Chapter 1089: Make Another Armor

The Magus Era

Chapter 1089: Make Another Armor
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Yi Di took off his tight feather armor.

Flakes of light flew out from his feather armor, as those beautiful feathers turned around one after another. Tiny natural patterns sparkled faintly on each feather, forming countless complicated spell symbols.

This feather armor released a strong yet flexible power vibration, and was entirely glowing with a beautiful light; each detail of it was so natural and beautiful.

This feather armor had a name, ‘swan’. It was a peak-level Divine-Magus-grade magic treasure that originated from Eastern Wasteland and was passed down through generations.

According to the legend, this feather armor originated from the feathers of a powerful swan which lived for countless centuries. Every single feather of the swan contained immeasurable power and thriving life-force. An ancestor of Ten Sun Country people made the move, killed the swan, and took its feathers. A lingering trace of the swan’s soul merged with those feathers, naturally turning the feathers into this swan armor.

Even a wild boar could run as fast as wind with this feather armor. No matter how large and clumsy the boar was, wearing this feather armor, it could run swiftly and quietly, without making any noise.

This feather armor also had an amazing defensive power. Ten high-level Divine Magi could join hands and launch full-power attacks at the feather armor, and the attack could last for three to five minutes, but not even a feather on this armor would be harmed. The feather could naturally create a ‘hurricane forcefield’, which meant the feathers could raise a fierce whirlwind three-hundred meters around its user. Within this range, any average-level attack would be shred by the whirlwind.

This was an incredibly precious magic armor. Ten Sun Country was a wealthy country; during the past countless years, many people tried to copy this feather armor, but all failed, wasting many materials for nothing.

This was also an armor stained with blood. As no one managed to copy it, many powerful archers from Ten Sun Country went deep into jungles and forests, hunting all kinds of powerful birds and looking for a similar armor. Those people killed countless beautiful birds, yet attained nothing.

Yi Di was a direct descendant of that powerful archer who killed that strong swan back then. Among all descendants of that archer, Yi Di had the purest bloodline. He was quite talented, reaching an extraordinary level at a young age. That is why the elders of his family gifted the swan armor to him.

"Brother, it won’t work!" said Yi Di straightforwardly to Ji Hao, "This treasure is naturally crafted and can’t be copied. My ancestors wasted countless materials, but they didn’t even manage to shape a thing like it."

Handing the swan armor to Ji Hao with both hands, Yi Di continued generously, "Brother, if you like it, just take it!"

Ji Hao took over the armor, then conveniently flicked Yi Di’s forehead and said, "What do I need your treasure for? I just want to study it. Your warriors are indeed strong, and with my arrows, they can be terrifyingly strong. However, their defensive powers needs to be improved…Strong power and strong defense, that’s what a real elite force should be like."

Ji Hao ordered the twelve warrior commanders to take off their feather armors as well, then sent them out of the headquarters, along with Yi Di.

Sitting in the tent with crossed legs, Ji Hao threw the thirteen feather armors into the five-colored cauldron, while classifying all strange materials he had collected. Soon, Ji Hao piled each type of material up into a small hill around him.

Outside the headquarter tent, seeing Yi Di and those warrior commanders wak out, those Ten Sun Country warriors simultaneously let out a sigh of relief, as they were getting more and more nervous. Those warriors walked up hurriedly. A few higher-grade commanders surrounded Yi Di and began asking all kinds of questions.

"Lord, Marquis Yao kept you in there for such a long while. Did he play any trick?"

"Lord, you must be careful. Marquis Yao is brutal. Countless Eastern Wasteland heroes have fallen in his hands. Don’t let him fool you!"

"Lord, you have to remember what our elders said, whoever brings back Marquis Yao’s head will become the next owner of Ten Sun Country!"

Yi Di remained silent with a dark face. He reached out his hand and gave each of these commanders a heavy slap right on the heads. He didn’t do it gently. Instead, he slapped loudly and made those commanders shout in pain.

"What are you talking about? Marquis Yao invited me in with kindness!" Yi Di puffed out his chest, proudly took out the thunder running bow, and said, "Look at this treasure. This is the thunder running bow, one of the ten ancient divine bows in the world! This is the thunder running bow, only slightly weaker than the greatest supreme divine bow of our country! And this, is a gift from Marquis Yao!"

Snorting coldly, Yi Di threw a threatening side glance at Yi Ren, who had been staring at him from a distance away. Intentionally raising his voice, Yi Di continued, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao is our friend from now on. No one is allowed to speak ill of him in front of me! No one should sneakily speak ill of him either!"

"All in all, Marquis Yao is our family now. From this day on, you all have to listen to Marquis Yao’s demand and follow his lead!"

With a bright grin, Yi Di took out a few space bracelets with large capacities and handed to the few commanders around him. Contained in these bracelets were nothing else but those spell symbol arrows Ji Hao made with the five-colored cauldron.

The few trusted commanders held their breaths, then distributed these arrows to those warriors under their commands carefully yet excitedly. The two-hundred-thousand elite warriors under Yi Di’s direct command each attained fifty-thousand spell symbol arrows. With such a large quantity of powerful spell symbol arrows, the battle efficiency of these warriors was raised by a couple of times.

Within a couple of hours, the barrack Yi Di lived in became as boisterous as a market.

Many Eastern Wasteland high-grade commanders came to see him, all with complicated, secretive facial expressions. Some of these people came in small groups while some came alone, sneakily. They visited Yi Di in an endless stream for those spell symbol arrows Ji Hao made…Smarter ones also asked Yi Di obliquely what he promised Ji Hao to get such a massive batch of super-grade spell symbols arrows.

Yi Di wasn’t silly. On the contrary, he was rather smart and capable. After all, he stood out from the brutal competition in Ten Sun Country and became one of the few competitive candidates for the throne of Ten Sun Country. He used those spell symbol arrows as a bait. He tempted some people with great profits and threatened some with the military force held in his hands, while playing the friendship card with the others. In a couple of hours, Yi Di gathered a considerable number of Eastern Wasteland forces.

Meanwhile, Ji Hao sat in the headquarters tent, delightfully looking at the thirteen tight feather armors floating around him.

"You…What kind of treasure are you? Is there anything you can’t do?" Among the thirteen feather armors, one was the swan armor which served as the original piece, while the other twelve were copies made by the five-colored cauldron. The twelve copies were based on the twelve feather armors that belonged to those trusted commanders, added with a large number of precious materials.

These twelve copies were not too powerful, only around ninety percent as powerful as the swan armor.