Chapter 1026: A Great Reversal

The Magus Era

Chapter 1026: A Great Reversal

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh
Feather Mountain, under the sub-water-sealing magic formation which was built with breathing earth, Si Xi had been gasping quickly, and his body was covered in blood.

He was wounded severely, over and over again. But with the power of the real star inside him, he healed himself every time. Si Xi had already boosted his power up to an extreme degree, but still failed to fend off all attacks launched by those Chaos monsters. Not to mention the fact that Kun Peng had been standing aside, staring at him all the time. Just now, he threw out a meteor hammer that broke Si Xi’s skull, and nearly knocked him out. By now, Si Xi paid a small half of his attention on Kun Peng, in case he launched any other sneak attacks.

Kun Peng held his hands in his sleeves, proudly looking at another two Chaos monsters merge with their divine talismans, dispelling their evil spirit creature power and turning into true Gods of this world to join the fight against Si Xi.

As long as these Chaos monsters killed Si Xi, and had their hands stained by Si Xi’s blood, they could no longer hesitate. They would be having no choice but to follow Gong Gong to the end obediently.

These Chaos monsters…To be honest, Kun Peng despised them.

What Chaos monsters? What powerful creatures born before the time? All bullsh*t!

What terrifying evil beings? Who had joined the great war against Saint Pan Gu? They were just bragging!

If they were truly that great, why did they all hide after the prehistorical era ended? Why didn’t they dare to show your real faces to people in this world? Ultimately, wasn’t that because they weren’t powerful enough? Kun Peng was a part of the first batch of living creatures in Pan Gu world. Back in the prehistorical era, he indeed wasn’t as powerful as these Chaos monsters, but how was the situation now?

At present, he was the head of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command. Back in the Northern Wasteland, no one could command him but Gong Gong. He was worshiped by billions of people; he held power over those people’s lives and properties, and he could have anything he wanted.

These Chaos monsters, their fame was way bigger than their powers. If Gong Gong didn’t insist on getting them involved, Kun Peng wouldn’t even think about inviting these evil creatures to join the team. But of course, Kun Peng could understand some of Gong Gong’s thoughts. It was nothing but the game of powers, methods to achieve balance.

While scornfully laughing, Kun Peng proudly raised his head and looked at the sky.

As for those plans of Gong Gong, Kun Peng believed that he had seen through all of those plans and calculations. After all, Kun Peng had lived for so many years, but how old was Gong Gong? Kun Pen had served tens of generations of Gong Gong already. Speaking of plans and calculations, how many people in the world could ever be compared with him, Kun Peng?

Back then, if he didn’t owe Gong Gong Family that much and be forced to make a blood oath to serve Gong Gong Family till the end of the day, how could Kun Peng ever be willing to stay under Gong Gong’s command?

"But, who am I? Even though you’re now working with those non-humankind beings, even though you have now gotten all these ancient evil beings involved, I will still get every everything I deserve, everything."

Kun Peng laughed proudly. No matter what Gong Gong wanted, no matter what Pan Gu world would become, all in all, he, Kun Peng, would definitely be able to gain the richest part of the ultimate accomplishment,. This was the great confidence that Kun Peng raised in the past countless years. It had been so many centuries, but when had Kun Peng ever suffered or been deceived?

Except for the fact that earlier today, he was almost smashed to death by someone…

Curving his mouth corners down, Kun Peng rubbed his back, where he could still feel a dull pain from. He gnashed his teeth and cursed. Priest Hua and Priest Mu, those two, it was better not to offend them…But it was hard to say though. Once Gong Gong achieved his goal, and when the ownership of this world shifted, he would naturally get a chance to take his revenge.

Dong! Tusk Sandfly King, who had just transformed into a man shape, turned his pair of arms into a pair of huge machetes and hacked on Si Xi’s back. The pair of long sawtooth machetes dragged Si Xi’s spine out of his body. Blood splashed, while Si Xi roared in pain. The few Chaos monsters rushed up together and launched a crazy wave of attacks on Si Xi, while letting the Valley Thorn whip on their faces.

