Chapter 841: Break Into the Heaven

The Magus Era

Chapter 841: Break Into the Heaven

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In the middle of Midland, on top of Sky Pillar, clouds and mist had been coiling around while a warm sense of power spread out. Among the clouds and mist, an ancient style magnificent palace stood on purple and golden clouds, releasing a strong power vibration that covered the entire world, making people dare not to look directly at due to the awe.

Sky Pillar, according to the legend, it was transformed from the spin of Saint Pan Gu, the creator of this world. Sky Pillar stood on the earth, reaching to the sky and stabilizing the whole world. It was the core of all stars in Pan Gu world, and the stars and the power streams flowing in underground earth meridians had all been running around it.

More importantly, Sky Pillar was the most important entrance of the heaven. Back in the ancient era, even human beings, who could be counted as the weakest among all the races, could reach straight to the heaven from the earth through Sky Pillar, as long as they had the spirit of perseverance, and were fearless to death and lucky enough. Therefore, in ancient times, human beings who were bullied by the other races often went up to the heaven, asking to see the divine emperors to sue the evil beings who did harm to the human world.

However, ever since the non-humankind intruded and the ancient heaven fell, no human being reached to the heaven again through the Sky Pillar, and no one had climbed Sky Pillar for many, many years.

Qiang Liang, a divine God, held his giant ax and sat by the gate of the heaven with his legs crossed and his eyes fixed on a bonfire in front of him. A three-mile-long boa floated in the bonfire, and was grilled sizzling. Qiang Liang continuously licked his lips while he gave a hissing laugh and said, "It’s good that they are all hired. Kua E and the other big bellies have gone to eat the grilled meat and drink the wine. Thus, all living creatures in this Buzhou Mountain are my food now."

A muscular Kaiming beast lied beside Qiang Liang. Hearing hm murmuring to himself, the beast unhappily gave a deep roar.

The beast roar raised a puff of dust, that even made the bonfire tremble for a few times. Qiang Liang hurriedly patted on the beast’s head and said in a low voice, "Alright, alright, and yours, hmm… These are your food too…You boy, why don’t you go eat those evil people down there, and just drool over my food all day long?"

The beast roared out brightly towards the sky, then angrily bit on Qiang Liang’s lower leg.

Qiang Liang howled in pain. The beast lessened his teeth, then shouted angrily, "How many years has it been since human beings came to file a suit the last time? Back then, divine emperor promised me that I can stay on the mountain side of Sky Pillar, and I can eat all evil people who attempt to come to heaven to sue. But how many years have been since I saw any living human being?"

The beast thudded his giant head loudly against the ground, made the ground quake intensively, then murmured pitifully, "No one comes to heaven to sue, so I don’t have human meat to eat…Ah, we can only hunt animals living on Buzhou Mountain to fill our stomachs, because animals living in the human world are preys of human beings. But how many animals can be raised on Buzhou Mountain?"

The beast spat, then looked at the boa grilling on the bonfire. A stream of saliva dripped down from his mouse corner, but he insincerely continued saying, "Besides, human meat tastes way better than these animals, doesn’t it?"

Qiang Liang licked his lips again, then gave a punch on the beast’s head and said, "Alright, you can eat, just shut up. Kua E and the others have gone to work. They won’t come back for a couple of years at least. All animals on this mountain are ours now, enough for you to fulfill your stomach."

The beast snorted and swayed his head. However, he suddenly leaped up, with his body expanded to three-hundred meters, while nine human heads emerged on his neck, crazily roaring towards the sky.

A thunderous series of roars vibrated the sky that made clouds wave like the ocean. The Kaiming beast released a dazzling light from his eyes as he shouted with a strong and resonant voice that pierced straight into the sky, "Get the hell away! This is the heaven, who dares to intrude?! Aren’t you afraid that your entire clan would be wiped out?!"

Qiang Liang grabbed the ax put beside him while standing up at lightning speed. Then, he launched a violent hack directly towards the sky without saying a word.

Clang! Followed by a loud bang, a purely black ice stick smashed down and clashed against Qiang Liang’s ax. Fire sparkles were sent to every direction while ice crystals zipped out. Qiang Liang sensed a great pain from his arms. He staggered back for tens of steps and almost had his head bump on the gate of the heaven. With a great shock, he raised his head and saw Wuzhi Qi, who had now transformed back into a giant water ape, and had been grinning towards him while showing the sharp teeth.

"Wuzhi Qi!" Qiang Liang’s heart twitched intensively.

Wuzhi Qi was a well-know prehistorical creature. Back in the peak period of the ancient heaven, he was already a famous fierce beast. Qiang Liang was a descendant of divine God, but he was born after the ancient heaven fell. Therefore, in both terms of power and fame, he was far weaker than Wuzhi Qi.

"What do you want? Breaking into the heaven without permission, this is a heavy offense!" Qiang Liang took a deep breath while gripping the ax with both of his hands, silently preparing for a great fight.

"Ah, breaking into the heaven was indeed a heavy offense, but that was countless years ago, wasn’t that?" Wuzhi Qi carelessly squatted on a watery cloud, showed his teeth and laughed to Qiang Liang, "Now, even if I do break into the heaven, who can convict me?"

Pointing at Qiang Liang with his large stick, Wuzhi Qi chuckled and said, "Can you do that, kid? Or…Kua E and his brothers? Who are busy at doing part-time jobs for the humankind to trade for wine and food?"

Qiang Liang narrowed his eyes and said blandly, "What happened to Kua E and his brothers?"

The heaven had fallen indeed, but still, no one dared to underestimate the power of the heaven. If Qiang Liang, Kua E and his brothers were all guarding in the heaven and activated the Heaven and Earth great formation to defend, no one could ever make a single step into the heaven without permission, unless thousands of powerful prehistorical creatures like Wuzhi Qi joined hands and attacked. Since Wuzhi Qi dared to show such an attitude, there was only one explanation, something happened to Kua E and his brothers.

"Smart!" A dark cloud descended from the sky, treading on which, Gong Gong, Xiang Liu, River Earl and a large group of ministers under Gong Gong’s command, who were wearing black armors, landed in front of the gate of the heaven with weird smiles on their faces.

Qiang Liang took a step aside, while Kaiming beast did the same thing. They stood side by side and shielded the gate of the heaven.

The Kaiming beast gnashed his teeth and cursed, "Gong Gong…The first generation of Gong Gong was never a good one. Back then, I should really have taken out your ancestor."

Gong Gong smiled, looked at the beast and laughed, "Kaiming beast, you’re an old minister in heaven. I don’t want your blood in my hands. Just follow my lead, and I can give you whatever you want. Won’t that be better than staying this wildness and live a boring poor life?"

The beast cast a complicated glance at Gong Gong, helplessly sighed and said, "I want to do that…But, before divine emperors…Before the few old bastards fell, I promised them that I will guard the heaven well. Therefore, I can only stay here and guard the heaven."

"Stupid!" Gong Gong looked at the beast and growled coldly.

The beast lowered his eyelids and responded in a bland tone, "Stupid? No, I don’t think so. I’m just loyal!"

Smiling coldly, the beast threw a sideway glance at Gong Gong and continued in that bland tone, "Of course, you don’t understand…Your Gong Gong people just don’t understand!"