Chapter 971: Go Alone

The Magus Era

Chapter 971: Go Alone

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Six hours later, Yao Meng arrived with his warriors. After the battle they fought together, Yao Meng and Ji Hao were good friends now.

Yao Meng left his army hundreds of miles away, then came to meet Ji Hao with a few trustworthy warrior commanders. Seeing the solid fortification upon the whirlpool, he couldn’t help but curse in a low voice.

"Damn it! Who the hell is this White Dragon River God? Why is he so rich?"

Yao Meng’s eyes had even turned green. He stared at those strong bows held in those aquatic creatures’ hands and couldn’t say a word. Si Water territory wasn’t rich. Therefore, Yao Meng’s army only had less than ten-thousand good-quality bows like this.

As a human earl, his armory wasn’t even as rich as the armory of a leader of aquatic creatures; this made Yao Meng quite unconformable.

"The one valued by Gong Gong sure has some abilities." Ji Hao had carefully scanned across White Dragon River with his spiritual power, and seen everything within the one million miles long section of this river.

White Dragon River basin was vast, surrounded by towering mountains, with very few human beings living in this area. Therefore, all valuable mines in this area became White Dragon River God’s private property. He had countless aquatic creatures working for him, and during the past countless years, he had taken immeasurably great amounts of valuable mineral resources from this area.

At the bottom of this rapidly flowing river, Ji Hao found over ten-thousand mine craters. Some were thousands of meters deep, and some rich magic crystal mines were dug to tens of thousands of meters deep.

By now, these empty mine craters had become the best parenting bases. These craters were now filled with aquatic plants, with countless rapidly-growling aquatic creatures living in. Large numbers of aquatic creatures gathered in these craters, doing nothing but eating and laying eggs.

Normally, a female human being could have one baby at a birth, but these aquatic creatures could lay tens, even hundreds of thousands of eggs at once. Wherever Ji Hao’s spirit power scanned across, he saw countless different sized eggs, and billions of aquatic creatures noisily fighting and devouring each other in those craters.

With such a giant number of aquatic creatures and all those mineral resources in this area, it was not so difficult for White Dragon River God to purchase all those weapons from the non-humankind, during the past hundreds of years.

Ji Hao told Yao Meng about his discovery. Yao Meng gasped in both anger and jealousy, and his expression was even a bit unnatural. If this core area of White Dragon River didn’t such a great defensive power, Yao Meng would have rushed up with his warriors to rob these rich aquatic creatures long ago.

Another day had passed. Si Wen Ming and the other few earls who were close to Ji Hao, left their armies and rushed over, each with a couple of guards.

Quickly greeting each other, these people came near the whirlpool and sneakily observed the defense of this area. After that, each one of them gasped in shock.

"This…is way too much!" said Si Wen Ming with a darkened face, "Back then, Emperor Xuanyuan said that the heaven is fallen, so Gods of mountains and rivers should be conferred by the human emperor. But before this was settled, Emperor Xuanyuan abdicated and left."

"This White Dragon River should be ruled by our humankind; all mineral resources should belong to our humankind!" Stomping his foot against the ground, Si Wen Ming continued with a tone of human suprematism while pointing at the flowing river and sneering.

Gnashing his teeth, Si Wen Ming snorted, "Now, all these rare mineral resources have been stolen by these evil creatures and sent to the non-humankind, traded for weapons to slaughter human beings. Such things can never happen again, ever!"

Ji Hao stared at the eighteen floating mountains with a gloomy look.

At night, the wind was cold and strong, blowing fiercely on these floating mountains. The eighteen floating mountains unsettlingly dragged the chains, letting out a buzzing noise.

Lamplights emerged on these floating mountains, which were the aquatic creatures patrolling with torches held in their hands. Lighthouses were built on these flowing mountains, with a magical type of glowing pearl placed in. During night time, those pearls released a bright glow, gathered into a white-dragon-like strong stream of light by well-polished large seashells, then sent into all directions.

The snow-white, cold light flashed across the air, and made the surrounding area even brighter than daytime. Wherever the white light reached, everything seemed to become transparent. Ji Hao and the others surprisingly found that this white light could reach into the rock for hundreds of meters deep, and all bugs and worms hiding deeply underground could be seen clearly under this light.

"Shall we just attack, or…?" Looking at the strong defensive line, Si Wen Ming asked while moving his forefinger across his neck.

When he asked the question, his look was serious, and his tone was heavy.

Unlike those weak and fragile aquatic creatures which were slaughtered by human armies in the past month, this water-kind army under White Dragon River God’s command was apparently raised by Gong Gong himself, with great efforts. In terms of morals, disciplines, and equipment, this army was totally different from the other water-kind armies.

Elites of the enemy should be destroyed as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the endless reinforcement mentioned by the large toad truly arrived, things would get out of control.

However, the White Dragon River Army was so strong, and if Ji Hao and the others truly launched a frontal attack, how many human warriors would be sacrificed?

The other earls who came along with Si Wen Ming all showed bitterness on their faces. They looked at those eighteen floating mountains and fell into speechlessness. Because of the flood, all their territories had suffered great losses in terms of warriors and clansmen, and their clans were weakened largely as well.

Launching a frontal attack to this core area of White Dragon River with a tired army, the result might not be good.

"Uncle Wen Ming, let me go in and take a look the first!" Ji Hao remained silent for a while, pondered carefully then began talking, "If anything truly harmful to our humankind is in there, I will destroy it, even by risking my own life. If nothing important is in there, we can simply encircle this area without launching attacks."

Ji Hao continued in a deep voice, "We can’t let our brothers die under those bows, can we? They all have parents and relatives. Besides, how many years have they spent to cultivate themselves into elites? If the casualty gets too big, I’d be sad too."

The other earls nodded, looking at Ji Hao with warmth and kindness.

Ji Hao smiled, and before SI Wen Ming could say anything to stop him, the golden bridge flew out from between Ji Hao’s eyebrows. This time, no glow was emitted from the golden bridge. Instead, it transformed into a gust of wind, wrapped Ji Hao up and silently merged with the blowing wind. It airily flew towards the giant whirlpool under the eighteen floating mountains.

Within a few breaths, Ji Hao reached the whirlpool. He carefully observed it to see if there were any other traps in it, then covered the sense of power released from his body with the Pan Xi divine mirror and carefully leaped in.