Chapter 830: Great Causes and Great Effects

The Magus Era

Chapter 830: Great Causes and Great Effects

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"The true spirit has re-merged, but recovering is still not foreseeable."

The immense mermaid spread her hands, looked at her transparent arms, then slowly closed her eyes, seeming to be happy but also sad.

Tremendously great water power surged over from all directions into her body. As the water power ceaselessly merged with her body, the mermaid’s body began shrinking, and releasing a cyan-white glow, that had a slight trace of the color of silver-blue.

Ji Hao, Po, Gui Ling and the other cultivators patiently waited.

Po changed his hand motions, following which, the sword formation began shrinking, and eventually turned into a fist-sized, four-colored sphere of light. He pointed at this sphere of light, then turned his finger to Ji Hao. Next, this sphere of light silently merged with Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao nodded to Po while silently praising.

The sword formation seemed to be shut down already, but under the control of Po’s great power, it was actually still working. The sword formation hid inside Ji Hao’s body, and if Mother Spirit showed any sign of destroying the blood true spirit contract, Ji Hao could immediately control the sword formation to launch a deathly attack.

Po was honest, kind and generous. Yet, he had been traveling across the world for countless years. As a powerful being who lived ever since the prehistorical era and survived countless cruel wars, Po could be especially nice and friendly to any of his friends without reason, but could also maintain doubt and keep vigilance towards any outsider, without reason. Po was Yu Yu’s oldest disciple, how could he possibly believe a stranger, only because of a blood true spirit contract and an oral promise?

Water power arrived ceaselessly, while Mother Spirit’s body turned smaller and smaller. By the end, her body was compressed to around fifteen meters tall, and seemed to turn back into a fleshy body instead of the transparent state.

That enormous pyramid collapsed thunderously, and countless dead bodies of evil mermaids and mermen sealed in it shattered simultaneously, turning into pure streams of water power that merged into the surrounding water. The jelly-like brains of those dead evil mermaids and mermen transformed into purple streams of light, flowing into Mother Spirit’s body, turning the sense of power released from her stronger yet more restrained.

Po took a step forward, solemnly bowed to her and said, "Congratulations, my friend. May I ask your name?"

The beautiful mermaid opened her eyes and flipped her beautiful long tail. Meanwhile, the bottle and the bead hovered around her body, then transformed into two beams of light, flashing into the spot between her eyebrows and disappearing. Raising her head and looking around, the mermaid sighed slightly and began talking.

"My original name was Jia Ling. Now, you can call me Pan Jia."

An immeasurable, mysterious sense of power surrounded her while she continued speaking with a tone of self-mockery: "It’s just that I am unworthy of the name of Pan Jia now, unless I can regain my true body. This true spirit can barely control the world. In this way, I do not deserve the name of Pan Jia."

Ji Hao and Gui Ling remained silent. Po smilingly comforted her, "My friend, you have gotten through the most difficult stage after all. Your true spirit has remerged, and even though your true body doesn’t exist anymore and your cultivation was affected, with enough efforts, you will naturally attain the result you want."

Pan Jia took a deep breath, then raised her eyelids, grinned to Po and said, "Thank you for these nice words, I hope these can come true."

Remaining silent for a while, Pan Jia laughed, "We had a deal. I shall fulfill my promise at first…"

Pan Jia Glanced at Ji Hao, seeming to be pondering. Then, she said with a warm and gentle voice, "In the future, if I ever need your help again, my friends, please kindly lend a hand."

Before Ji Hao and the others said anything, a dim light was released from Pan Jia’s forehead. Within the light, the bead that helped her created this world flew out. Following a cracking noise, a straight crack appeared on the surface of the bead. Next, around twenty-percent of the volume of the bead fell off, transformed into a shaking sphere of water that swished towards Gui Ling.

Before Gui Ling could make any reaction, the water sphere split into seven parts; the largest parts was half the size of the entire water sphere while the other half had averagely split into six parts. The largest part of the water sphere merged with Gui Ling’s body while the six smaller parts each merged with the body of a disciple of hers.

"This…Thank you my friend, it’s just…too much." Gui Ling popped out her eyes in shock. She threw a complicated glance at Pan Jia, then gave a bitter laugh. Afterward, she and her disciples sat down and crossed her legs, absorbing the water spheres that had just merged with their bodies.

Pan Jia smiled and said, "Since I’ve promised to improve your powers and potentials, using the power of this spirit treasure of mine is the best way to do it."

Po’s look turned especially bitter, such that many wrinkles had been squeezed out of his face, and every single wrinkle was so deep.

This bead of Pan Jia was a supreme piece that helped her created a world. This bead was definitely as powerful as the ax which used to be held in the hands of Saint Pan Gu, the creator of Pan Gu world. She gave twenty percent of the bead to Gui Ling and her six disciples; this debt was way, way too huge.

Not to mention Gui Ling, paying back this debt would even be not easy for Yu Yu himself.

Ji Hao also showed his teeth in shock. Women were indeed not easy to deal with, especially women at this level, truly terrifying! Ji Hao was simply trying to gain some slight benefits from her. Nevertheless, Pan Jia had given so much. She had actually, directly cut off a huge piece of meat from herself, then forcibly thrust into Gui Ling’s mouth.

They now owed Pan Jia a huge, huge one. Bitterly, Ji Hao looked at Po, and Po looked back at Ji Hao, also with a worried look. If they told Yu Yu about this, would Yu Yu burst in anger and hack Pan Jia to death, or simply take this world away from her to prevent after issues, or fiercely spank Ji Hao, Po and Gui Ling, then lock them indoors and make them ponder over their own mistake.

Pan Jia smilingly looked at Po and Ji Hao’ bitter faces while waving her hands. Instantly, the surrounding water area began quaking intensively.

Countless whirlpool emerged one after another, sending out all kinds of things without an end; stones, jades and gold pieces, along with many tree roots, seaweed, and other weird kinds of objects. Every single thing came out from these whirlpools had been releasing an especially strong pre-world power vibration.

This was the second request made by Ji Hao, collecting all good materials in this world that were useless to Pan Jia, for Po.

Mountain-huge piles of precious materials and great treasures ceaselessly came, with such an amazing quantity, such a rich variety and such a high value. This was completely beyond Po and Ji Hao’s imagination.

Po sighed sightly. He looked at Gui Ling, then glanced at Ji Hao, while packing those valuable natural materials and treasures. As the old saying went, when there were too many debts, one would stop worrying about them. Since Gui Ling had already gained twenty percent of the bead, collecting some rare materials seemed to be a small case now.

After six hours, the entire Pan Jia world suddenly dimmed down.

The sun, which was glowing in the sky, disappeared all of a sudden. Meanwhile, all of the pure positive power in the whole world disappeared as well, as if the sun and the great Dao of sun had never even existed in this world.

Inside Ji Hao’s body, a true sun shone dazzlingly, releasing its brightness and warmth.