Chapter 1069: The Sun Tower

The Magus Era

Chapter 1069: The Sun Tower
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Si Wen Ming took over the Hou Tu divine seal.

A dense yellow cloud drifted above his head, within which, an enormous winged bear was faintly visible, roaring towards the sky. The Hou Tu divine seal was held in the bear’s mouth. A tremendous earth power was released from the sea, which made the earth of Pu Ban City wave like surging water.

Following a muffled humming noise, square-shaped earth rose from Pu Ban City, one after another. Si Wen Ming gathered the power of the earth and extracted the essence earth from the vast wild land around Pu Ban City. The essence earth condensed into thirty-meter-thick, ten-miles squared floating islands that rose into the sky. These floating islands had been naturally releasing magnetic forces, under the effect of which, they steadily floated in the sky.

On these floating islands was the richest soil. The soil was so rich that one could even squeeze oil out of it. Nourished by the power of the Hou Tu divine seal, these floating islands were gifted with a great fertility, and could now provide the best growing environment for plants.

Floating islands floated in the air and layered up. These floating islands were three-hundred-meters away from each other. Every layer of floating islands was five-hundred meters higher than the lower layer. These floating islands shaded each other. Therefore, the spaces between these floating islands were completely dark.

Countless Maguspriests had been carefully casting magics to improve the soil. Bright torches floated around them. The soil that came from deep underground was still cold. These Maguspriests nourished the soil with magics and made it warm and soft.

On the ground, countless human beings who mastered farming techniques had been working. They took out mountain-huge piles seeds from barns, then carefully and cautiously grew seedlings with ancient skills, which were passed down from their ancestors over generations. Maguspriests had been helping these farmers. These Maguspriests were all masters of green magics. They extracted the green power from the air and gave the power to the seedings, helping the seedlings to grow faster, healthier. The seedlings were given a stronger life-force.

Inside a floating mountain, Kuafu Yan and a large group of strong blacksmiths had been wielding their heavy hammers, clanging glowing-red metal pieces. Muffled clangs sounded like thunders, that could be heard in every corner of the city. Every time a hammer struck down, the floating mountain would quake intensively.

Every time when a piece was roughly shaped, strong and sturdy Jia Clan slaves would growl out and carry the hill-sized piece up, carefully sending to a working table nearby. Many Xiu Clan masters stood by the working table with all kinds of tools in their hands. Once a piece was sent onto the working table, they would begin drawing and carving carefully, adding exquisite and complicated magic formation spell symbols on it.

In the deepest area of this floating mountain, Man Man was sitting in the air, upon a steaming pool, with a quite serious face. Ninety-nine fire dragons hovered around her, while her body was burning ragingly with a divine fire. Two streams of flame roared out of her eyes and reached three-hundred meters away. The Zhu Rong divine seal floated above Man Man’s head, with countless divine spell symbols condensed from purple flame surging out from the seal in streams, flowing into Man Man’s body ceaselessly. The power vibration coming from Man Man’s body had been growing stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper, as if she were a true God who had lived for countless centuries.

Man Man was surrounded by teleporting magic formations. All kinds of materials had been flying out of those teleporting magic formations, then falling into the pool down bellow.

Under Man Man’s command, the ninety-nine fire dragons had been releasing scorching hot flames. All materials that flew out from those teleporting magic formations had a nature of fire. Within the flame, these materials melted speedily. Inside the pool, all impurities were burned away, leaving a transparent, red, crystal liquid, melted from the purest materials.

Taisi stood beside the pool, shaking and swaying, with his pale eyes fixed on that pool of boiling hot liquid, murmuringly incanting a spell. The air around him had been rippling, sending the power of time to the liquid in the pool, wave after wave. Under Taisi’s control, the melted materials in the pool went through a magical transformation. Somehow, the sense of the great Dao of time started to spread from the melted material, making the material harder to destroy.

Shaosi sat beside the pool,with her legs crossed. After a while, she would wave her hands, and following her moves, a large sphere of liquid would rise from the pool.

Tens of leather pieces with design drawings floated around Shaosi. From time to time, she would turned around, take a quick glance at those drawing, then wave her hands, twist and compress the air. Controlled by Shaosi, the air was twisted and compressed into molds, roughly shaping the melted materials according to the design drawings.

A swishing noise could be heard without an end. Feng Xing led a large group of nimble Senior Magi, swiftly flying around and dragging those roughly shaped pieces produced by Shaosi quickly to the working table of Kuafu Yan and the other blacksmiths.

Once these not yet solid pieces were placed on the working table, tens of large hammers would strike down thunderously, violently, yet accurately, turning these pieces into desired shapes. The metal pieces gradually solidified and became semifinished products of the components of a greater piece.

Yu Mu stood by the entry of the floating mountain, with the Gong Gong divine seal floating above his head. Around him, a dense dark mist rolled.

Countless components that were already added with complicated magic formation spell symbols, but were still glowing-red, flew across him. The dark mist would wrap each component up and generate a loud sizzling noise. As clouds of steam puffed into the sky, these components were quenched and cooled down quickly. Thus, the magic formation spell symbols based on these components were shaped up.

Large groups of giants from Kuafu Family and Longbo Country had been dashing around, carrying these tens of meters long components away.

Right in the middle of Pu Ban City, on the square in front of the Town Hall, a great tower was speedily building up. The base of this tower was over ten-miles wide. Ingeniously designed, exquisitely crafted, large components were carried over one after another, piling up.

Following muffled thudding noises, after a component was piled on the tower and the magic formation spell symbols based on it was connected to it, red light streams would immediately coil up. The unfinished tower was already over a thousand meters tall, thickly covered in glowing red patterns, shining with an eye-piercing light in the darkness that illuminated the whole area.

The tower had been growling taller and taller. The high-end strengths of the entire human-kind had been gathered on the constructional work of the power, added with the help providing by Xiu Clan masters. Within merely two days, the tower had reached over a thousand meters tall.

Right above the tower, hundreds of meters higher, Ji Hao sat on a cloud, with the Pan Jia sun floating above his head.

The tower reached to Ji Hao, section by section. Around sixty hours later, the tower finally reached below Ji Hao’s feet. Five dragon-claw-light hooks reached up from the tower top. Carefully, Ji Hao placed the Pan Jia sun in between these hooks.

Buzz! The tower quaked intensely. The tremendous power of the Pan Jia sun momentarily flowed across the entire tower through those magic formation spell symbols.

Around the tower, countless enormous magic formation spell symbols began glowing on the ground. The great defensive magic formation of Pu Ban City was instantly strengthened by a colossal power. The defensive magic screen expanded speedily, pushing out for three-thousand miles in a blink of an eye.

"The Sun Tower, done!" Ji Hao applauded, "Uncle Wen Ming, the mirror!"