Chapter 1024: Forced to Bet with Life

The Magus Era

Chapter 1024: Forced to Bet with Life

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
What bumped on Si Xi’s back was a seven to eight miles long, slim and a green toad.

This toad’s skin was thickly covered in sparkling red light and loop-shaped speckles. With a single glimpse, one would know that this toad was a rare, highly poisonous one.

"Ms. Green Toad, great job!"

Standing on a dark cloud, Kun Peng gave a fake smile and said, "People, I’ve given you what you wanted. Are you no better than Ms. Green Toad, a woman? Do it together now, kill Si Xi. In the future, each one of you will have a good position in the heaven."

The green toad grunted, then opened her jaws and let out red and blue, weirdly glowing streams of poisonous mist that quickly enveloped Si Xi’s entire body.

Si Xi’s chest was dented, and his spine was broken. He tightened his body up and let his hollow chest swell back up, while his broken spine healed in an instant. Next, he stomped his foot on the ground and made the earth buzz. Dense yellow mist rolled in the air and rushed in from all directions, landing on his body and transforming into a thick yellow armor.

A full armor covered Si Xi’s body, then the yellow-colored earth power continued gathering towards him. This heavy and thick armor turned more and more clear and crystal-like, and soon became as transparent as a real crystal.

Ms. Green Toad had just let out a mouthful of poisonous mist, and before she could leap away, Si Xi wielded the Valley Thorn with his right hand, creating a ten-mile wide hole under Ms. Green Toad’s feet. A dreadfully great gravity force transformed into a blue light and shone from the deep hole. It gripped Ms. Green Toad’s body and dragged her down into the bottomless hole.

Si Xi burst with a great growl, then the ground folded back together. A strange rumbling noise came from underground, while Ms. Green Toad’s raging curse could be faintly heard.

Jade Earthworm suddenly drilled into the ground, making it quake. In the following moment, layers of rock around Si Xi shattered, as Jade Earthworm’s enormous head reached out of the ground while spraying white mist, with Ms. Green Toad carried on that head. Ms. Green Toad was now covered in wounds.

Ms. Green Toad threw a vicious glance at Si Xi, then opened her mouth and let out a three-hundred meters wide, green bead.

The bead was surrounded by coiling green mist, striking down towards Si Xi’s head along with a streak of light. The green mist around the bead slightly touched Si Xi’s earth power armor, but a large area of armor instantly turned light-green from dark-yellow, then turned into fine sand and dispersed off.

Followed by a muffled bang, the bead struck on Si Xi’s head, immediately covering Si Xi’s face with a thin layer of green mist. He staggered slightly, and couldn't help but take two steps backward. Even the air he breathed out was faintly green.

"Now! Move! Kill him together!" Kun Peng’s face was even twitching in excitement, "A human Supreme Magus! Since the era of Emperor Fu Xi, no human Supreme Magus has ever died! If you kill Si Xi today, your fame will last for thousands of years. Generation after generation, you will be worshipped by all spirit creatures!"

Fei’lian King roared hoarsely while he largely opened his mouth. Two shining tusks fell off from his mouth and transformed into a pair of machetes, being gripped in his hands. Like a crazy devil, Fei’lian King violently pounced on Si Xi, while the pair of machetes hacked on Si Xi’s body, leaving sharp shreds of afterimages in the air.

Si Xi didn’t have the time the retrieve the thousand-mountain shield. Therefore, he could only take all the attacks with that earth power armor worn by him now. Wherever the pair of machetes reached, long cracks appeared on the yellow armor, while Si Xi was continuously forced back by Fei’lian King’s strangely humongous strength. A bone cracking noise constantly came out of Si Xi’s body, while large streams of green blood spurted out of his mouth.

