Chapter 908: The Beginning of Unrest

The Magus Era

Chapter 908: The Beginning of Unrest

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In a broad and dark hall, twenty-four pillars embossed with dragons had been sparkling with a faint golden light. Ji Hao sat in the hall with crossed legs. A thin golden light glowed between his eyebrows while a three-meter golden cloud hovered above his head. From the edge of the cloud, beams of golden light were releasing constantly.

Except for the cloud above his head, Ji Hao’s power was tightly restrained, that made him seem like a lifeless status. But inside his body, twenty-four thousand, six-hundred and eighty golden light spots had been quickly moving, releasing scorching hot streams of power, flushing his meridians and acupoints. His skin was cool, as cool as the jade ground. Yet, the inner temperature of his body was high enough to melt almost everything in Pan Gu world, except for a few types of pre-world divine material.

For ordinarily human Magi, with the power from real stars in the sky, they could grow eighty-one inner spirit stars inside their bodies, and this was the upper limit of cultivation of Divine Magi. With one more inner spirit star, the body of a Divine Magus would burst from the inside and turn into a puff of blood mist.

However, Ji Hao had attained the spirit blood of dragon and phoenix and generated Pan Gu bloodline. His physical body was dreadfully great while the powers of over twenty-thousand inner spirit stars were boosted up to an extreme level. Nourished by the spirit star power, his body grew stronger and stronger, more and more powerful.

Buzz! A bronze-bell-like ring could be faintly heard from Ji Hao’s body. The fifth level of the cultivation method with nine turns was achieved. Abruptly, Ji Hao’s skin turned faintly golden. His muscles, meridians, bones and marrow, even internal organs all turned golden, like golden glass beads, with a crystal luster.

"Can I rival supreme Magi now merely with my physical strength?" In the spiritual space, the seed of Dao of sun shone with a dazzling golden light. Ji Hao asked in a low voice.

"Why do you have to think so much?" The mysterious man’s voice was rumblingly loud, like thunder that resounded across the sky, "Once an inner spirit star grows in each of your millions of acupoints, even if your Pan Gu body is still at a low level…you can tear the so-called Supreme Magi into pieces with your bare hands."

"The purest power is the greatest power." said the mysterious man proudly, "No need to think about levels, or any other insignificant things. As long as your power is great enough, you can destroy any enemy with a single punch…When you truly have attained a Pan Gu body, you will even be able to shatter this world with your fist!"

"No skills needed?" Ji Hao laughed embarrassedly.

"Eh?" The mysterious man paused. A while later, he also laughed in an embarrassed tone and responded, "Of course, skills are important too. The greatest power with the greatest skill generates the perfect power! This, I…now understand!"

"So you didn’t understand this before?" Ji Hao continued the question, "Were you like those Southern Wasteland warriors from those uncivilized clans, who know nothing but swinging their weapons?"

The mysterious man gave a roar in both anger and shame. Then, no matter how many questions Ji Hao threw out, the mysterious man never spoke another word.

Ji Hao knew that this old man was like those uncivilized Southern Wasteland warriors who could do no more than hacking or punching his enemies to death, bullying the others merely with physical strength. However, Ji Hao was more and more curious about this mysterious man. As far as Ji Hao knew, among those influential prehistorical powerful beings, not many relied merely on physical strength.

A golden stream of light rose from Ji Hao’s head. Then, that three-meter cloud immediately drew back into his body. The golden light on his skin dimmed down while streams of hot mist puffed out from his opened pores.

Standing up and gently twisting his body, Ji Hao suddenly launched a short-distance punch in the air.

He didn’t activate his spirit star power for this punch. Instead, he used the pure physical strength. Having reached the fifth level of the cultivation method with nine turns, Ji Hao’s physical strength had now improved largely, such that he created a human-head-sized black hole in front of him easily. Space was broken, and the emergency protective function of the Heaven and Earth great formation was activated immediately. Seven-colored light streams flew over one after another and fixed the black hole in no time.

The nine suns stainless cloak started waves of air ripples. Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and murmured, "Only if I can seize thousands of more linden seeds…Priest Hua’s lotus seeds are not bad as well. It’s just that without my Shifu’s help, I can’t deal with those two old freaks."

"Growing an inner spirit star in each acupoint, how many years of severe cultivation would that take?"

"The Pan Jia sun!" The mysterious man’s voice came again, "You have suddenly become stupid. Is the Pan Jia sun only a puff of fire for you to burn people? Digest the sun with the cauldron, you can have over a hundred thousand inner spirit star after that."

Ji Hao was enlightened. His spirit power sank into his body, and the Pan Jia sun silently fell into the small caldron, which was surrounded by the five-colored flame. A burning-hot stream of power surged out from the caldron, then the slightly blurred caldron turned sturdier and clearer. Meanwhile, golden light spots began growing from Ji Hao’s few acupoints.

Hesitating for a while, Ji Hao thought about whether he should keep staying in the city until the Pan Jia sun was digested completely. But abruptly, a silvery series of jade clangs came from the outside.

He reached his hands out, clenched his fingers and gently moved his hands apart. Followed by his moves, the heavy door of the hall opened, letting in the daylight. Elder Destiny was wearing a black cloth, standing aside with a worrying face. He politely bowed to Ji Hao.

"Master, I’ve been worrying in the recent few days. I always feel that a destructive disaster is coming."

Seeing Ji Hao, Elder Destiny headed straight to the point. He looked at Ji Hao and said in a worrying tone, "In Yao Mountain City, I can still settle my mind, barely. But once I left the city beyond ten-thousand miles, my mind and soul started shaking, and I nearly fainted."

Pointing out at the sky, Elder Destiny continued in a deep voice, "Back then, even when Pan Xi world was hunted by Pan Gu world, I didn’t have this feeling. I think, you really need to do some preparation."

Ji Hao pondered for a while, then raised his voice.

"Ji Tian, Ji Di, Ji Xuan, Ji Huang, spread my word. All Yao Mountain people come to live around Yao Mountain City within a radius of ten-thousand miles. Hoard food as much as possible. Hunt and store dried meat, as well as all kinds of medicines… Store as much as you can."

"Open all storages. All Yao Mountain people, fourteen years old and above, get armed. Take out all magic formation tools, and set up defensive formations around Yao Mountain City."

Remaining silent for a short while, Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and continued in a calm tone, "Take Yao Mountain City as the center, and flatten the mountains in a radius of thirty miles and build a fence wall. Surround the entire area."

Four silhouettes flashed across the air. Ji Tian, Ji Di and the other Ji Hao’s disciples and private guards rushed over, carefully memorizing his orders, then split up.

At the moment, Feng Qinxin’s clear, slightly sharp voice came.

"Good, good, good, we’ve worked for so long. This damned formation is finally set up!"

"Earl Yao, Earl Yao, Ji Hao, Ji Hao, hurry, get me the coordinates of that world!"