Chapter 1062: Fight the Army Alone

The Magus Era

Chapter 1062: Fight the Army Alone
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

"Break! Break! Break!"

Gong Gong raised the pair of whips and lashed crazily inside the Pan Gu bell.

With Ji Hao’s current power, a bell ring generated by him could turn everything within a nine-meter area back into Chaos. Gong Gong was way more powerful than Ji Hao, and a bell ring generated by him with full power was powerful enough to destroy everything within thousand-miles. However, he was trapped inside the bell. Under Ji Hao’s control, the bell rings he caused only affected the area meters in radius around him. All the destructive Chaos power was taken by Gong Gong alone.

Gong Gong’s skin broke bit by bit; his blood had been shedding, and muscles were falling off. Every time the bell rang, a layer of flesh would disappear from Gong Gong’s body. His blood, skin and flesh were turned into gray Chaos mist, absorbed by the bell.

After a hundred bell rings, Gong Gong’s body had become like a broken skeleton. In that hundred-meter-tall body of his, many dark, crystal-like bones were exposed; even these bones were thickly covered in thin cracks.

A small black bell floated above Gong Gong’s head, releasing streams of black smoke, transforming into dark waves and shielding Gong Gong’s body, barely fighting against the power of the Pan Gu bell. After another series of bell rings, a few thin cracks appeared on the black bell as well. Meanwhile, black smoke had been puffing out from the small black bell, turning into sparkling light and merging into those cracks, fixing the bell.

Besides the small bell, a black flag and a black seal floated around the bell. They had also been releasing dense black smoke, creating dark waves to protect Gong Gong.

Gong Gong gasped quickly for air, softly lying down under the dense dark smoke while looking at Ji Hao. His eyes were out of focus.

"What is this? I…I never knew that such a powerful treasure existed in the world…And, I sensed the power of Saint Pan Gu from this bell." Gong Gong looked at Ji Hao and murmured torpidly. "The power of Pan Gu, the holy father…"

"Don’t! Please don’t!" Ji Hao sneered to Gong Gong and said, "As far as I know, Pan Gu’s bloodline is only possessed by the dragon-kind, the phoenix-kind, and the humankind. The dragon-kind inherited Pan Gu’s strong body and great strength, the phoenix-kind have the powerful soul, and the humankind is gifted with Pan Gu’s thriving bloodline. As for you…You’re nothing but a bunch of secondary products created by Pan Gu along with the word. Don’t call him father!"

In Ji Hao’s spirit space, the mysterious man slowly showed up. Through Ji Hao’s eyes, he gave a complicated glance at Gong Gong, chuckled blandly and said, "Compared to the first Water God in the world, this one is so weak. And he has an evil mind… Such a humiliation to Pan Gu. Pan Gu would never want to be his father!"

Gong Gong was so enraged by Ji Hao’s words that he couldn’t even breath for quite a while.

He stared at Ji Hao with his teeth gnashed tight. A short while later, he burst with a loud growl and shouted, "What are you waiting for?! Kill this boy! Get me out of this bloody bell!"

Gales roared, and dark clouds rolled. Thunders rumbled in the sky, while lightning bolts dazzled down, striking straight to Ji Hao.

Surrounding the food transport troop from Tushan Family, waves rose, layer by layer. The further from the troop, the higher the waves grew. Soon, thousands of waves rose from the water and surrounded Ji Hao and all the others.

The waves closest to the troop were only around three-hundred meters tall, but the furthest waves were tens of thousands of meters tall already.

Standing on those wall-like waves,were countless hideous-looking water-kind spirit creatures, shouting and swaggering. Thousands of enormous spirit creatures released strong power vibrations while treading on waves, approaching Ji Hao.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Sky-shaking roars of those water-kind spirit creatures resounded across the whole world. Countless battle drums were pushed to the tops of waves, beaten violently by strong spirit creatures with oddly-shaped bone sticks. The sounds of drums were heavy and disordered.

"Ji Hao, it’s your chance!" The mysterious man said in Ji Hao’s spirit space. His eyes shone with a vivid blue light, that made Ji Hao’s spirit space look like a beautiful sea. "You do not lack the extreme positive power, but you do lack the extremely negative power…Absorb the life-force of these water-kind spirit creatures. More or less, you will be able to extract some extremely negative power!"

Ji Hao understood what the mysterious man meant. He was cultivated by Priest Dachi based on the great Dao of Taiji. He was not limited on the extremely positive power, but he did lack the extremely negative power. The star of extremely positive power in Pan Gu world was occupied by an unknown powerful being, Normally, it wouldn’t even show up. Therefore, in order to grow extremely negative power, Ji Hao needed to absorb some extremely negative power first, then discover the great Dao of the extremely negative power from it.

The Taiji Universe mirror rose into the sky, followed by a sharp beam of light. A misty white light spread out, instantly covering thousand-miles.

The world seemed to fall into a deathly silence all of a sudden. This was the first time for Ji Hao to fully activate the power of the mirror. He didn’t think that such a magical effect would be caused, The entire area was frozen suddenly, and became like a transparent, giant piece of ice. It was all clear and clean, with a soft, mysterious negative power coming from it.

All those fiercely approaching enormous water-kind spirit creatures and swaggering smaller shaped spirit creatures had the nature of water. Because of this, they each had a trace of pre-world extremely negative power hiding in their deepest acupoint.

Ji Hao boosted up the power of the mirror as much as he could. Within the area thousand-miles in radius, the trace of pre-world extremely negative power contained in the body of each of those water-kind spirit creatures was ignited.

A little fire could kindle the forest. The pre-world extremely negative power was that little fire, while the bodies of these water-kind spirit creatures, their blood and flesh, their life-force, and their powers gained through severe cultivations, even their souls, were that great forest!

A gray-white, extremely cold fire burned ragingly. Water-kind spirit creatures within this area cried heartbreakingly, all turned into strangely shaped torches. The grey fire covered their bodies and burned everything inside them.

There were indeed some differences between these spirit creatures. The weaker ones only managed to gave a short cry before they were burned into hair-thin strands of gray-colored extremely negative power, drifting in the air. Those stronger ones, who were at the level of Magus Kings or even Divine Magi, burned for a much longer span of time.

They had great amounts of negative powers inside their bodies. The extremely negative fire slowly purified their bodies and souls, gradually refining the extremely negative power inside them bit by bit.

The heavy and disordered sounds of drum stopped abruptly. In the distance, on top of layers of wave, the other water-kind spirit creatures were dumbfounded, watching their own kind be swallowed by the white, extremely negative fire.

Gong Gong quivered intensely. In both shock and fear, he stared at Ji Hao, and shouted in a hoarse voice, "The extremely negative power? Can any living being still use this power? You, you…Attack! Attack together! Kill him! Kill him!"

The seal floating above Gong Gong’s head buzzed loudly. Next, a black stream of light swept across the water surface in an area hundreds of miles around him.

Countless water-kind spirit creatures couldn’t help but roar out, crazily pouncing on Ji Hao.

Tao Sha and the other elders growled thunderously, prepared to rush out and help Ji Hao. But, Ji Hao shouted out loud, "Elders, please stay put. I can deal with these reckless things alone!"