Dragon Wolf King laughed maliciously, largely opened his mouth, and sent out a massive wave of sharp, crescent power stream. A dark tornado was generated by these dark crescent power streams, sweeping across the area. The nature of these dark crescent power stream was unknown, but without a doubt, they were incredibly sharp and highly corrosive. Si Xi’s armor was cut into pieces, while sharp dark crescent power streams brushed across his body, leaving thin yet deep wounds on him.

Jade Earthworm opened his mouthpart and let out a strong gust of wind that surrounded Si Xi’s body. Drops of blood squeezed out from Si Xi’s wounds, all being swallowed by Jade Earthworm.

Another thunderous roar could be heard as a not so huge crack appeared on the ground, from which, a bright blue, enormous aquatic centipede dashed out. The body of this aquatic centipede had over three-thousand sections, each section having a sharp pair of blade-like feet.

This aquatic centipede had a dragon head, and was only around a hundred meters thick. But, it was over ninety-thousand meters long. Blue venom had been spurting out of the huge mouth of this aquatic centipede. This aquatic centipede flew swiftly, transformed into a long blue streak of light and dazzling across the sky. Its thousands of sharp feet brought up frigid beams of light, fiercely cutting on Si Xi’s body.

A series of puffing noise could be heard without an end, while those highly poisonous, dagger-like feet sank deep into Si Xi’s body and dragged large pieces of skin and flesh off his body. Si Xi growled at the sky, as a blue starlight broke out from his body. The poisons sent into his body by Ms. Green Toad and the blue centipede were forced out by the heavy star power, and next, the gravity force around Si Xi’s body was suddenly raised by thousands of times. Even the space was crushed by the suddenly raised gravity force.

Along with a series of cracking noise, Jade Earthworm, Fei’lian King, Ms. Green Toad, the blue centipede and the other few Chaos monsters had their heads thudded on the ground simultaneously. The suddenly changed gravity force didn’t give them any time to react, and they all fell to the ground quite embarrassedly. Before these few Chaos monsters stood back up, Kun Peng suddenly swung his arm forward and threw out a meteor hammer. The meteor hammer stirred up a fierce gale and violently smashed on the back of Si Xi’s head, making him stumble and press down to the ground.

"Do it! Together! What’re you waiting for?!" Kun Peng waved his arms and screamed, "Kill Si Xi! Cut his stomach open! I’ve always been wondering that human Magi take real stars into their bodies with ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation, but what do those stars look like in their bellies?"

A thunderous growl came from a distance. Another Chaos monster merged with the divine talisman. As the spirit creature power released from this Chaos monster gradually turned divine, this faintly glowing, purple and golden creature shattered thick layers of rock and rose from underground.

This enormous creature looked like a belt fish, with tens of transparent fins on both sides of its body. His saw-shaped mouthpart was filled with sharp teeth, and from time to time, electric bolts flashed across his body. From far away, he looked at Si Xi, opened his mouthpart and sent out dragon-like bolts of lightning, striking at Si Xi along with a thunderous noise.

Inside the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, Ji Hao sat on the ground with his teeth gnashed, looking at those Chaos monsters attacking Si Xi.

Obviously, Si Xi was about to lose it. Indeed, Si Xi was a Supreme Magus now, but after all, he was a newly promoted Supreme Magus. At this stage, he couldn’t yet control all the powers of the star inside his body. In comparison with these Chaos monsters, Si Xi was weaker in both terms of power and experience.

Furthermore, Si Xi was attacked by a group of Chaos monsters together, and it was already impressive for Si Xi to come so far.

Right behind Si Xi were Man Man, Shaosi and the others…If anything happened to Si Xi, they would be the next to die.

"You have forced me…He Tu, Luo Shu, you’re called supreme magic treasures, and supreme magic treasures should have souls…"

"Do you dare to make a bet with your lives?"

Ji Hao slowly took out all destructive magic talismans and magic thunder bombs he had. These were given by Priest Dachi for the life-and-death game in Pan Xi world, but Ji Hao didn’t use them all in Pan Xi world. While speaking, Ji Hao put all these magic talismans and bombs neatly on the ground.