Chapter 980: The Real Purpose

The Magus Era

Chapter 980: The Real Purpose

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Yemo Tian put on a dragon-scale tight armor, which was often used by Northern Wasteland clan. He wore a dragon-skin helmet, with a long blood-red tassels covered in glowing spell symbols hanging down from the top, covering the closed erect eye between his eyebrows. Then, he picked up an ancient styled long spear made from dragon bones, and rushed out of the heaven while laughing out wildly.

The few guards of Yemo Tian put on human armors as well, chucklingly and carelessly following behind Yemo Tian, and left as well.

Gong Gong carefully selected a troop of Wuzhi Qi’s descendants. Nearly ten-thousand water apes were armed to the teeth, each holding a large stick, and followed behind Yemo Tian while showing their teeth. They escorted him out of the heaven, heading towards White Dragon River.

Yemo Tian insisted on going to White Dragon River to see what was happening. Dishi Tian failed to dissuade him, while Gong Gong was still confused. Gong Gong didn’t try to stop Yemo Tian. On the contrary, he arranged an escorting troop for Yemo Tian and let him head to White Dragon River to do whatever he wanted.

The rolling cloud outside the gate of the heaven gradually stopped moving. All of a sudden, Gong Gong turned around and reached his hand towards Dishi Cha’s chest.

Dishi Cha transformed into a misty blood-red shadow, flashed backward across the air and left hazy shreds of afterimage behind. Next, Dishi Cha reappeared hundreds of meters away, unhappily stared at Gong Gong and said, "If you have something to say, just say it. Do not get physical!"

Gong Gong’s fingers trembled slightly, then he forcibly restrained his complicated emotion, narrowed his eyes, and stared at Dishi Cha for a long while. Finally, he gnashed his teeth and asked, "What you said just now, what does it mean?"

Dishi Cha clearly knew what Gong Gong was going to ask, but because of the symbolic pride and hypocrisy of Yu Clan nobles, he spread his arms and smilingly threw the question back, "My old friend, what do you mean by that? Is there any question? Haven’t we been working perfectly together?"

Gong Gong shouted with his teeth gnashed, "Our Plan!"

"Ah…" Dishi Cha nodded as if he was suddenly enlightened, then grinningly said, "Is there any problem with our plan? Hasn’t our plan been running well? See, the twelve new worlds are connected, and the plan is irreversible. Neither those disgusting useless clansmen of mine nor those human leaders that you want to replace, can stop us now."

Taking a deep breath, Dishi Cha raised his arms high, looked at the sky, and laughed passionately and dramatically, "Ah, my great, supreme Blood Moon, old friend, we spent hundreds of years to make this great plan. Now, the beautiful flowers have bloomed on it, and soon, we can expect tasty fruits!"

Gong Gong gave a deep yet resonant growl, then stomped his foot heavily against the ground.

At the moment, the entire heaven was under Gong Gong’s control. Once he was angry, all defensive magic formations in the heaven were activated. Countless bolts of thunder flashed across the sky, followed by rumbling thunders. The ground was shaking intensely, while numerous enormous totem pillars, decorated with embossments of thunder, wind and cloud, began glowing dazzlingly one after another.

A terrifying pressure landed on Dishi Cha. River Earl, Wuzhi Qi, Kun Peng and the other senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command walked over together, staring at Dishi Cha fiercely. They seemed ready to rush straight up and attack him if he said anything unpleasant to hear.

Dishi Cha brought quite a lot trusted people to the heaven. Seeing Gong Gong show an intent to turn against Dishi Cha, these Yu Clan nobles in luxurious armors all pulled out their weapons. Tsunami-like power vibrations were released from their bodies, judging from which, these Yu Clan warriors were from different branches of Yu Clan.

Seeing these non-humankind warriors dare even to show their weapons, countless surrounding water-kind elite warriors rushed up. Elite warriors from the most powerful ten Northern Wasteland clans silently formed attack formations. Some powerful Maguspriests flew up into the sky, and easily created a massive wave of dark clouds with rumbling thunders.

"Ah, ah, my friend, don’t be angry." Dishi Cha finally took back that fake smile, looked at Gong Gong seriously and said with a deep voice, "Alright, I get your point. What I can tell you is that, as I said before, our plan is designed for Lord Yemo Tian. Everything is for Lord Yemo Tian!"

Gong Gong even had smoke puffing out from his eyes because of the rage. He gave a thunder-like roar, pointed at Dishi Cha, seeming to almost curse out loud. But Dishi Cha hurriedly gave a big grin and began explaining.

"No, no, it’s not what you think, my dear old friend, dear Water God. I am not going to violate our contract. All human beings in Pan Gu world will worship you and become your devoutest believers. The power of faith from them will make you the owner of Pan Gu world! As we agreed, their souls will belong to you."

"But their bodies will belong to Lord Yemo Tian. They will become Lord Yemo Tian’s slaves, and Lord Yemo Tian will be their only owner. They will grow food, pasture livestock, log thees, build cities, exploit mines, smelt metals, smith weapons and armors…They will even arm themselves and become Lord Yemo Tian’s private slave warriors."

"This is not conflicting with what we’ve agreed, is it? The bodies belong to me while the souls belong to you! As for the resources of Pan Gu world, according to our agreement, all resources in this world surely should belong to me, as my reward, for helping you occupy the world. Isn’t that right?

Gong Gong remained silent for a while, then gnashed his teeth, pointed at the heaven gate and said, "So, Yemo Tian, such a young man, he…!"

Dishi Cha smiled and said blandly, "Indeed, Lord Yemo Tian is at a young age. But, his father is an extremely noble and powerful man. I chose to follow that man’s lead, so I earned my current position. Because of my background, I was chosen by that nobleman to be the executor of this top-secret great plan."

While shrugging, Dishi Cha continued in that bland tone, "My old friend, I am only an executor. The final harvest will go to Lord Yemo Tian!"

Throwing a complicated glance at Gong Gong, Dishi Cha sneered and said, "Otherwise, as a man given birth by the second wife of a member of Di Family, which was a branch of Dishi Family, without any supporter nor anyone to rely on, how could I ever pass that scary life and death trial? Why could I become a supervisor, and successfully return to Pan Gu world?"

"Without the power of that great man, do you think I could stay safe and alive after I made so many disturbances?"

Dishi Cha pointed at the sky and carried on seriously, "The power and strength of that great man are beyond your imagination! Gong Gong, one day, you might be able to leave Pan Gu world and travel around the universe. At that point, you will hear the noble name of that great man."

Remaining silent for a while, Gong Gong said with a cold voice, "Yemo Tian is his…?"

Dishi Cha laughed, in a weird, strange way.

Laughing for a while, he mildly responded, "Ah, Lord Yemo Tian is that great man’s most beloved son. Of course, Lord Yemo Tian, Yemo Shanye and Yemo Luoye, the emperor in power of Dark Sun, are given birth by the same mother. But for some reason, that you can easily guess, Lord Yemo Tian and the two girls don’t have the same father!"

Gong Gong’s face turned so dark. What a complicated relationship!

And he, was actually going to work for Yemo Tian, who had such a such a complicated family background!