with that gentle and peaceful voice. She found Ji Hao and the other cultivators came to this world, observed them for a while, and instinctively realized that Ji Hao could help her. Therefore, she consumed a great energy to let tens of thousands of divine flowers bloom upon Starlight’s clan, drawing Ji Hao and the other cultivators to the Holy Land.



"Help? Not reward?" Ji Hao sensitively sensed the change of the language chosen by Mother Spirit.

"Same…sense of power…A…while…ago…"

Another series of images were sent into the minds of Ji Hao and the others, as Mother Spirit showed something she saw to Ji Hao and the other cultivators. What she showed did not only shock Ji Hao and the other cultivators, but also scared them.

The world was covered in dark clouds and rain. Countless water columns poured down from the sky, with millions of evil mermaids and mermen standing on the surface of the water, showing their teeth and waving their weapons, crazily attacking people standing on a black cloud.

Nine enormous snake heads reached out from the black cloud, opened their jaws and showed their long and sharp teeth. Large streams of black and sticky venom spurted out from those teeth, splashing into the water like a heavy rain.

Countless evil mermaids and mermen howled shrilly as the venom spread speedily out in the water. All evil mermaids and mermen who touched the venom had their bodies quickly melting, and turned into puddles of liquid within the span of a few breaths.

The venom spread in the water at a shockingly high rate, such that within ten minutes, the venom had spread to tens of thousands of miles in radius. Within this area, all evil mermaid and mermen were poisoned to death, every single one of them.

The world was enraged. The natural powers under the control of the evil part of true spirit generated countless watery thunderbolts, striking towards the nine snake heads. But a middle-aged man in a long robe and tall hat reached out his right hand, slightly clenched his slim fingers in the air, and crushed all thunderbolts.

"This world is not bad… It can station the troops of our Gong Gong Family in the future!"

The man with a tall hat proudly talked to the man with an erect eye between his eyebrows, then laughed out loud.

"Disha, you’re indeed honest. I am now willing to cooperate with you."