Chapter 1139: Flowing Poison, Without an End

The Magus Era

Chapter 1139: Flowing Poison, Without an End
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Because of Xiang Liu Junior’s death, a spirit boa army started a life-risking charge towards Ji Hao’s water city.

The city was guarded by the Pan Gu bell. As the final result of the life-risking charge started by those spirit boas, warriors under Ji Hao’s command had been eating roasted boas, boiled boas, air-dried boas, and all kinds of boa meat for half a month.

The Dragon Blood Drunk pill had still been emitting an attractive aroma on the altar. Tempted by the pill, countless water-kind creatures risked their lives and marched to Ji Hao’s water city. Waves of water-kind spirit creatures rushed up, only to be killed.

The water surface around Ji Hao’s water city had already become a pool of blood, a hell, because a thousands of miles wide area was dyed red by the blood of those water-kind creatures. Countless violent water-kind spirit creatures soaked in the blood-water, sensing the strong blood scent from the battlefield. Their eyes turned glowing red, as they seemed to lose their mind.

During the past few days, Ji Hao took out Yu Yu’s full-body portrait once again and introduced Yuan Li to Yu Yu. As a water ape, Yuan Li learned to use the extremely negative power; without a doubt, he was extraordinarily talented. Yu Yu delightedly took Yuan Li as his disciple, and gifted him the Great World Scripture, which was specially created for spirit apes and monkeys to cultivate themselves. Meanwhile, Yu Yu also gave Yuan Li a pre-world dragon staff.

Within a couple of days, Yuan Li had already started to understand things in the Great World Scripture. Every time he wielded that dragon staff, faintly audible dragon roars would rise into the sky, and hundreds of silhouettes of dragons would hover around him to protect him. Moreover, with the staff, he could now create natural thunderbolts and fire to attack his enemies. This powerful dragon staff was now being held in Yuan Li’s arms all day long; from time to time, he would look at the staff while giggling.

It seemed that Yuan Li had already recovered from the emotional blow that Snow’s death brought him. Ji Hao silently criticized his heartlessness, while letting Yuan Li freely wander in the city, without exercising too much control over him.

In the headquarters tent, all elders and high-grade commanders gathered up, with numerous official documents that came from Pu Ban City passing around in their hands. From time to time, an elder would sigh, or a commander would curse out loud.

Ji Hao caught the attentions of those water-kind armies which had been heading south. As a result, the heavy pressure suffered by the flood-control troops under Si Wen Ming’s command was eased instantly. A few flood-control troops had already opened a few channels around Pu Ban City, and the excessive water power started to be drawn away by the great flood-control magic formation which was formed by those channels. Although the flood had still been roaring on the ground, the dense dark clouds in the sky had already begun fading.

Currently, people in Pu Ban City could see the sunlight for a couple of hours every seven to eight days, which was already amazing.

What made those elders sigh and commanders curse out was the casualty number of human beings recorded in those official documents. In many areas around Pu Ban City, numerous villages were swallowed by the flood entirely, with almost no survivors.

Those water-kind spirit creatures, who had occupied all rivers, streams, and lakes, had still been attacking those flood-control troops. Even single day, warriors in all flood-control troops had to fight desperately. Each day, a large number of human warriors would fall on battlefields.

What was even more infuriating was that by now, not only water-kind creatures were in the water-kind armies, human warriors from Northern Wasteland clans had started emerging as well, and those human warriors were mostly commanders.

Not too many water-kind spirit creatures knew how to use their brains. Instead, most of them relied on their bloodthirsty instincts. However, unlike before, led by those elite Northern Wasteland warriors, those water-kind spirit creatures were well-organized now. That allowed them to cause greater damage to the flood-control troops. Over ten marquises and earls were unfortunately encircled by water-kind armies, but the other human forces failed to rescue them timely, and all had fallen already.

Earl Hao Si Ling was a neighbor of Ji Hao, as his territory was right next to the Yao Mountain territory. He was also encircled by a water-kind army earlier; fortunately, a human troop nearby rescued him timely, destroyed the encirclement, and saved Si Ling from the water-kind army. Nevertheless, Si Ling was injured by an unknown poison. His body remained unharmed, yet his soul was damaged. He was a brave earl days ago, but now, he had become a mentally handicapped man who couldn’t even take care himself!

"Emperor Shun clearly said that it was lucky that we managed to stall the main force of the water-kind."

Ji Hao pointed to the north and said with a dark face, "If we failed to get them stuck in here and let them go straight down to south, I’m afraid the flood-control mission would be even more difficult. But in these days, I believe you have all seen that those water-kind creatures coming from the north are endless. If we make any mistake in here, an unpredictable disaster might be caused."

Hao Tao sat beside Ji Hao. With that typical serious face of his, he slowly said, "People, we have to come up with a plan. How can we teach these water-kind creatures a heavy lesson."

Sighing slightly, Hao Tao showed a faintly sensible tiredness, that seemed to come straight from his heart, while he continued, "To be honest, I don’t want my children to live in a world that is ruled by the water-kind…Back in the ancient times, before those legendary powerful human beings were born, human beings lived as preys of the other creatures. We didn’t live through that miserable era, but the elderly ones had always been telling stories about it, that we’ve all heard."

The headquarters tent fell into a deathly silence.

Back in the ancient times, not long after the humankind was created, many living creatures fed on human beings; even thinking about that miserable life could make people shiver. If Gong Gong succeeded, the world became a water realm, and those brutal water-kind creatures would become the owners of this world. The lives of modern human beings might be even more miserable than the lives of those ancient human beings!

"We have to come up with a plan. How can we destroy those evil creatures for good?" A Kua Fu Family warrior commander drummed his own head, causing heavy and rumbling thuds, that even shocked the rest of people.

Abruptly, a magic poison master, whose skin was covered by colorful tattoos of all kinds of poisonous bugs and cruel spell symbols, coughed loudly and said, "Marquis Yao, I think by raising the flood, those water-kind creatures are actually committing suicide. The water is the best carrier of magic poisons. If we can make enough magic poisons…"

A master healer interrupted him with knitted eyebrows and said, "Elder Bug, the magic poison is a good idea, but hundreds of billions of water-kind creatures are surrounding the city now. How many materials we need to make the giant amount of magic poison?" While speaking, a strong herbal aroma was released from this healer’s body.

With a scary-looking face, which was also covered in colorful tattoos, Elder Bug chuckled, gritted his teeth and murmured to respond, "These years, I’ve been studying the mixed magic poisons concocted from plague viruses and blood poisons…One single drop of blood can activate the magic poison I made. As long as one water-kind spirit creature is killed by it, my magic poison will be able to spread."

All people in the tent quivered instantly.

Ji Hao frowned and asked in a deep voice, "Elder Bug, if the magic poison you made is truly so powerful, why did you never mention it?"

Elder Bug spread his hands, helplessly looked at Ji Hao, and answered, "Marquis Yao, the only problem about this mixed magic poison I made is that I can release it, but I can’t take it back. In other words, once I release it, I won’t be able to control it's spreading area, neither do I have an antidote. Possibly…"

Ji Hao’s face twitched instantly. The suggestion Elder Bug made turned out to be an irreversible killing plan.