Chapter 1025: Supreme Magic Treasures Have Souls

The Magus Era

Chapter 1025: Supreme Magic Treasures Have Souls

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
Those water-kind spirit creatures who had been crazily attacking Ji Hao with the power of the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation stopped simultaneously, staring at those magic talismans and magic thunder bombs in front of Ji Hao, as if those were ghosts from hell.

These spirit creatures were as powerful as peak-level Divine Magi. In order to reach this level, they had cultivated themselves for at lease ten-thousand years. Therefore, these spirit creatures were all knowledgeable and experienced. All these magic talismans and magic thunder bombs made by Priest Dachi seemed to be ordinary at first glance, but if one looked closer, every single one of these pieces placed on the ground by Ji Hao had been releasing a strong yet restrained power of Dao. As these spirit creatures released their spirit powers and scanned across these magic talismans and thunder bombs, a fear arose from the deepest areas of their souls.

That dreadful feeling reminded them of their infancy, when they were little weak spirit creature living in the wildness. During thunderstorm days, they could only hide in their nests, listening to the thunders rumbling above their heads, that seemed ready to strike them to death at any time.

Like a bottomless chasm, like a vast ocean, that immeasurable terror threw them into despair.

Standing on stars, those water-kind spirit creatures had cold sweat flowing down from their foreheads. How scary was this? Just now, if they didn’t stop attacking Ji Hao timely, and if a slight stream of starlight touched any of those magic talismans and thunder bombs, all those talismans and thunder bombs might get detonated. Without a doubt, once these things were detonated, they would definitely be all blown into ashes.

As for Ji Hao…

Ji Hao was protected by the Pan Gu bell. Even the He Tu and Luo Shu great magic formation couldn’t do any harm to him, so these things surely wouldn’t be able to hurt even a hair of his either.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao, you, where did you…" A crocodile-shaped spirit creature, whose skin was thickly covered in pimples, pointed his finger at those magic talismans and thunder bombs and stuttered in both fear and greediness, "These treasures, where did you get them?"

Ji Hao pressed his hands on the Taiji Divine sword, flicked his finger and tinkled the sword edge, making a silvery sound. Without taking even a glance at these water-kind spirit creatures, Ji Hao continued, "He Tu, Luo Shu, since you’re both supreme magic treasures, you should be able to hear me speaking. In my sect, Priest Dachi is my elder uncle, Priest Qing Wei is my younger uncle, and my Shifu…"

"Priest Yu Yu…" Abruptly, an old and hoarse voice came from an unknown source, "That one always gave us headaches. Is he your Shifu?"

All those water-kind spirit creatures who had been controlling the great formation leaped straight up. In a great panic, they looked around while shouting in shock. He Tu and Luo Shu were two supreme magic treasures cherished by Kun Peng for countless years. Kun Peng hadn’t gained full control over these two treasures. Therefore, he always needed these water-kind spirit creatures to help him control the He Tu and Luo Shu great magic formation that he created based on those two treasures.

It had been many years since this great formation was created. These water-kind spirit creatures had helped Kun Peng control this great formation hundreds of times, but they never heard such a voice from the great formation.

This He Tu and Luo Shu great formation wasn’t really under their full control. This made cold sweat gush out of the back of these proud and arrogant water-kind spirit creatures instantly. A bad feeling struck them suddenly.

"Priest Yu Yu is my Shifu." Ji Hao slowly stood up, gripped the hilt of the Taiji divine sword with both hands and pointed the sword tip to the ground. Coldly, he continued, "You know him, perfect…His temper…You know what I mean?"

Remaining silent for a while, that old and hoarse voice sighed heavily and said, "These magic talismans, thunder bombs, Priest Dachi made these, didn’t he?"

Ji Hao nodded and responded with a deep voice, "Do you think these magic talismans and thunder bombs made by my elder under can damage this great formation and harm you two? Or…What if I risk losing everything and make a greater bet with you?"

Gnashing his teeth, Ji Hao took out the golden bridge, Taiji Creation cauldron, and Taiji Universe mirror.

Pointing at these supreme pieces, which had been releasing strong power vibrations, Ji Hao said in that deep and cold voice of his, "I can bear lose everything… If I make these treasures destroy themselves…"

A silvery voice came, interrupted him in a slightly taunting and scornful tone, "Not a single pre-world supreme magic treasure will ever destroy itself…Supreme treasures can recognize you as their owners, can help you fight your enemies, but are you saying that you want magic treasures like us to destroy ourselves? Hehe, I doubt it. Do you really think you’re powerful enough to do that?"

Ji Hao coughed. He didn’t know which one of these two voices belonged to He Tu and which one belonged to Luo Shu. While coughing, Ji Hao boosted up the powers of the few treasures as much as he could, then said, "Maybe you won’t destroy yourself, but these treasures of mine definitely will…Because they’re not naturally crafted, they’re artificial…They haven’t yet had souls. Therefore, I can easily make them destroy themselves with a single thought of mine!"

The two voices remained silent for a long while, then the old and hoarse one began talking, "Make pre-world treasures with after-world powers? This…Hmm, this sense of power is familiar… Are these his works? Did he make these for you? You…You’re indeed valued by them."

That silvery voice also turned lower, sounding a bit weak, "More importantly, you’re Priest Yu Yu’s disciple…Eh, even if you Shifu wasn’t Yu Yu, the other two, and the one behind them, all not easy to deal with."

Ji Hao said in a deep voice, "I’m not demanding too much. I only want you to open the great formation and let me go."

The two voices responded almost simultaneously, "Let you go…Fine. But, Kun Peng forcibly cultivated us for countless years, and a small half of our true spirit is now under his control. If you can destroy the true spirit seal he left inside us, anything can be negotiable."

Before these two voices faded, a black and white sphere of mist silently emerged. Inside the mist was a vast body water, and in the water was an enormous fish. It was drifting along the waves, letting out bright roars from time to time that sounded like dragon roars.

Above the head of this enormous fish, a hundreds of miles long, unfolded scroll floated. On the scroll, countless great rivers were coiling around each other. Ji Hao only cast a glimpse at the scroll, but he could already barely remain standing, as if violent waves had slapped on him.

"You have Priest Dachi’s magic talismans, perfect!" said He Tu and Luo Shu together, "Destroy this true spirit seal left by Kun Peng for us, along with this ‘ten-thousand streams scroll’ that he used for controlling us. You set us free, and we send you out!"

A cold light sparkled in Ji Hao’s eyes as he said, "Not enough. You trapped me in here for so long, and made Minister Si Xi suffer so many severe injuries…You also have to trap those Chaos monsters for me."

Remaining silent for a while, He Tu and Luo Shu responded together, "Only for once…You don’t even think about us recognizing you as our owner!"

Ji Hao smilingly raised his head, nodded to those dumbfounded spirit creature, and said, "Only for once, you trap those Chaos monsters for me, then everything can be negotiated. Minister Si Xi and I will deal with Kun Peng together."

He Tu and Luo Shu laughed out loud, then the black and white mist dissipated slowly, exposing Kun Peng’s true spirit seal.