Chapter 1023: The Fight Never Stopped

The Magus Era

Chapter 1023: The Fight Never Stopped

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In the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, on the river bend nearest to Ji Hao in the winding river, the water-kind spirit creature standing on the back of the enormous turtle showed his teeth menacingly. He pointed his finger at Ji Hao and said, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, from now on, you should respect our water-kind. If you are willing to be my slave, I might give you some meat to eat!"

High up in the sky, on a large star, another water-kind spirit creature, who had been holding a sparkling long streamer and remaining motionless, laughed out loud as well, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, you are so famous nowadays. We’ve been hearing your name all the time! But, you have to surrender to fate!"

On another star, a spirit creature with a turtle body and a dragon head grinned, releasing a few frigid streams of mist from his mouth, "Indeed, you have to learn to surrender to fate. Lord Gong Gong has planned for over a thousand years. This Pan Gu world will eventually become a world of boundless water, and our water-kind will become the owner of this world. As for your humankind, you are destined to work for us, serve us, and be our food!"

A muscular, enormous spirit creature, who had a strong power vibration releasing from him, abruptly dropped the sparkling long streamer held in his hand, and leaped down from his star. He trod on a cloud, drifting down hundreds of meters from Ji Hao. He looked at Ji Hao, and provokingly wielded his fist.

A taunting look showed in his fierce eyes, as this spirit creature pointed at Ji Hao and laughed, "Come over here, kneel under my feet, lick my palm! Hehe, if you lick well, I can kindly take you as a slave of mine. From now on, as long as I have something to eat, you can always get some soup."

From between Ji Hao’s eyebrows, a clear stream of light suddenly spurted out. Without Kun Peng controlling the whole great formation, these water-kind spirit creatures, who had been taunting and teasing Ji Hao, didn’t manage to react timely. Ji Hao transformed into a clear beam of light and brushed across the spirit creature on a cloud.

He gripped the hilt of the Taiji divine sword reversely and let the sword edge gently slice across the neck of that enormous spirit creature.

The body of this spirit creature was thickly covered in bronze dragon scales. As the sword edge swept across his water-tank-thick neck, that neck was cut off as easily as cutting a piece of tofu. The extremely negative power was as cold as ice, softly drilling into this spirit creature’s body.

The cutting edge on the neck was as smooth as a mirror, and no blood was squeezed out. The large head of this creature thudded on the ground. ‘Pop’, the head exploded, and turned into a pile of white colored fine ice crystals. The soul of this creature was frozen and destroyed by the extremely negative power as well. Not even a slight trace of his soul managed to escape.

"I am Earl Yao Ji Hao. I can’t free myself from this He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, but it doesn’t mean that you pieces of sh*t can do whatever you want in front of me." Ji Hao sent the golden bridge back into his body, then raised the Taiji divine sword high. The clear stream of light flew around his body, with some faintly visible, mysterious spell symbols sparkling in it.

"Your water-kind beings will become the owners of this world? For the fact that you said something like this, after the flood is controlled for good, I will suggest the human emperor to gather the force of the entire humankind and slaughter all water-kind beings in the world!" The intent of killing burned in Ji Hao’s heart like a raging fire, as he said word by word, "From this day on, the humankind and the kind of spirit creatures are enemies!"

The group of water-kind spirit creature were shocked by Ji Hao’s cruelty and fierceness, daring not to make any other sound.

The one killed by Ji Hao just now had cultivated himself severely for tens of thousands of years, and was as powerful as peak-level Divine Magi. He was a famous high-grade warrior commander among the water-kind armies leading by Gong Gong, and had always been a fierce and violent one. Back in the Northern Wasteland, people would even mention his name to scare their children and stop them from crying loudly.

Nevertheless, such a strong spirit creature was actually killed by Ji Hao with such a quick sword move!

