Chapter 901: Gong Gong’s Power

The Magus Era

Chapter 901: Gong Gong’s Power

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Priest Corpse was a powerful prehistorical being. He was a spirit corpse that had cultivated himself properly. The guidance of Priest Hua and Priest Mu allowed him to attain his great powers and abilities from the death. His power was immeasurably great, and he could literally move mountains and turn oceans upside down, chase the stars and grasp the sun.

Gong Gong was the current Water God who inherited the Water God bloodline from the ancient Water God. He was born with a strong power and great abilities. Added with those, countless secret magics and divine treasures passed down from the original Water God through generations, he was also immeasurably powerful.

Priest Corpse guarded Zhu Rong Tianming obstinately, and Gong Gong couldn’t even harm a hair of Zhu Rong Tianming, no matter how crazy he was right now.

A faint golden layer of divine light drifted and formed a flame-shaped light screen, silently covering Priest Corpse’s body. Gong Gong had been launching attacks with incomparable fierceness, yet, this light screen stayed perfectly motionless.

Gong Gong’s eyes were glowing-red, that made him look like a mad lion. He roared and roared, even sending all rivers within the area tens of thousands miles in radius around him, up into the sky. They roared across the sky like white water dragons, wildly and rampantly striking on Priest Corpse’s defensive divine light.

Black smoke puffed up while a watery mist spread out. Gong Gong hid in the rolling black smoke while those dragon-like rivers turned more and more violent in the sky. Those flying rivers swished faster and faster, and occasionally, a few rivers would bump into each other and cause a thunderous bang. After that, dazzling thunderbolts would burst.


Gong Gong abruptly burst with a resonant roar. Meanwhile, he raised both of his hands. High up in the air, a purple, enormous hammer and a golden chisel clashed fiercely against each other. In the following moment, an earth-shaking boom could be heard and a thumb-sized, as extremely sharp thunderbolt dazzled down from the chisel and struck on Priest Corpses’s divine light.

Gong Gong had broken the heaven and swept across countless divine palaces. No one knew how many ancient divine treasures kept in secret places in the heaven had been taken away by him.

This enormous purple hammer and golden chisel were called thunder hammer and lighting chisel, and were inherited supreme treasures that belonged to the ancient Thunder God. This pair of treasure were naturally created by the great Dao of thunder and lightning, along with the world itself.

The thunderbolt seemed to be nothing special, yet it was generated by the great Dao of thunder and lighting of Pan Gu world, and was incredibly powerful. Even though Gong Gong wasn’t a descendant of the Thunder God, he could release thirty to fifty percent of the powers of this pair of treasure.

Priest Corpse didn’t manage to react timely, and as a result, the mountain-steady defensive divine light was punctured and the golden thunderbolt, which struck on his head. Following a loud bang, the thunderbolt blasted out, burned Priest Corpse's long hair and exposed his smooth scalp.

As black smoke puffed up from his head, Priest Corpse fell from the air and created a human-shaped dent on the ground.

Bo Qiujia and the group of disciples of Priest Corpse were infuriated, but were frightened badly as well. When Priest Corpse was struck down from the sky, they made their moves simultaneously. Countless treasures and magic weapons, including all kinds of beads, jade and gemstone bottles, ruyi, and lotuses were sent up into the sky. They were shining brightly and transforming into splendid light streams as they descended on Gong Gong’s head.

Gong Gong raised his head, gave a long, shrill, bright, resonant and sad roar. Then, he glowered at the trembling Zhu Rong Tianming and growled, "Zhu Rong kid, today, you have to die! Go! Kill! Kill! Kill!"

A tremendous serpent showed its figure in the sky. Snake Xiu roared towards the heaven, then his ten-thousand-meters long body slightly twisted, coiled into a snake magic formation and blocked the attacks launched by Bo Qiujia and those disciples.

Following a series of clang, puffs of fire sparkles rose against Snake Xiu’s thick scales. The fierce attacks launched by Bo Qiujia and those disciples only managed to leave a slight few marks on Snake Xiu’s body, and not even a single scale was broken.

Snake Xiu proudly roared, then opened his jaws and released a stream of black poisonous mist.

