Chapter 872: Unexpected Possibility

The Magus Era

Chapter 872: Unexpected Possibility

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Chi You and the sky devil were now in a stalemate. Both of them had activated their original power to harm and devour each other, and by now, neither of them could move.

Zhu Rong quickly rubbed his hands and raised raging flame streams, coiling around the surrounding fire columns. Fire dragons roared deeply and resonantly, letting out dense smoke from their mouths and nostrils. Fire layered up and compressed quickly, turned into paper-thin pieces of fiery light at last, twisting and dazzling in the air.

Ji Hao didn’t know what magic Zhu Rong had just cast, but Gui Ling and Po raised their eyebrows simultaneously.

This was called the ‘universe fire seal’, secretly passed down from Zhu Rong Family’s ancestors. According to the legend, this magic was the most powerful, the fiercest magic of the Fire God Family, as the ministry of war of the ancient palace. Only powerful beings who had thoroughly understood the great Dao of Fire could cast this universe fire seal. This magic was incredibly powerful and especially violent. Within its coverage, everything would be turned into fire, and all fires would be under the control of the one who cast the magic.

Without same level power or especially powerful treasures for protection, anyone affected by this magic would be turned into fire, both in the soul and the body. Within the effective range of this magic, the life and death of all living beings would be under Zhu Rong’s control. He could kill everyone with a single thought. For such a great power, one could only describe it with the word ‘shocking’.

Po and Gui Ling once witnessed the powerfulness of Gods under the command of Fire God from the ancient heave. Therefore, they surely knew how powerful this magic was.

"Zhu Rong…He’s Zhu Rong after all!" praised Po sincerely, "No matter how, he possesses the purest Fire God bloodline. Just as I thought, we can never underestimate Zhu Rong."

While sighing, Po gently clapped his hands, with his fingers nimbly flicking. A layer of Yu Yu’s divine light covered his face while black and white lotuses that looked like Tai Ji diagrams drifted out from his fingertips one after another. Those lotuses drifted and hovered in the air like water ripples for a while, then silently merged with the air. Next, this divine palace was granted a mysterious sense of power, as if both the space and time in the palace had been through some indescribable change.

Gui Ling breathed deeply, looked at Po and said, "Brother, you’re so powerful. I can never be as great as you. I can only take out the bulky body of mine."

After finishing speaking, Gui Ling sat down on the ground. The power vibration released from her was restrained gradually, turning weaker and weaker. At the moment when her power vibration disappeared completely, a thin crack suddenly appeared on top of Gui Ling’s head. From the crack, a dark stream of light dazzled into the sky, and then, a tremendous black turtle silently showed up in the light.

Ji Hao looked at this tremendous turtle stunned. He couldn’t tell exactly how large this turtle was, but this divine palace that was enchanted with an extremely powerful magic and was almost boundlessly broad had already been filled up by Gi Ling’s true body.

Following a deep snort, the turtle’s four sky-pillar-like feet slowly landed on the ground. The ground quacked slightly while puffs of cold white mist rose from the turtle’s feet. Meanwhile, countless ice-cracks appeared in the air along with a slight cracking noise.

With the tremendous body and immeasurably great power, Gu Ling had just now forcibly torn the space broken and completely sealed this whole area with the terrifying coldness. Thus, unless one could break Gui Ling’s true body and unseal the space, no living being could ever escape from this area.

"Hmm, in terms of the thickness of shell, I’ve never lost to anyone yet!" Gui Ling, the enormous turtle, opened her jaws and let out a frosty breath onto Chi You’s head.

Gui Ling was proud. Her true body was incomparably huge while her shell was unimaginably thick and sturdy, with an indescribably great defensive power. Some supremely powerful people in this world were indeed able to break her true body and break out from this sealed space, but Gui Ling didn’t believe that this sky devil could do it.

Not to mention the fact that this space was also sealed by the magics cast by Zhu Rong and Po, Gui Ling had only given a supportive seal.

Ji Hao watched all these, pondered for a while and laughed. Wielding his hand, Ji Hao let the Pan Xi divine mirror fly out of his head and release a dim stream of light, covering Gui Ling and himself inside.

Ji Hao then laughed, "Sister Gui Ling, I’ll just smartly add another layer of seal upon yours. Let’s see if they are powerful enough to break all these seals of ours. I truly doubt it."

That was what Ji Hao said, but in fact, Ji Hao truly hoped that the sky devil, who was now fighting against Chi You, could escape. The sky devil broke into the divine palace and attempted to occupy Chi You’s body. This proved that she must be a top-grade important one among all the sky devils, and she was certainly much more powerful than the ones guarding outside. If Ji Hao could throw her into the small caldron, how many benefits would he gain?

However, facing Po, Gui Ling and Zhu Rong, Ji Hao dared not to let them know about the small caldron, because the mysterious man had warned him. He clearly understood that as a powerful treasure which was able to transform sky devils into original soul power to improve the ordinal souls of living creatures, this small caldron could drive any powerful beings crazy, if they knew about it.

"Can you devour me?" Chi You gave a scornful laugh and said.

That large datura flower slightly trembled and responded, "What a stupid one with thick skin! With enough time, I might even crush your original soul! Hehe, I’ve already known enough about you!"

said the sky devil coldly, "You’re nothing but a lucky…"

Chi You interrupted the sky devil and continued, "Shut up, I’m asking you. Can you devour me?"

The sky devil remained silent for a while and responded confidently, "With enough time, I can devour the original soul of any creature in the universe. Even if you’re truly an immortal being…When I summoned the powerful beings of our kind to descend in this world, you will perish."

Proudly giving a laugh, the sky devil continued slowly, "I’m not afraid to tell you that among those living beings who claimed to be immortal, some had fallen in the hands of the powerful beings of our kind. You can do nothing to me, and to the powerful beings of our kind, you’re nothing but a grain of dust. You’re not even worth mentioning."

Ji Hao’s Po and Gui Ling and Zhu Rong had their faces quiver simultaneously.

This sky devil they were facing right now had already caused them enough of a headache. But according to her, some of her kind were much more powerful than her. Was this even true? Was she bluffing, trying to frighten Ji Hao and the others, or she was simply telling the truth? Did powerful beings like that truly exist among sky devils?

Before Chi You said anything, the sky devil slowed her move down and continued, "Why don’t we…"

The blood-red light released by Chi You and the colorful light released from the sky devil sparkled quickly, but didn’t cause any sound.

"The devil is treacherous. Everyone, be careful!"

Before Po’s voice faded, Chi You abruptly burst with a resonant laugh and said, "Good, good, in this case, what is the worst that could be even if I let you become an unexpected possibility of this world? I am imprisoned in this place. To live is no better than to die…Maybe, you are my only hope!"

The blood-red light released from Chi You dimmed down. Then suddenly, he opened his mouth and let out a blood-red ax along with a sky-shaking power vibration. Following a thunderous bang, the blood-red ax exploded and turned into countless beams of blood-red light, dazzling towards all directions.

The air quacked while those blood-red light beams blasted. Ji Hao and the others all triggered their protective treasures to ensure their own safety.

Following a series of silvery laughter, that stream of colorful light, which had fought against Chi You for quite long, disappeared in an unknown way, without leaving a trace.