Chapter 1073: All Streams to The Final Land

The Magus Era

Chapter 1073: All Streams to The Final Land
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Pu Ban City, the Town Hall.

All human leaders dressed neatly, sitting on the ground in ordered lines.

Emperor Shun sat on the inner side of the great hall, smilingly looking at the others. He seemed to be in a good spirit, which meant he was also in a good mood. Affected by his warm smile, many people in the hall felt more cheerful.

The door of the hall was wide open, letting warm sunlight pour in. Human leaders sitting near the door showered under the sunshine, and were rimmed with a beautiful golden edge.

Thudding noises came from the ceiling without an end. Days ago, when Ji Hao carried the Pan Jia sun up to the sky, the roof of the Town Hall was turned into ashes. Later, people were busy at building the Sun Tower, planting and harvesting. It was only today that some people finally had the time to fix the roof.

The heavy clangs from the roof could have been so annoying, but mixed with the cheers coming from far away, the clangs sounded not so bad.

Ji Hao was promoted from an earl to a marquis. Meanwhile, his territory expanded by a hundred times. At the moment, he sat near Emperor Shun with his eyes narrowed, gently playing with the pair of fire snakes coiled on his knees with his fingers.

The pair of snake excitedly twisted their bodies, releasing thin streams of flame from their tiny bodies.

"Si Wen Ming, come over here!" Emperor Shun smilingly looked at a group of people, then turned around. He took over the Xuanyuan sword from the hands of a hazy silhouette behind him. Holding the faintly glowing sword with both hands, Emperor Shun said to Si Wen Ming.

Si Wen Ming stood up and walked to Emperor Shun in big steps. He kneeled on one knee, bowed and said, "Emperor Shun!"

"You are now in charge of the flood-control mission!" Emperor Shun stood up, carried the sword with both hands, and said solemnly, "This is Xuanyuan sword, passed down from Emperor Xuanyuan. This sword is a symbol of the strength of our humankind. For the flood-control mission, all clans, all people, all resources that belong to the humankind, will be under your command. Anyone who refuses to obey or hinders the flood-control mission, will be executed!"

"Yes!" Si Wen Ming responded with a strong growl. He took over the sword with both hands, slowly stood up, and hung the sword on his belt.

Resting his hands on that thick dragon-skin belt of his, Si Wen Ming said with a deep yet strong voice, "Human beings are struggling in the flood. I shall say no more. Since you trust me on the mission, please, let’s combine our powers and do this together. Don’t do anything to harm our own kind…I, Si Wen Ming, can be merciful, but the Xuanyuan sword doesn’t even know what mercy is."

Most of those people sitting in the great hall had their faces turned serious. They straightened their waists, solemnly looking at Si Wen Ming.

The facial expressions of some other people instantly turned especially strange, such as Gong Sun Sword and Suiren Flame, and those from Ten Sun Country. With sparkling eyes, they stared at the Xuanyuan sword hung on Si Wen Ming’s belt. They seemed about to reach hooks out of their eyes to snatch that sword and make it their own.

That was the Xuanyuan sword, the sword that represented the highest power of the humankind. Since the era of Emperor Xuanyuan, only human emperors could hold the sword.

But today, the sword landed in Si Wen Ming’s hands. What did this mean? The transfer of the greatest power?

Yi Re, Yi Di and some other princes, and many people had now been screaming in their heads. Why wasn’t the sword in their hands? Why could Si Wen Ming be in charge of the flood-control mission? These people subconsciously glanced at Ji Hao, then turned around and looked at the warm sunshine outside.

Right now, many people had probably been cursing Si Wen Ming for his especially good luck. He brought a barbarian named Ji Hao to Pu Ban City from Southern Wasteland. Nevertheless, Ji Hao had actually become such a powerful person, who now had such a strong natural fortune gathered in him. Where the hell did Ji Hao get a sun?

Ji Hao noticed these people’s weird facial expressions. He smilingly raised his head and looked at them right in the eyes, one by one, imprinting their faces and background information in his head.

If these people behaved themselves and did whatever they could to support the flood-control mission, fine… But, if they dared to cause any trouble, Ji Hao would kill them without any hesitation. He wasn’t dreadful for a second even when killing true Gods from the heaven, not to mention these mortal beings.

As for those powerful clans and families behind these people, well, in Pan Gu world, who could possibly have stronger backers than Ji Hao?

Dachi…Qing Wei…Yu Yu…And that mysterious powerful being behind them. Supported by these people, Ji Hao could confidently tell these people, ‘I have the whole world on my side. Which one of you dares to go against me? That might cost you your life!’

Si Wen Ming locked his fingers together and incanted a spell. From the ground, an enormous magic sandbox rose into the air and floated above people’ heads, showing them the mountains, rivers and earth meridians of the entire Midland. In the east side of Midland, on a vast ocean, a black stream of light had been sparkling.

"This is the plan made by my Abba when he was alive. I changed a bit of it and made this new plan!"

People in the hall began whispering to each other. They looked at that black light, murmuring in low voices.

"Final Land, that’s the Final Land, isn’t it?"

"Hmm, it’s the Final Land. Is Si Wen Ming sending the flood to the Final Land?"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and raised his head to look at the sandbox. Earlier, he heard about this great plan from Si Wen Ming, and he was deeply shocked by it. He had been curious about the reactions of the other human leaders when they would get to know about Si Wen Ming’s great plan!

"My plan is called ‘All Streams to The Final Land’!" said Si Wen Ming with a bland tone, while pointing at the sandbox. "In Midland, we will dredge the sluggish rivers and build the great formation for ‘All Streams to The Final Land’ to make the flood flow faster, leading it into the Final Land."

Bright light streams emerged from the sandbox one after another, coiling on the ground like enormous dragons.

A magical power spread out from the sandbox, and everyone saw these light streams affected. The velocity of their blood flow increased by tens of times all of a sudden. If these people sitting in here didn’t have strong bones, some of them would have exploded and died.

"The great formation will be formed by natural rivers, and the flood will be pushed towards the Final Land. In the meanwhile, these rapidly flowing rivers will bring the water power in the air to the Final Land. The Final Land is a bottomless abyss. No matter how much moisture will be coming from other worlds, the Final Land can never be filled."

"However, since Gong Gong has started all this to trap our humankind in distress, without a doubt, he won’t sit there watching us overcome the flood," continued Si Wen Ming in that bland tone, "Therefore, I need all Midland clans to send out your armies and wipe out those water-kind spirit creatures."

"I need the elite forces of the humankind to gather and organize a defense in the north, guarding the central area against the invasion of of the non-humankind, as they might avail themselves with this opportunity to invade the city."

Si Wen Ming turned around, looked at Ji Hao, pointed at him and said, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you lead the army in the north. The Midland will be guarded by you!"

Ji Hao stood up, pushed the pair of fire snakes into his sleeves, and solemnly cupped his hands. He bowed to Si Wen Ming, politely responding with a bright voice.

"Concentrate the elite forces of the humankind and organize a defense in the north." Ji Hao silently sighed in surprise in his head, because Si Wen Ming only explained half of his great plan!