Chapter 937: Violently Break

The Magus Era

Chapter 937: Violently Break

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
In the heaven, Divine Pivot Hall…

In the dark hall, countless colorful light spots transformed into countless different sized swirls, floating in the air and spinning slowly like tightly biting gears. Occasionally, some light spots would burst with a dazzling sphere of light, and countless images would flash across the light sphere.

Xiang Liu was wearing a long black robe, proudly sitting in the middle of the hall, smilingly looking at these spinning light spots. This was the main control hub of the Heaven and Earth great formation. In here, one could watch every corner of the heaven, and could also freely trigger all seals and magic formations. A while ago, it was Xiang Liu who controlled the great formation, released the divine thunder and broke Buzhou Mountain.

Being able to control the entire Heaven and Earth great formation in heaven, and through this great formation, control the lives and deaths of countless living creatures, this made Xiang Liu feel that his life was even sublimed.

"People, those people." Xiang Liu narrowed his eyes and laughed, shaking his head while raising a golden cup that was decorated with nine embossed dragons. He took a sip of the delicious countless years old wine, then showed his teeth in happiness.

Back in the ancient times, only divine emperors could taste this wine. Xiang Liu was only an enormous spirit creature living in the mortal world. He hadn’t even seen a vintage wine like this. But now, the entire heaven was under his control. He could drink whatever he wanted, who dared to say no?

"Human beings, hmm, tasty." Xiang Liu narrowed his eyes, murmuring some scary words with a creepy low voice, "Not only tasty, those young human girls, hehe, that beauty is also great."

"As for the power of their faith…" Xiang Liu scornfully snorted.

Looking around for a while, as if he was afraid that Gong Gong might hear him murmuring, Xiang Liu lowered his voice further and continued, "Is the power of the faith of human beings truly that great? Can it really strengthen souls and allow one to quickly reach the immortal level? This isn’t a lie of Dishi Cha, is it?"

"Hmm," Followed by a cold hum, a black stream of water mist flew in through the crack between the door and its frame. The watery mist roared, and next, Wuzhi Qi walked out from it and sat down in front of Xiang Liu.

"What have you been thinking about?" Wuzhi Qi’s eyes sparkled brightly as stared at Xiang Liu.

"About a route of retreat." Xiang Liu remained silent for a while and continued slowly, "This time, we have offended everyone. If Gong Gong succeeds, how many benefits can we get? And if he fails…What would happen to us?"

Wuzhi Qi’s pupils shone brightly with a cold light as he leaned his head, looked at Xiang Liu for a while, laughed and said, "I thought you have always been the most loyal follower of Gong Gong. But surprisingly, you too have so many thoughts in your head."

Xiang Liu carelessly took a big sip of the wine and responded, "Snakes are born to be cautious and suspicious, this is my nature. I spent great efforts to live till today. I am actually very afraid of death, you know?"

Wuzhi Qi rubbed his own scalp and murmured in a low voice, "You think you’re the only one be afraid of death? I am as well. To be honest, I acted so violently and brutally before, because I wanted everyone to be scared of me, so that they wouldn’t dare to offend me. Then, I could feel safe."

Sighing slightly, Wuzhi Qi continued murmuring to himself, "The longer you live, the more you’re afraid of death."

Pausing briefly, he put his mouth near Xiang Liu’s ear and said, "We’ve been serving Gong Gong Family for so many generations. This Gong Gong now, do you think he…"

Xiang Liu clenched his fingers, as a dazzling light sphere was squeezed out of the golden cup held in his hand. Followed by an ear-piercing metal-crushing noise, the exquisite golden cup was twisted in his hand, completely out of shape.

"Whatever, we swore back then!" Xiang Liu dropped the twisted golden cup, lied on the ground and spread his arms and legs. Looking at those rotating light spots, he said, "If we didn’t make that vow, I would have run away with my wives and kids long ago. I was a snake from the Chaos, I was all alone. But now, I have millions of descendants…"

Wuzhi Qi looked at Xiang Liu with a dark face and said, "Who told you to like human girls and make…so many descendants?"

Xiang Liu twisted his neck and responded with a strange voice, "And you didn’t? Why do you have to pretend in front me?"

The two of them looked at each other in the eyes for a while, then subconsciously put their heads together and began whispering to each other. A while later, Wuzhi Qi asked in a low voice, "Do you think we should talk to Snake Xiu, that old thing too?"

Xiang Liu snorted coldly and responded in a low voice, "Snake Xiu is crude and rash, he can’t do detailed plans. See what he’s doing right now? Such a humiliation to all of us. Let him be, let him die. But Kun Peng, that guy is smart and cunning. We are all smart, and together, we might find a way of survival!"

Countless light spots drifted and spun in the hall. Xiang Liu and Wuzhi Qi believed that the Heaven and Earth great formation was supremely powerful, that no living creature could ever break into the heaven. Therefore, neither of them noticed a different glow shone on some of these light spots.

"Shh!" On the square, Man Man yelled in excitement, and Shaosi hurriedly covered Man Man’s mouth with her hand. Then, she straightened her forefinger before her lips. Man Man popped out her eyes, closed her mouth immediately and nodded carefully.

Ji Hao turned around and said to the group of people that followed behind him with a low voice, "Alright, be careful, everyone. In this place, dangers can be in everywhere. If we get too noisy, I’m afraid…"

Before Ji Hao finished his speech, a thunderous boom could be heard, and the ground vibrated slightly. In the distance, a great hall that belonged to the department of treasury quaked slightly. The golden roof tiles of the hall began shaking intensively, causing a series of clattering noises.

A bright and resonant voice shouted, "Kids, work harder! Haha, break this godforsaken door. For the treasures inside, there will be a share for you!"

Hissing loudly, that voice then continued proudly, "Idiots, this is the heaven, it’s guarded by the Heaven and Earth great formation! Who can possibly ruin our master’s plan? Why do we have to waste our time on taking turns guarding in the Divine Pivot Hall? Why don’t we just search for treasures?!"

"This is the heaven, fools! Even a pillar in this place can be enough for a million of your clansmen to live happily for hundreds of years if you can carry it down and turn it into jade coins. Hurry, hurry up! Open this bloody door, let’s see what’s inside!"

Ji Hao and the others glanced at each other, then hurriedly and carefully moved towards where the voice came from.

Hiding behind another hall and sneakily reaching his head out, Ji Hao saw Snake Xiu’s enormous body floating in midair, commanding thousands of warriors with black armors to smash the door of the hall with a giant golden pillar.

The door was incredibly heavy and thick. Thousands of warriors at the level of Magus Kings and above carried a three meters in radius golden pillar and smashed into the door over and over again. The entire hall was shaking while fire sparkles were sent up against the door. But the door showed no sign of opening.

Finally, Snake Xiu was enraged. He roared out, then kicked a few of his warriors flying away and carried that pillar up himself.