Chapter 850: Zhu Rong’s Invitation

The Magus Era

Chapter 850: Zhu Rong’s Invitation

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Southern Wasteland was as stiflingly hot and moist as ever, but Mr. Crow and the pair of baby snakes, who were like flat tires in Pan Jia world, were now instantly invigorated.

Mr. Crow raised his head and gave a resonant caw towards the sky while transforming into a streak of fiery light, dazzling out of Ji Hao’s sleeve. He flashed across the air, left shreds of afterimages and smashed the few dense clouds in the air, dispelling an incoming heavy rain.

The pair of snakes each coiled on a shoulder of Ji Hao, largely opened their jaws and inhaled the warm air. Dense smoke puffed out along with fire sparkles, drifting in the air, that made Ji Hao look like a fierce monster that came out of a volcano.

In Pan Jia world, which was a world of water, these three creatures, who had the nature of fire, were nearly chocked. Back at Southern Wasteland, sensing the rich fire power in the air and the familiar scent of Southern Wasteland jungle, their natures were immediately stimulated.

Ji Hao smilingly patted on the heads of the pair of snakes and trod on a fiery cloud, flying forwards. Mr. Crow spread his wings and flew side by side with Ji Hao. The fiery cloud of Ji Hao moved faster and faster, and gradually began tearing the air open and generating thunderous air blasts.

Po and Gui Ling smilingly followed behind Ji Hao. They could understand Ji Hao’s feeling.

On the ground, the dazzling fiery light and thunderous air blasts let out by Ji Hao caught the attentions of many Southern Wasteland clansmen. Some Magus Kings rose into the sky, looking at Ji Hao from a distance away.

However, not to mention the dreadful power vibration and great heat released from Ji Hao, only the glowing Gold Crow fire roaring out of Mr. Crow’s body seemed to be completely unstoppable to these ordinary Southern Wasteland Magus Kings. Tens of Magus Kings floated in the air, silently watching Ji Hao fly across the sky. This was a hidden rule in Southern Wasteland, that when a powerful one passed through, as long as he or she don’t take the initiative and cause any trouble, no one would be stupid enough to provoke this powerful being.

After all, this was Southern Wasteland jungle, a place ruled by fists and blood.

Gold Black Mountain was right in the front, but things were a lot different from back when Ji Hao left. Over a hundred different sized floating mountains had been drifting around the Gold Black Mountain. Numerous water-tank-thick iron chains that had been glowing with a bright fiery light had these floating mountain tied up, fixing them in the air.

These floating mountains were tens of thousands of meters away from the ground. On these mountains were large pieces of herbal gardens, with all kinds of Southern Wasteland herbs planted in them.

This was the season for a spirit herb called ‘white head dragonfly tail’ to bloom. A hundred-miles huge floating mountain was entirely covered in bean-thick, finger-long white blooms. A gust of wind blew across from the air and made the ocean of this unique kind of bloom wave, that looked like countless milky-white dragonflies flying in the sky.

Glistening white pollen drifted along the wind and covered a small half Gold Black Mountain, like a white, sparkling rain. The pollen of this spirit herb could strengthen the spirit blood and life-force, and was the main material for ‘bone-strengthening soup’, ‘body-toughening soup’ and the other often used magic medicines in Southern Wasteland, and was rather nourishing to all kinds of living creatures.

The pollen drifted down and made countless crows rise into the sky from the mulberry woods under Gold Black Mountain. Large and small crows cawed together while swishing into the sky like an enormous dark cloud. They opened their beaks and inhaled the white pollen as much as they could.


From a distance away, Mr. Crow showed his golden feathers and three claws. A strong power vibration that was no worse than the power vibration released from any Magus King spread out from his body. Meanwhile, clouds of Gold Crow flame rose into the sky. His bright and resonant caw reached straight to the air and shattered a few thin clouds.

From Gold Black Mountain, from that straight line of enormous, towering mulberry trees, hundreds of fire-red, gigantic crows flew over. They cawed brightly, responding to Mr. Crow, while swiftly approaching along with gusts of scorching hot wind.

Mr. Crow excitedly rushed up and joined those gigantic crows. The group of large crows, which were with a wingspan of over three-hundred meters, happily gave long and excited howls. They flapped their wings and rushed into the sky, formed a circle while swiftly swishing and hovering in the air. At the moment, from their moves, anyone could sense the sincere happiness in their hearts!

Mr. Crow’s bloodline had changed completely. Under Ji Hao’s generous cultivation, he had now become a pure-blood three-legged Gold Crow. The sense of power released from his body made all crows in Gold Crow Clan worship him, because that was a sense of the purest, the most original bloodline of their kind.

Quite a few female Crows squeezed to Mr. Crow and rubbed his bodies while cawing, and one could sense an indescribable, warm intention from their bright voices.

"Eh….It’s not spring yet." Ji Hao raised his head and glanced at the sky. Indeed, this was not spring. What happened to Mr. Crow and the few female crows? But, alright, Mr. Crow was now a pureblood Gold Crow. His descendants would also have an incredibly powerful bloodline. In this case, just let him to have fun with those female crows and make some baby crows!

Leaving Mr Crow, Ji Hao flashed across the air, brought up a golden stream of light and flew towards Gold Black Mountain.

Tens of Gold Crow Clan men rose into the air and blocked Ji Hao’s way from a distance away. The leader of these few people was a Divine Magus, with a fierce power vibration releasing from his body. Seeing Ji Hao, he growled resonantly, "Who’s back? Eh? Ji Hao?! Ahaha! You kid! Ah, ah, my ancestors’ souls, are my eyes broken? You, you’re a Divine Magus now?!"

Ji Hao spread his arms and rushed to that Divine Magus while happily yelling, "Uncle Ji Mo! Haha, it’s me, I’m Ji Hao! I’m back!"

The group of Gold Crow Clan people laughed out loud. They all trod on fiery clouds and rushed towards Ji Hao. Countless muscular arms drummed on Ji Hao’s head and back, beating his chest and shoulders. These Southern Wasteland men were not good at talking. Instead, they could only express the happiness in their hearts with the fiercest body language.

"The best kid in our Gold Crow Clan is back!" Ji Mo laughed wildly loud while slapping violently on Ji Hao’s back, causing a loud and muffled series of booms against Ji Hao’s bones.

Fortunately, Ji Hao was now a Divine Magus as well, and his physical strength was even better than Ji Mo himself. If the one slapped by Ji Mo were any of the other kids in Gold Crow Clan, Ji Mo would have slapped the poor kid into a meat pie already.

Po and Gui Ling stood far away, looking at Ji Hao, who was surrounded by tens of muscular men. They were surprised.

What a passionate way of greeting, this was way too, scary. Over a hundred sturdy arms drummed Ji Hao’s body. Were they welcoming Ji Hao home or trying to smash Ji Hao, then make him into a pie?

Before Ji Mo and the others vented their happiness and excitement completely, a sphere of fiery clouds roared over from the south.

From the fiery cloud, an enormous dragon head reached out, glanced at Ji Hao with the hundred-meter radius eyes of its, then began talking with a rumbling voice, "Is Earl Yao Ji Hao Back? Hm, you, it’s right, my master invited you over."

"Your master? Zhu Rong?" Ji Hao paused. He had just arrived in Gold Black Mountain. How did Zhu Rong find out that he had come back?