Chapter 1046: What Saints Can Do

The Magus Era

Chapter 1046: What Saints Can Do

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In the white misty Sword power stream, faintly visible lotuses had been hovering and flying. Water Lotus was a truly an elite disciple, carefully cultivated by Priest Hua and Priest Mu for recruiting believers all over the world. Every single move of his could be counted as perfect. Besides, not to mention the effects delivered by Water Lotus’s moves, only for the beautiful light and shadows he created, Ji Hao wanted to give him full marks.

It was all white and misty, with a pure, flawless power, reminding people of their mothers’ arms, their lovers’ kisses. This magical stream of sword power streams struck on the bare chest of Heng Xing.

Clang! The sword power stream dissipated, showing a white flying sword that seemed to be formed by tens of lotus petals. The sword tip pointed at Heng Xing’s chest, which was thickly covered in faintly visible scales. It sent out fire sparkles from time to time, but failed to harm even his skin.

Heng Xing lowered his head and looked at this flying sword, which made his chest so itchy. He slapped on the sword and pressed it onto the ground, then raised his hammer and smashed violently. Heng Xing’s style of attacking was simple, without any useless moves. He was violent and wild, doing whatever he wanted; that was his style of fighting.

Water Lotus hadn’t recovered from the great pain he suffered when his four fingers were smashed, but Heng Xing’s hammer roared down towards his head already.

"Brother! Be careful!" Behind Water Lotus, a young priest flicked his hands and sent out a blue jade talisman. The jade talisman flew out and transformed into cyan-colored lotuses, glowing with a watery light. They hovered around Water Lotus and shielded him in the middle.

A muffled boom was caused when the iron hammer bumped against the defensive magic screen created by the jade talisman. Tens of blue lotuses were shattered, while the watery light exploded, turning into countless drifting light spots. Heng Xing cursed loudly, raised his water-tank-thick right leg, and sent a heavy kick towards Water Lotus’s lower belly.

The long coarse robe worn by Water Lotus sparkled with a white light. Then, a loud bang was generated, as the long robe was torn into countless fist-sized pieces, and Heng Xing’s two feet long foot swished over. A thunderous bang could be heard from Water Lotus’s belly, then he was sent flying back, vomiting blood.

The other five priests shouted out together. They all opened their mouths, releasing streams of sword power, piercing towards Heng Xing.

Even the flying sword released by Water Lotus, who was the strongest among this group of priest, failed to harm even a hair of Heng Xing. These five younger priests surely couldn’t do any better. The sword power streams they released swished around Heng Xing like birds, hacked and stabbed for hundreds of times, sending up puffs of fire sparkles against Heng Xing’s body. Yet, not even a single scratch was left on Heng Xing’s skin.

"Piss off!" Heng Xing swung his hammer down. The chest of a young priest was dented. He thudded on the ground with a tightened body, while vomiting blood.

"And you!" Heng Xing lifted his right arm and made a fierce elbow-blow. The three-feet-long thorns on his right elbow penetrated the chest of another young priest. Heng Xing laughed viciously and waved his arm over and over again, stabbing that young man’s chest over a hundred times, along with loud puffing noises. That young man’s chest was nearly turned into minced meat.

This young man fell on the ground, with blood spurting out from every corner of his body. He couldn’t even howl in pain now. Showing the whites of his eyes, this young man got unconscious.

Followed by two muffled thuds, Heng Xing threw out his pair of hammers. Two young priests were hit, one of them having an arm broken, while the other one having his waist shattered. Both of them were sent flying backward while vomiting blood.

The last priest seemed the be the youngest among them, and by now, he had already fled tens of meters away. Tremblingly, he took out a jade talisman, waved in the air, then pointed at Heng Xing and yelled, "Evil being, you will die today…Vajra warriors, why don’t you move? What are you waiting for?"

Hearing him, the three-hundred heavily armored golden warriors roared thunderously. They waved their left arms simultaneously and sent out their dragon-head chains. Following loud metal clangs, those chains turned into a giant web, descending onto Heng Xing.

Heng Xing gave a deep shout in surprise. He seemed to be trying out the powers of those Vajra warriors intentionally. Without making any moves, he let those three-hundred dragon-head chains coil around his body. Metal clangs could be heard without an end, while the dragon head at the end of every chain largely opened its jaws and bit on another chain. Three-hundred chains were connected, and soon, Heng Xing was tied up completely.

Six Vajra warriors silently rushed up and raised the red lotus swords held in their right hands, fiercely poking on Heng Xing’s body through the spaces between those chains. Those swords were burning with a raging fire.

Followed by a long series of clangs, dazzling fire sparkles were sent up from Heng Xing’s naked body. Those sharp, red lotus swords only managed to leave some slight white traces on his skin, but failed to cause any actual harm to his body.

"You wanna hurt me with these pieces of sh*t?" Heng Xing gave a muffled growl, then boosted up his strength. Hundreds of dark bone thorns on his body sliced across those chains. Those chains were forged from high-quality alloy and were strengthened with special magic spells, but Heng Xing’s black bone thorns easily cut every chain up.

The three-hundred Vajra warriors had been dragging their chains with all their strengths. As those chains were broken, they all staggered backward.

Heng Xing raised his large black iron hammers and violently attacked the six Vajra warriors near him. A strong dark gale was raised by the pair of iron hammers, then a series of thuds was caused. The upper bodies of the six Vajra warriors were smashed, as countless five-colored, glaze-like bone pieces darted everywhere, along with blood and flesh.

"Help! Saints!"

Witnessing Heng Xing’s power, the few Steel Bull Clan leaders all cried out, crawling desperately back towards their village.

Those Vajra warriors dropped their broken chains, gripped the hilts of their swords with both hands, and rushed up to Heng Xing with large uniform steps. Heng Xing let those red lotus swords hack and poke on his body without resisting. He roared in excitement, then wielded his hammers and smashed crazily, crushing those Vajra warriors’ bodies. Translucent colorful bones and flesh pieces were scattered all over the ground, releasing a faint aroma.

Water Lotus had still been vomiting blood, but slowly, he straightened his body.

His robe was broken, exposing his snow-white belly. A two feet long footprint was on his belly, sunk into his skin three inches deep. This heavy kick launched by Heng Xing had almost destroyed all his internal organs. If he didn’t have the life-saving magic talisman gifted by his Master Shifu, he would have died long ago.

Tremblingly, he took out a life-saving magic pill and threw into his mouth. Letting out two mouthfuls of black blood, Water Lotus turned around and screamed to that stone building in the middle of the village, "This evil thing is powerful! Master Shifu, please help us!"

An overwhelming power vibration was released from the stone building, as effective as the shine of a rising sun.

A stream of mist transformed into a three-hundred meters wide hand, reaching out from the stone building. It swished across the village momentarily and stopped above Heng Xing’s head.

The enormous hand swung in the air, and next, Heng Xing was carried up by an incredibly strong force, and thrown around ten miles away. Then, the giant hand flashed again across the air, reached to Heng Xing and slapped down.

Crack! Followed by a loud noise, Heng Xing’s bone thorns were broken into bits. Additionally, bone-cracking noises also came out from inside his body, as he was slapped into the ground by the enormous hand.

Ji Hao speechlessly watched this. As he thought, Priest Hua and Priest Mu did something to that painting in the stone building. In consideration of their identities, wouldn’t they feel too ashamed to deal with a spirit creature like this personally?