Chapter 889: Nine Suns Stainless Cloak

The Magus Era

Chapter 889: Nine Suns Stainless Cloak

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"Hehe!" Priest Qing Wei laughed out loudly while pointing at Yu Yu with one finger, and shaking that finger of his slowly.

"Hehe!" Yu Yu took out another wine calabash and poured some wine into his mouth, gulping and laughing.

Ji Hao dared not to act impolitely. Although just now, the angry and sad looks of Priest Hua and Priest Mu made him really want to laugh, yet he dared not to laugh out at all. Instead, he could only fix his eyes on that three meters long, a foot thick roll of tree bark.

The texture of the tree bark was smooth, with some wood grains clearly visible on its surface. Those wood grains formed complicated and beautiful patterns, seeming to contain some deep secrets of the great Dao.

Between the layers of tree bark was a faintly visible, beautiful glow. It was indeed a tree bark, yet it had a smooth shining luster, just like pearls. It also had a glow releasing from the inside of it that made the surrounding air ripple like water.

This tree bark was from the true body of Priest Mu, which was a prehistorical linden tree, that came from the Chas. Every billions of years, Priest Mu would go through a natural trial, and after that, a layer of bark of his would naturally peel off. It was not hard to imagine how much power and energy was contained in this sheet of tree bark, and how many secrets of the great Dao could be found in it.

Yu Yu extorted Priest Mu for the very first sheet of tree bark that was naturally peeled off from Priest Mu’s true body after he came to Pan Gu world. In other words, Priest Mu came to Pan Gu world from the Chaos, so the great Dao he pursued was switched to the great Dao of Pan Gu world from the great Dao of the Chaos, which also could be seen as a switch from pre-world to after-world. Then, this sheet of tree bark naturally peeled off. Besides the great Dao of nature, this tree bark also contained the immeasurable secrets of the power of creation.

This sheet of tree bark was unique, and one could only find one such thing in the whole universe.

If Priest Mu didn’t have his mind shaken and if he didn’t have to rely on the effect of the soul-nourishing pill to recover, Yu Yu could have never attained this tree bark from him, not even by using violence.

One had to know that this tree bark was peeled off from Priest Mu’s true body; it was same as the skin of a human being. No matter how powerful Yu Yu was, Yu Yu could never violently force a same-level powerful being to give his own skin to another person. Only under such circumstances when Priest Mu eagerly needed a top-grade spirit pill to heal himself, Yu Yu could possibly trade this sheet of bark from Priest Mu.

Priest Qing Wei laughed, and so did Yu Yu. They laughed delightfully, loudly and brightly. A soul-nourishing pill was nothing to them, because Priest Dachi had the skill and materials to make more of them. However, this sheet of tree bark was unique in the whole universe, and it now belonged to Yu Yu!

This was not only about a sheet of tree bark. This was also about the fact that Priest Hua and Priest Mu had lost all their faces today! Therefore, Priest Qing Wei had been laughing extra loudly, while he now looked at Ji Hao even more warmly than before.

"Alright, since my little brother values you so much, I, as your uncle, cannot be too stingy. I’ve watched two great shows today, and I’m now in quite a good mood. I shall just help you one more time!"

Pointing his finger out, a roll of silk appeared in front of Priest Qing Wei. The silk was long, seemed to be woven from threads of ice. Appearing along with the silk was a three meters long, brightly glowing golden crystal and tens of gemstones with different colors.

"Little brother, what do you think?" Priest Qing Wei pointed at those materials floating in front of him.

"I’m afraid they’re still not good enough for Priest Mu’s face." Yu Yu said straightforwardly, "I have some other nice stuff, which is useless for me to keep anyway. Why don’t we just use them now?"

While speaking, Yu Yu stealthily looked around, then flicked his finger. Following his move, three-hundred meters long, colorful, triangular dragon scale silently emerged, releasing a prehistorical and vague power vibration.

"The reverse scale of the dragon ancestor?" Priest Qing Wei paused in shock, looked at Yu Yu confusedly. He opened his mouth, then shook his head as he wielded the ruyi with his left hand. A black and white stream of mist puffed out, wrapping Yu Yu and himself up.

"Alright, the other forbidden materials of yours, don’t take them out. We’ll take our time to sort and count." Priest Qing Wei murmured helplessly.

Ji Hao also had cold sweat flowing down from his head. The reverse scale of the dragon ancestor? How on earth did Yu Yu get something like that? The ancestor of all dragons in the world, his reverse scale…To the dragon-kind, that reverse scale should be like a memorial gate for their oldest ancestor. How on earth did Yu Yu attain that?

From the air, Yu Yu’s voice descended, "Ji Hao, you just wait for a moment. Your uncle’s dragon and tiger ruyi has a space inside. In that space, the time flows billions of times faster than it in the outside. I will make you a top-grade cloak for your protection."

The black and white mist coiled into a ball three-hundred meters in radius, floated in midair while slowly spinning. Within the mist ball, a large diagram of Taiji was faintly visible.

Ji Hao waited outside for twenty-four hours when abruptly, a rip showed up on the mist ball. Then, a purple mist stream swished into the air from the ball, dispersing immediately. A while later, a refreshing sense of power came from the sky, following which, an elderly man with a simple flax robe and a mild look trod on a cloud and descended from the sky, flashing into the mist ball.

Ji Hao became nervous. Once he saw that elderly man, he sensed that the world had begun shaking. He knew the identity of that elderly man at that point. He was no one else but Yu Yu and Priest Qing Wei’s big brother, Priest Dachi, the most mysteriously powerful one among all three of them!

Ji Hao couldn’t help but have his scalp numbed. What kind of cloak had Yu Yu been making for him? Why did he even need this legendary powerful being to come to help? What kind of treasure needed all three of them to work together?

Sitting in midair with his legs crossed, Ji Hao silently waited in a daze.

While he was waiting, Ji Hao sensed the power vibration released from Zhu Rong a couple of times. He cast a few glances over, but right after that, he rushed away at his highest speed, just like a startled rabbit. Obviously, Zhu Rong recognized that black and white mist ball, and apparently, Zhu Rong didn’t want to make too many contacts with Priest Qing Wei.

Soon, six days had passed. Ji Hao didn’t know how long it had been in that small world inside the dragon and tiger ruyi. Abruptly, the black and white mist ball dissipated, while a fresh gust of wind and a purple stream of mist rose into the sky together and disappeared in a moment, leaving Yu Yu standing in the air by himself.

Ji Hao politely kneeled down and watched the fresh wind gust and the purple mist stream disappearing, then looked at Yu Yu, who had been gasping quickly and heavily.

"Shifu!" Seeing Yu Yu’s tired face, Ji Hao was greatly moved, but he didn’t know what to say.

"Here, you have the nine suns spear and nine suns devil-destroying sword. So, this cloak shall be named as nine suns stainless cloak. It will never be stained by any dust. No devil can ever approach it, no weapon can harm it, and no disaster can destroy it…This cloak is the best piece I’ve ever made during the past countless years."

Yu Yu smilingly threw a golden, shining cloak towards Ji Hao. Inside the cloak, nine dazzling small suns had been hovering while spinning swiftly. The cloak seemed to be weightless. It landed on Ji Hao’s body and he moved slightly. Immediately, a raging sun fire wrapped his whole body up, making him look like the legendary God of sun descending to the mortal world from the heaven.