Si Xi clenched his teeth and fought without taking a single step back, suffering all violent attacks, protecting Man Man and the others with his body. Man Man and the others were still asleep. Si Xi wielded the Valley Thorn and tried his best to defend. But still, Ms. Green Toad made a bite on his right lower leg. A small half of his leg bone was corroded and softened by the venom. The bone broke, and Si Xi’s knee thudded on the ground.

"Kill!" Fei’lian King wielded a machete of his, launching three hacks on Si Xi’s neck in a row.

The first hack broke his armor, the second hack made into his muscle, and the third hack broke his bones. Three hacks in a row, Si Xi’s head was almost sent flying into the sky. Si Xi growled in pain, as a blood-red light flashed across his neck. The strong life-force of his healed his wound immediately once again.

Straightening the Valley Thorn, Si Xi lunged it like a spear. Fei’lian King howled in pain as the Valley Thorn penetrated his body. Sticky blood gushed out of his body in streams along the Valley Thorn’s body, then spraying on Si Xi’s head and face.

"My friends, are you still saving your powers?" Kun Peng shouted unpleasantly, "We’ve wasted enough time. Hurry up, do it now. We have real businesses to attend. Hehe, finish him, and a big half of the great goal will be accomplished."

The last two Chaos monsters merged with their divine talismans as well, dispelled their evil spirit creature power, and became true Gods. Hearing Kun Peng, the few Chaos monsters roared out simultaneously and glanced at each other, incanting a strange, complicated spell tougher in concord. An overwhelming spirit creature power released from their bodies, as an evil frigid gust of wind rose from the ground, transformed into dense clouds, and wrapped Si Xi in it.

This was a long-brewed lethal attack. As long as these Chaos monsters burst their powers together, Si Xi might not be able to survive, even though he was a Supreme Magus.

At this very moment, the He To and Luo Shu magic formation, which floated in the air, silently split up. An earth-shaking bang came from the air. Kun Peng had been looking at Si Xi in a taunting and scornful way, as if he was watching a great show. But all of a sudden, he burst with a howl, buried his head in his arms, and screamed heartbreakingly. Blood spurted out from his head. Without knowing how, he was wounded severely, not only in his body, but also his soul. Furthermore, the injury was quite serious.

The power vibration released from Kun Peng was suddenly weakened by seventy to eighty percent. He raised his head, looked at the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He howled hysterically, "You idiots, scums, b*stards… What the hell did you do? I asked you to do one thing! One thing only! Trap Ji Hao! Trap that kid…"

With the Pan Bu bell floating above his head, Ji Hao descended from the air. Taiji divine sword was held in his right hand, leaving an arc-shaped beam of light in the air as it followed a mysterious, indescribable track. The sword hacked down at Kun Peng’s head, as if it was going to open a whole new world.

Behind Ji Hao was a sphere of black and white mist, transformed from the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation. The mist rolled, and suddenly turned into a tornado that roared down. The few Chaos monsters had still been crazily attacking Si Xi, but when they saw the black and white, roaring tornado, they screamed out loud. In the following moment, all these Chaos monsters were dragged up into the air by the tornado.

The hundred-mile-radius, black and white sphere of mist began spinning swiftly. He Tu and Luo Shu’s voice echoed to the clouds, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, you broke Kun Peng’s true spirit seal for us, so we can surely help you to trap these few evil things. But you should move fast, as too many people have been coveting us. Just finish this as soon as you can, we’re in a hurry to hide ourselves!"

Ji Hao laughed out wildly. The edge of the Taiji divine sword had already reached Kun Peng’s head. A sharp intent of sword spread out in the air, shattering Kun Peng’s long hair inch by inch, exposing his shining scalp.