Chapter 942: Bringing Henggong Fish Under Control

The Magus Era

Chapter 942: Bringing Henggong Fish Under Control

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"Not this way, my friend!"

Henggong fish attempted to run, and Man Man, Shaosi, Feng Xing and Yu Mu didn’t manage to stop him timely. Nevertheless, Gui Ling swiftly darted up and showed up before Henggong fish’s face. The black ruyi held in her left hand transformed into a dark cloud, heavily smashing on Henggong fish’s head.

A thunderous bang and a dazzling puff of fire sparkle were generated. Gui Ling’s violent attack didn’t do any harm to Henggong fish, yet the strong impact force disabled him from steadying his body. It made him fall down from that fiery cloud, then take tens of heavy steps backward in a row.

Gui Ling’s eyes shone with a cold light as she chuckled and said, "My friend, what happened back then, we can finish it today."

Henggong fish raised his head. Along with a series of creaking noise, glowing-red scales grew out from his skin while his head turned into a hideous fishhead. Soon, Henggong fish transformed into a giant, red fish, standing on the ground like a man.

With his brightly sparkling eyes, the fish stared at Gui Ling for quite a while, then abruptly burst with an angry shout, "You! You evil woman! Back then, you forced me to guard your place and be your mount! But I, your master fish, have been free and happy all my life…"

Gui Ling snorted coldly, then interrupted him and said, "Aren’t you serving Gong Gong now? If I let you escape again today, I would be too ashamed to see anyone in the world! Big brother, sisters, please lend a hand!"

Po, Jin Ling, and Wu Dang flashed over with interest. The four of them stood in the north, south, west, and east, surrounding Henggong fish in the middle. Po’s eyes shone brightly as he stared at Henggong fish’s red scales and laughed, "Sister, you seem to be in a good mood, and my hands are quite itchy as well. Hehe, my sisters, do you see it? This Henggong fish’s scales have natural patterns of Dao hiding in them!"

Gui Ling, Jin Ling, and Wu Dang all had their eyes shining on hearing Po, while looking at Henggong fish from head to toe.

A while later, Wu Dang clapped her hands and laughed, "It’s true! This Henggong fish is indeed special. I didn’t know he has so many magical patterns of great Dao on his scales. No wonder he’s weapon-proof, that not even divine weapons can’t harm a hair of his."

Jin Ling gave a faint smile and said, "Getting him to be a mount or a guarding spirit beast, sister Gui Ling, you have indeed made a good choice."

On Henggong fish’s scales, layers of natural patterns of great Dao had formed numerous shield-shaped natural spell symbols, seeming to be especially strong and sturdy, even indestructible. With the power of these natural spell symbols of great Dao, Henggong fish was gifted with an extraordinary defensive power.

Gui Ling laughed while slightly waving the black ruyi held in her left hand. Mountain-heavy streams of water surged up and transformed into black lotuses, descending down toward Henggong fish.

Henggong fish was frozen, daring not to make any move.

Po, Gui Ling, Jin Ling and Wu Dang were the famous four disciples of Yu Yu. Back then, Gui Ling was alone, but still, she nearly chased Henggong fish to every corner of the world. Now, the sense of power released from Gui Ling was hundreds of times more powerful than before, but Henggong fish clearly knew that he hadn’t improved by much.

He couldn’t rival Gui Ling, but if he tried everything to escape, he might still have a chance. Nevertheless, at the moment, in addition to Gui Ling, he was also facing Po, Jin Ling and Wu Dang, who seemed to be even more terrifying than her. Henggong fish racked his brain and pondered for a while, helplessly realizing that he didn’t even have a chance to run under the current circumstances.

Seeing Gui Ling launch the move, Po said blandly, "Sister, let me try first."

While speaking, Po waved his hands. A pair of ancient styled swords appeared, being gripped by Po. The swords were covered in tortoiseshell patterns. Two sword light streams flashed across the air. No one on the scene managed to see Po’s moves clearly, but fire sparkles were already sent up against Henggong fish’s body.

