Chapter 867: Possess The Body and Take the Soul

The Magus Era

Chapter 867: Possess The Body and Take the Soul

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"You damned thing!" Zhu Rong shouted out ragingly while wielding his right hand. Down below, the lava waves rose into the sky and wove in streams. They formed an enormous ax that hacked down towards these few beautiful woman along with great heat.

Facing Ji Hao, the eighteen muscular men chuckled. These men looked so manly, yet the laughter that came out of their mouths were soft and sweet, and could even drill into one’s bones. Meanwhile, they trod on golden blooms and drifted down.

Their moves seemed to be slow, yet they flashed into the chasm in a second. Eighteen muscular men wielded their weapons simultaneously and created a hundred miles in radius light screen, fending against the enormous ax.

The ax landed on the colorful light screen while Zhu Rong gave a deep roar.

Buzz! Eighteen golden lotuses abruptly flashed across the air. These lotuses gradually flew into the sky and released fierce beams of lights, screaming down like a heavy rain. The great power contained in the ax was torn into small streams and sent into different directions by these lotuses. Eventually, the ax transformed into eighteen glowing-red streams of flame, diving into the lava ocean.

The lava ocean began quaking intensely. The eighteen flames exploded, raising a hundred miles tall wave. Waves of lava roared towards all directions, and eighteen ten-thousand miles in radius blank spheres appeared in the lava ocean! Nothing existed in the eighteen blank spheres anymore, as the lava was turned into nothingness without leaving even a trace. Zhu Rong’s power transformed into a raging fire, glowing dazzlingly while releasing a burning heat, as it floated on the lava ocean. The overpowered light and heat twisted the surrounding air and made the air collapse, showing countless thin cracks of the space, which was being coiled around by a milky-white bright light. Gradually, a black light devoured everything.

Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong in shock. Judging by his easy movements, he didn’t launch this strike with all of his power, however, even after splitting into eighteen and being partially neutralized by the great defensive magic formation based on the lava ocean, the strike launched by Zhu Rong still delivered such a destructive effect. Ji Hao imagined the scene that would happen if such a strike landed on cities like Liang Zhu City or Pu Ban City, which had the most people, and couldn’t help but quiver intensely.

When a cultivator reached Zhu Rong’s level, he or she could truly destroy a country with a single move.

An ear-piercing noise could then be heard. Po and Gui Ling arrived one after another. Without being surprised, they nodded to Ji Hao, who arrived the first, then lowered their heads and looked down.

They saw the red bronze divine palace floating on the lava. Po said in a cold voice, "Ignorant, evil beings, this evil-suppressing divine palace was built by many powerful beings, including our Shifu, with the martial power of Emperor Xuanyuan’s Xuanyuan sword, and the great powers of nature."

Smiling coldly, Po continued tauntingly, "This divine palace is connected with the stars and the earth meridians. No outsider can ever open it, unless all stars in Pan Gu world fall, and all earth meridians break…"

Po couldn’t finish his speech, because right now, right in front of him, the gate of the divine palace let out a loud ‘dong’, and was pushed slightly open. The few beautiful woman stood by the gate turned around and threw an enchanting glance at Po. Then, one of them laughed with a soft sweet voice.

"You are so not experienced. No tangible thing can stop us. Whatever great magic formation this is, it’s full of weaknesses, just like a sifter in our eyes. Ah, why should I talk so much to you? It’s all meaningless to you anyway. You lowly beings, depending on fleshy bodies and primordial spirits, you can never understand our greatness and scariness!"

‘Lowly beings, depending on fleshy bodies and primordial spirits?’

Ji Hao looked at them with a darkened face. Lowly beings?

Wielding his arms, the gray sword blueprint spread out once again and released an overwhelming Chaos power. Four sword lights with different colors dazzled into the sky. Ji Hao looked at the few beautiful woman, sneered and said, "Do you think that you’re so powerful? Try my Shifu’s sword formation then!"

The eighteen muscular men and the few beautiful woman all had their looks changed instantly. A beautiful woman flashed into the divine palace while screaming, "Stop them! Damn it! How can they even have such a powerful killing weapon?"

Before her voice faded, a stream of flame swooshed out of the divine palace. Countless flame arrows swished out in a formidable wave, causing a shrill noise that resounded across the square in front of the palace. Those men with bull horns tied on the altars were affected by the flame arrows, howling and cursing in anger.

The few beautiful women couldn’t react timely. As a consequent, those flame swords pierced straight into their bodies. Countless flame arrows flashed over, and not too many spaces were left between these arrows. These arrows almost merged into a flame stream while striking violently onto these woman’ bodies.

These arrows were triggered to attack whoever opened the gate, even when Zhu Rong opened the gate with the right way. But just now, these few woman opened the gate forcibly with some powerful magics. That magic they used was powerful and strange, and caused damage to the seal of the divine palace. Therefore, the palace had launched a dreadful counterattack.

These beautiful women could all cast great magics, yet they were still quivering and shivering in the storm of flame like a tender plant in a storm. Puffing noises could be heard ceaselessly when their bodies were punctured by the flame arrows. One could see countless holes were left on their bodies one after another, and from those holes, colorful mist drifted out.

An immense power began spreading out from the divine palace. This power was strong and formidable. It was positive, and represented the whole world as it crushed down in an unstoppable way.

Such an overwhelming positive power could suppress all evils. The few women were disabled from moving, and could only let countless flame arrows pierced through their bodies, that made them scream in pain.

A quarter of an hour later, the flame arrows zipping out of the gate of the divine palace faded gradually. Followed by a thunderous ‘dong’, the gate slowly opened. Numerous enormous flame dragons guarded the broad space behind the gate with their bodies coiled, staring at the group of evil beings outside the palace, coldly and fiercely.

"Not experienced?" taunted Zhu Rong, "Who is not experienced exactly? Is this evil-suppressing divine palace so easy to break?"

The few beautiful woman were almost turned into skeletons by the thunderstorm-like wave of flame arrow. They lied on the ground while gasping weakly. Hearing Zhu Rong, they raised their heads together, glaring at Zhu Rong.

"Stupid, you lowly beings, you’re truly so stupid !"

A series of chuckle came from the sky. That silvery chuckle made Ji Hao feel drunk, both in his body and soul. Following the chuckle, thin streams of colorful mist swiftly descended from the sky and flashed into the divine palace. Within the mist, a beautiful curvy silhouette was faintly visible. Next, everyone on the scene clearly saw that, the silhouette easily passed by those flame dragons and came to Chi You’s head.

"What an amazing body, a deathless one? It’s mine!"

This silhouette laughed sweetly while rushing up straight into Chi You’s head.