Tens of Bo Qiujia’s disciples didn’t manage to defend timely, and the poisonous mist sprayed on their bodies. Next, they watched their skins turn purely dark. They fell to the ground and showed the whites of their eyes. Bo Qiujia gave a loud shout and hurriedly flicked his hands, sending out a jade ring that was embossed with dragons and birds. The ring spun in the air along with a cyan stream of light and surrounded those poisoned disciples.

However, once the jade ring flew out, Xiang Liu had already reached out his nine hideous snakeheads from the black mist.

Opening his mouths and taking deep breaths, Xiang Liu laughed viciously, then let out nine streams of black and sticky venom.

A stream of venom struck right on the jade ring. Bo Qiujia screamed, then a mouthful of blood was squeezed out of his mouth. The light released from the jade ring dimmed down quickly, and soon, it was corroded into a piece of stone by Xiang Liu’s venom, falling onto the ground.

Gong Gong reached out his hands and attempted to grab Zhu Rong Tianming.

Hundreds of Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors flew up, raised all kinds of weapons and fiercely attacked Gong Gong’s large and slim hands.

Behind Gong Gong, thousands of Water God Family warriors growled out together, trod on watery clouds and rushed up, encircling those Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors and launching a mad series of attack. Those Fire Qi Lin Clan warriors were circled up, with enemies coming from every direction. Under the current situation, they couldn’t manage to save Zhu Rong Tianming anymore.

Zhu Rong Tianming stood on the ground, shivering intensively. Seeing Gong Gong came closer and closer, he screamed out hoarsely and hysterically, "Gong Gong! Do you even dare to kill me?"

Gong Gong laughed wildly out in a fury, then his face twisted as he growled, "You dared to kill Wuyou, my son! Why do you think that I dare not to kill you? Today, Even Zhu Rong wouldn’t be able to save you!"

Gong Gong swung his hands down and clenched his fingers, seeming to seize Zhu Rong Tianming right away. Priest Corpse, who was struck to the ground by the thunderbolt, leaped straight up and wielded his arms. Two golden and shining hands roared up into the sky, fiercely slapping towards Gong Gong’s hands.

Gong Gong’s hands were hit by the enormous pair of golden hand in a row, then a thunderous series of booms could be heard. Gong Gong began shaking slightly, then black watery mist and frigid thunderbolts surged out of his palms without an end, shattering that pair of golden hands.

Priest Corpse rose again into the air and barfed, "Gong Gong, this kid is valued by my Master Shifu. Tianming is meant to be the next human emperor, how dare you kill him? Don’t you fear my Master Shifu?!"

Gong Gong’s face twisted. Then, he gnashed his teeth, looking at Priest Corpse, laughed viciously and responded, "Priest Mu and Priest Hua? They were indeed mentioned in the records left by my ancestors. According to the records, they are powerful beings. However, my only descendant has died. Why should I worry about any of those priests?"

A shrill dragon roar resounded across the sky. From behind Gong Gong, nine black dragons swooshed into the air, hovered and then transformed into a weirdly-shaped trident. It was coiled by nine embossed dragons, descended and was gripped in Gong Gong’s hand.

Gong Gong banged the trident loudly against the air. Followed by his move, a loud, overpowering wave-like sound came from all directions.

Magically, water rose from the ground and covered the area a hundred thousand miles in radius.

At first, the water was merely hundred-meters deep. But after a blink of an eye, it grew to a thousand meters deep. At last, waves surged and roared, and the whole area was submerged by five-thousand meters deep water.

The water flew rapidly while countless whirlpools were generated. With the help of the water, Gong Gong’s power was raised crazily fast.

He dipped the tips of the trident into the water, then raised again. Next, a destructive wave rose for hundreds of meters tall and slapped down on Priest Corpse’s body like an immense hand.

Priest Corpse gave a muffled moan as he was sent backward for hundreds of miles by this wave. Meanwhile, blood gushed out of his nose, eyes, mouth, and ears together.

Gong Gong lunged the trident violently towards Zhu Rong Tianming while growling out resonantly.

"Little bastard, die!"