As a long series of clangs was started, Po had already hacked on Henggong fish’s body thirty-six thousand times, within a blink of an eye. But even with Po’s power, and the pair of supreme-level ancient swords, Po failed to break Henggong fish’s scales.

Po put back the pair of swords in surprise, popped out his eyes and looked at Henggong fish. A while later, he praised, "Indeed, strong scales! For such a magical creature, it would be a shame if we kill him."

Henggong fish stared at Po with an extra miserable look. Just now, Po launched thirty-six-thousand hacks on him, but he couldn’t even see how Po did it. Although his scales had provided a solid defense that Po’s swords didn’t even leave a single mark on his body, Po’s sword power was similar to the power of Taisi’s Nail Head Seven Arrow Book, that didn’t hurt his body, but severely injured his soul.

The fish then had large streams of blood gushing out of his mouth, ears, eyes and nose.

Embarrassedly and bitterly, he laughed and said, "Your master fish…no, I, no, the poor little fish, back then, I was trapped in the North Sea as a poor little fish. Gong Gong saved me. Therefore, I swore to serve the Gong Gong Family. People…people…"

Henggong fish pitifully looked at Po and the others and said, "Besides, you killed Snake Xiu. He was my best friend. Now, you want me to serve you> Don’t you think it’s a bit unreasonable?"

Feng Xing squatted on the roof of a great hall in the distance, chuckled and said, "You can’t say this. Gong Gong betrayed the humankind. He is hurting all living creatures in the world. We obeyed the hearts and wills of nature and all living beings, and came to the heaven to stop you from causing a greater disaster…Snake Xiu helped Gong Gong n doing these evil things. We killed him because he deserved to die."

"Henggong fish, Snake Xiu had made too many mistakes. Death served him right." continued Feng Xing, "You’re also a dog of Gong Gong, and it would be totally reasonable if we kill you as well. You were supposed to die, but fortunately, our sister Gui Ling wanted to recruit you. You shall just obediently lower your head and do whatever she says. What are you still struggling for?"

Po smilingly nodded at Feng Xing. Feng Xing was smart and capable, also with a great communication skill, indeed adorable! Po truly wanted to invite Feng Xing to join the sect. But sadly, a part of Feng Xing’s bloodline came from the God-kind, for which reason, Yu Yu could not take him as a disciple.

Henggong fish showed the whites of his eyes. He quickly blinked his eyes and looked around. He wanted to run, but he couldn’t. He clearly understood that he could never escape from all these powerful beings. He wanted to give a desperate fight, but he was severely injured by Taisi and Po in a row. Therefore, he realized that the strong defensive power of his was enough for dealing with the other enemies, but was not good enough to fend himself from these terribly powerful ones.

Remaining silent for a while, Henggong fish suddenly shouted out loud, "Xiang Liu! You nine-headed bastard! Help! Help! I’m encircled! They want me to serve them like a horse! Help! Help me! The heaven and earth great formation, trigger it! Trigger it now!"

Following Henggong fish’s shout, dense seven-colored clouds speedily gathered in the sky above the treasury. Colorful bolts of lightning sizzled in the cloud, while a crushingly great pressure descended from the sky.

Gui Ling’s look slightly changed. "You chose the hard way! Good, I’ll take you, then punish you later!" growled Gui Ling harshly.

Turning around her right hand, Gui Ling took out the long gray streamer that Yu Yu borrowed from Priest Qing Wei. She gripped the long streamer and sightly waved. Countless streams of gray sword power immediately spurted out, roared and bumped into Henggong fish’s body.

Henggong fish screamed while a bright fiery light burst from his scales. Even the sword power released from Priest Qing Wei’s long streamer couldn’t harm a little bit of his body, but the Chaos sword intent pierced straight into his soul, bringing him a soul-deep pain.

Showing the whites of his eyes, Henggong fish fainted.

The tower floating above Po’s head shone with clear streams of light while countless colorful bolts of thunder struck down rumblingly.