"Kill him!" In the sky, tens of water-kind spirit creatures standing on stars roared in rage. They wielded those sparkling long steamers as quickly as they could, allowing those large stars to dazzle in the sky. Streams of starlight poured down and struck straight to Ji Hao like shooting stars.

On the winding river, spirit creatures standing on the backs of the nine enormous turtles began incanting a spell together, making the river water surge and raise roaring waves. The air around Ji Hao turned heavy and sticky, as he felt like he was being soaked in glue, barely able to move. Meanwhile, a mighty pressure came from all directions, seeming to crush him.

Ji Hao sat down on the ground, crossed his legs, and put the Taiji divine sword on his knees, pressed his hands on the sword, without moving at all.

The Pan Gu bell floated above his head, sending down the Chaos power to protect Ji Hao. No matter how much power the great formation released, it could only stir the Chaos power, without harming even a hair of Ji Hao.

The Taiji Universe mirror released a bright clear light and wrapped around the misty starlight coming from the sky. Those misty starlight streams disappeared without a trace, then suddenly reappeared from behind those water-kind spirit creatures, who had been waving their long streamers. It struck on the heads of these spirit creatures without giving them a chance to react, sweeping them off their feet.

"Idiots!" Ji Hao looked at these water-kind spirit creatures who suffered their own strike and snorted coldly.

From the large round-shaped light screen above his head, Ji Hao saw the Jade Earthworm and Dragon Wolf King crazily attacking Si Xi. Jade Earthworm largely opened his mouthpart and sent out a hurricane that wrapped Si Xi up. He couldn’t drag any life-force out of Si Xi’s body, but he did slow Si Xi down largely.

Dragon Wolf King opened his wide jaws, as purely dark, crescent-shaped, sharp streams of power swished out, almost shattering the yellow mist shield created by the thousand-mountain shield. Si Xi had been trying his best to draw power from the star inside his body. However, he could only barely maintain the yellow mist shield. Those dark crescent-shaped power streams nearly broke the thousand-mountain shield many times and injured his body.

Jade Earthworm laughed out wildly, "Si Xi, both the thousand-mountain shield and the Valley Thorn are supreme treasures from the heaven, and are unimaginably powerful. However, only true divine Gods can release all of their powers. But you, you can only trigger fifty percent of their powers at most!"

While attacking Si Xi violently, Dragon Wolf King roared and said, "Si Xi, if you had truly merged with that real star inside you and attained all the power which should belong to a star king, we might be a little bit afraid of you. But you’re a still a new Supreme Magus. How much of the star power you can use? What percentage? Ten? Twenty?"

A muffled roar came from underground. Within the area three to four thousand miles in radius, rock layers rose, and then were crushed into ashes by a dreadful and violent force.

An incomparably huge cockroach slowly climbed up to the ground. The spirit creature power released by it even cracked the earth, leaving countless huge cracks on the ground. Fei’lian King screamed thunderously, then his huge body began shrinking. It turned hundreds of miles long within a few breaths, and next, transformed into a muscular man with a purely dark skin.

Fei’lian King roared again at the sky, then grabbed a towering mountain, carried on his shoulder, and rushed towards Si Xi with big steps. Fei’lian King didn’t know how to cast magic. Instead, he was all about strength. Rushing to Si Xi, he raised the mountain and smashed down on him.

Followed by a thunderous bang, under the joined attack launched by Fei’lian King and Dragon Wolf King, the yellow mist shield collapsed. Si Xi’s wrist shook, then the large ten-thousand mountain shield was sent hundreds of miles away, followed by a yellow stream of light.

Before Si Xi could do anything else, Fei’lian King picked up the mountain and smashed into his chest, denting it while causing a thunderous series of bone cracking noise. Si Xi growled in rage, raised the Valley Thorn with his right hand and swung, whipping on Fei’lian King’s head and crushed a half of it.

In the next moment, a green silhouette dashed over, heavily bumping on Si Xi’s spine.

Si Xi shouted in pain, bending his body with a strange posture.