Chapter 1120: Strict Rules

The Magus Era

Chapter 1120: Strict Rules
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Take a Supreme-level strike for the girl Yuan Li loved?

Ji Hao looked at Yemo Luoye in a complicated way, while silently counting his defensive treasures.

As for Yuan Li, he stared at Ji Hao with sparkling watery eyes, just like an abandoned puppy. At this moment, once Ji Hao agreed to take the challenge, Yuan Li believed that he could serve Ji Hao like a slave for the rest of his life. From time to time, he quickly turned around, glanced at Snow, who was grabbed in the Jia Clan warrior’s hand. Every time he looked at her, his ape face would show a stronger bitterness.

Snow was squished in the Jia Clan warrior’s hand and couldn’t talk. She had also been pitiably looking at Yuan Li. Her sky-blue eyes were filled with tears, which were dripping down constantly. Every thumb-sized drops of tear would immediately become a blue ice bead once after it left Snow’s eyes, and the Jia Clan warrior carefully collected all tear beads with a jade bottle.

The tears of ancient Chi contained pure and strong cold power, along with magical and thriving life-force. To some severely wounded, dying living creatures, this tear could be a life-saving miracle cure.

Within a short span of time, the Jia Clan warrior collected hundred of tear beads, that put a large grin on his face. He couldn’t even close his mouth from that grin.

"Yuan Li, give me a reason. Why will I confront a Supreme-level powerful being for saving this silly little flood dragon?" Ji Hao turned around, looked at Yuan Li, and asked seriously.

Yuan Li took a deep breath. His look turned especially serious.

"I am Wuzhi Qi’s son, but my Amma is a human Maguspriest. When I was little, I didn’t have the great strength that some of my brothers had. They were mothered by strong spirit creatures after all. Until I was a hundred years old, my brothers and sisters bullied me every single day. Only Snow was nice to me, and always cured me with her tears."

"I can’t live without Snow…If she dies, I die. If you can kindly save her, you will own my life! I will serve you until the end of this life; I will also serve you in my next life, if I have one!"

Ji Hao saw determinedness in Yuan Li’s eyes.

"You were bullied by your brothers and sisters until you were a hundred years old…What happened after that?"

Yuan Li raised his head, proudly looked at Ji Hao, and said, "When I turned a hundred years old, I discovered the great extremely negative power. Although this type of natural power is not easy to find in this world, more or less, I can gather some to strengthen my body and soul. After my hundredth birthday, I was able to beat up every single one of my brothers and sisters, and from then on, I could bully them as much as I liked."

"Extremely negative power, hah!" Ji Hao grinningly looked at Yuan Li, said, "Good, good, good!"

Waving his broad sleeve, Ji Hao took two steps forward, nodded to Yemo Shayi, and said, "Old man, come on, I can take a strike from you and it’s no big deal. Do it now, then release the little girl!"

Yemo Shayi’s face turned dark. A dense shadow emerged from around him; it seemed that he had merged himself with the darkness. The sense of power released from his body faded, and even ceased to exist. But in the meanwhile, that power from him seemed to transform into an invisible whirlpool, speedily devouring the surrounding dark power.

"Slow down!" Yemo Shayi prepared to launch the strike, but Yemo Luoye abruptly stopped him, "We haven’t set down the rules. What’s the rush?"

"What rules?!" Yuan Li leaped straight up and pointed at Yemo Luoye, seeming about to curse out.

Ji Hao straightened his forefinger and stopped Yuan Li from meaninglessly cursing, then looked at Yemo Luoye and asked, "What rules?"

Yemo Luoye smilingly looked at Ji Hao and turned around her palm. A black transparent crystal ball slowly emerged upon her palm, which released a light screen and showed the images of Ji Hao fighting against a few senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command, staying perfectly moveless under the protection of the Pan Gu bell.

"You have a weapon, which is called a natural supreme treasure in this world, but to our Yu Clan people, it’s an ‘eternal divine weapon’. An eternal-level weapon can only be harmed by an eternal-level power."

Yemo Luoye continued in a soft voice, "Higher than the stage of Sun and Moon is the stage Beyond Redemption, and then the stage of Immortality. The stage of Eternality comes after the stage of Immortality. I don’t think Yemo Shayi can break an eternal divine weapon and truly harm you."

Ji Hao’s face twitched. Looking at Yemo Luoye, he smiled coldly, and responded, "So?"

Yemo Luoye kept that relaxed smile on her face. Conveniently, she picked up a dark rose from the air, put it to under her nose, sniffed and said, "So, no defensive treasures. You can only take this strike from Yemo Shayi with your body."

A crafty and taunting look flashed across Yemo Luoye’s eyes, as her erect eye slowly opened. Staring at Ji Hao with all three eyes, she continued word by word, "For you human warriors, the higher level you reached, the stronger bodies you have. I’d like to know how strong is your body."

Yemo Luoye’s face was now filled with a strong intent of killing. Looking at that face, Ji Hao gave a fake grin, and said, "Well, if you’d like to find out how strong I am, hehe…"

Yemo Luoye quickly interrupted Ji Hao’s joke and said, "If you dare to say anything that I don’t want to hear, I will order my warrior to pull that little flood-dragon’s head down from her neck…She has a beautiful head. I can stuff it and put it in my bedroom. I think it will become a pretty nice collection."

Ji Hao stopped talking. He crossed his arms over his chest, narrowed his eyes, and looked at Yemo Luoye, then glanced at Yemo Shayi, who seemed to be well-prepared. Finally, he said, "It doesn’t seem cost-effective to me. After all, I get nothing in return but this little flood dragon by taking a strike of a supreme-level powerful being with my bare body…How about this, you let this old man give me three strikes in a row, and promise me something more?"

Yemo Luoye and Yemo Shayi both paused, while Yuan Li was dumbfounded aside.

How confident was he? Or, how silly and daring was he to say something like that? Surviving one strike of Yemo Shayi would already be a miracle, but Ji Hao asked for three?

Yemo Luoye, Yemo Shayi and Yuan Li released their spirit power simultaneously and scanned across Ji Hao’s body. It was Ji Hao indeed. The sense of power released from him belonged to a Divine Magus. He had grown inner spirit stars in his body, but he hadn’t drawn a natural star into his body, which meant he was still a Divine Magus.

The difference between a Divine Magus and a Supreme Magus was as huge as the difference between an infant and a Divine Magus.

Ji Hao could already be counted as fearless for agreeing to take one strike from Yemo Shayi, but he now asked for a raise!

"What do you want?" Yemo Luoye chuckled. Her eyes curved like a pair of crescents. "No matter what you want, as long as you can take three strikes from Yemo Shayi with your bare body, I will give it to you!" She said.

Ji Hao raised his forefinger and said, "First, I want a hundred thousand elite Dark Sun warriors, including ten Battle Kings, ten-thousand high-level warriors."

Yemo luoye’s face twitched intensely. But, glancing at Yemo Shayi, she chuckled again, said, "Alright!"

She honestly didn’t believe that Ji Hao could survive.

Ji Hao straightened his middle finger and continued, "Second, I want three-thousand, three-thousand-meters-tall Dark Sun Divine Towers, within three days."

Without hesitating, Yemo Luoye nodded.

Ji Hao straightened his ring finger and carried on, "Third, if I survive three strikes from this old man, you shall give this useless old man to me to serve as a guard of mine. He’ll be useless to you anyway, even if you keep him."

Once Ji Hao finished the sentence, Yemo Luoye’s pretty face blushed in rage. Her eyeballs nearly popped out of her eye sockets.