Chapter 1164: Easily Get In

The Magus Era

Chapter 1164: Easily Get In
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

Hiding in Yuan Li’s furs, Ji Hao sneakily glanced at Yuan Sheng.

A fierce and violent power vibration came straight at Ji Hao’s face. In Ji Hao’s eyes, Yuan Sheng’s entire body was burning with a dark fire, and that deep blue spirit power of his coiled around his body, rolled in dense streams, and wrapped his muscular body. A strong power seemed to be contained in his body, that made him seem like a volcano which could erupt at any time.

The enormous fist transformed from that stream almost landed on Yuan Li’s body before he screamed out. Two bright silver beams darted out from Yuan Li’s body and instantly reached hundreds of miles away, leaving a faint silhouette of Yuan Li facing that fist. Followed by a muffled bang, the faint silhouette was shattered, and in the next moment, a strong force reached straight to Yuan Li’s face.

Yuan Sheng moved as fast as a bolt of lightning. He failed to see through the magic Yuan Li cast just now, and he didn’t know which one of those silver beam was the real Yuan Li. However, this did not keep Yuan Sheng from darting to one of those silver beams and shattering it, then swishing to the real Yuan Li. He grabbed Yuan Li’s neck with both hands and carried him up.

Yuan Li was only around seven feet tall, while Yuan Sheng was fifteen meters tall. He grabbed Yuan Li’s neck, shaking him hard like a bear torturing a rabbit.

Yuan Sheng snorted and put his large head near Yuan Li’s face, opened his thin lips and showed his tusks. Staring at Yuan Li in the eyes, with a pair of eyes that looked like two blue colored burning coal pieces, Yuan Sheng shouted, "Yuan Li, what are you doing in here? You should now be…Let me think about it… You were sent out by Abba eight-hundred years ago. So you should now be…"

Yuan Sheng didn’t finish his talk. Instead, he roared loudly and threw a heavy punch on Yuan Li’s belly,

Yuan Li howled in pain, then spat at Yuan Sheng and shouted to respond, "You bloody b*stard! I should be in the army returning from Pan He world! And I should be heading north to attack the humankind’s flood-control troops!"

With glowing red eyes, Yuan Li stared at Yuan Sheng and continued shouting, "Haven’t you heard it? The humankind released viruses at our armies! Many have died! Xiang Liu Junior is chopped! I’m not stupid enough to die with them!"

"Viruses?" Yuan Sheng’s look turned quite weird. He looked at Yuan Li from head to toe, then loosened his hands and threw Yuan Li to the soft sands on the bottom of the river. Then, he held his hands behind his body like a middle-aged human being. Yuan Sheng laughed, as if he were happy to hear such news. Then, he said to Yuan Li, "So, you came back as a deserter? You’re a deserter! Haha! A son of Wuzhi Qi chose to be a coward! He fled back!!"

Yuan Li blushed as he said in a dry voice, "I didn’t flee, I just temporarily retreated! When those viruses are dealt with, I will…"

Yuan Sheng laughed out loud. Shaking his head quickly, he continued yelling, "Don’t explain, I get it! Yuan Li, the stubborn, silly kid who dared to fight me, his big brother, is now a deserter! Hehe, where are those warriors Abba gave you? They’re not all dead, are they?"

Yuan Sheng lowered his head with a strong expectation, put his face near Yuan Li’s, and laughed, "Tell me, tell me, are they still alive? Hehe, they’re all trusted ones trained by Abba himself. If you get them all killed…You will be dead!"

"They stayed in Pan He world!" said Yuan Li with a dark face, "I was worrying about…So I came back alone ahead of the others!"

"You were worrying about…Ah, ah, ah I remember her!" said Yuan Sheng with a creepy tone, "I remember her. Many years ago, every time you were beaten up by me, a little girl would always be crying beside you! That girl, she has grown up too, hasn’t she?"

Yuan Li vigilantly looked at Yuan Sheng and said, "What’re you gonna do? I am warning you… If you dare to hurt Snow…"

Yuan Sheng grabbed Yuan Li up and dragged him to that bottomless dark hole, which was around five-hundred-meters in radius. While walking, he laughed, "What am I gonna do? Hehe, she’s the Flood Dragon King’s daughter, isn’t she? Back then, after you were sent away by Abba, I inquired about her."

"Not bad! The Flood Dragon King is one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command too. She is the Flood Dragon King’s only daughter, while I am the oldest son, also the strongest son of Wuzhi Qi. I think we will make a lovely couple!" Yuan Sheng bragged, "My Shifu is an amazingly powerful being, and I totally deserve her! So I’m gonna marry her, and let her carry my children!"

Yuan Li paused instantly. "Snow will never like you…When did you have a Shifu?" asked Yuan Li while staring at Yuan Sheng in shock.

"This is none of your business!" Yuan Sheng proudly raised his head and laughed loudly, "My Shifu is terrific. I’m afraid even Abba is much weaker than my Shifu. It’s just that I’m not allowed to tell anyone his name, so…But you have to know, my Shifu is one of the few most powerful beings in this world!"

Carrying Yuan Li with one hand, Yuan Sheng drummed his own chest with another hand and laughed, "Don’t you feel strange? Back then, when Abba sent you away, you were almost stronger than me. But now, I can easily defeat you!"

"I admit, as Abba said, you’re more talented than I am. After all, your Amma is a human being, and human beings are always smarter. Sadly, my Amma is a silly devil ape, who can not even use human language!" Standing by the dark hole, Yuan Sheng said. The dark hole was the true face of the water eye in Huai Water. From the hole, rapid water streams swished out, and the dark whirlpool almost brushed against Yuan Sheng’s face.

"But now, you’ve come back, and I can easily defeat you! Do you know why? Because I have a great Shifu, while you are still a wild monkey!" Yuan Sheng gave a big grin, proudly pointed at the whirlpool, and said, "Abba knows that I’ve been improving largely these years, so he promoted me. I’m a general now, and I’m responsible for guarding this water eye!"

"I don’t know what’s in there, but no one who dares to go in will end will!" Yuan Sheng laughed wickedly and said, "Lord Gong Gong has given his order that whoever dares to set foot in there will be beheaded! So, go to hell, Yuan Li!"

Yuan Sheng raised Yuan Li high with both arms, then threw him into the rapid whirl.

"That little girl you mentioned, she’s mine now! Haha!" Yuan Sheng rested his hands on his hips, then turned around and grinned to a group of water-kind spirit creatures, who came to see what was happening. He yelled, "You all saw it. Yuan Li is my sweet little brother, I treated him with the best food and wine I had. Yet, he sneaked into that forbidden zone while I wasn’t noticing!"

Laughing wildly, Yuan Sheng growled, "Keep an eye on this area! If Yuan Li comes back out, chop him immediately! If he never comes out again…That would be the best!"

Yuan Sheng glanced at the water eye in a complicated way, then murmured to himself, "Master Hua said that the thing in this watery eye is interesting, and I have to guard it well…Hmm, what is it? A treasure?"

In the dark water eye, Yuan Li steadied his body and sank down into the whirlpool.