Chapter 1167: Yu Ancestor

The Magus Era

Chapter 1167: Yu Ancestor

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From the top of the water cave, waves of silver light spread out and descended like a rain of light. Within the cold silver light, puffs of purple-red sands drifted down, along with a faint mist. At the moment, the silver light and the purple-red light swirled down together like countless cherry blossom petals, looking extremely beautiful.

This beautiful scene was dangerous though. Ji Hao came down from Yuan Li’s furs, holding the Taiji Universe mirror, which released large streams of cold glow, twisting and expanding. Meanwhile, those purple-red sands emerged from the water, tracing the connection between Ji Hao and the puppet, coming swiftly towards Ji Hao.

The cold glow sparkled. Those purple-red sands bumped into the cold glow, stirred up ripples and caused popping noises. As the cold glow twisted from time to time, that purple-red sand were dispersing out, but more and more sand came down and landed on the cold glow.

"This old thing is…Yu Ancestor…Didn’t he die long ago? Didn’t the family of Yu die out?"

Yuan Li stood right behind Ji Hao. In a panic, he looked at those roaring streams of purple-red sand surrounding him, daring not to leave the mirror’s protection.

Ji Hao’s heart missed a beat. He lowered his head and looked at that man with a black cloak.

The Yu were prehistorical creatures. No one knew what they looked like, as they liked to hide in darkness and attack the shadows of the others by spurting sands out of their mouths.

If a living creature’s shadow were hit by a Yu’s sand, it would fall ill. At first, the poor creature would have a fever, start shaking, then vomiting, suffering diarrhea, and at last, it would struggle in miserable pain. Even worse, the creature would die of a serious illness, and even its soul would be devoured by the poisonous sand.

Magus poison masters from the Magi Palace had been very curious about the family of ‘Yu’. They often complained that the Magi Palace could not provide a few living Yu for them to study the legendary poisonous sand. However, according to the secret record keeping in the Magi Palace, the last Yu in the world was eaten by a Taotie. From then on, no one had ever seen a living Yu again. Therefore, those masters from the Magi Palace had nothing to study.

Ji Hao never thought that he would encounter the ancestor of the family of Yu in this Huai Water water eye. He was the first Yu in the world, called Yu Ancestor by the world. Since Yu Ancestor was still alive, the family of Yu would never die out!

"I am alive, how can I be dead?" Yu Ancestor giggled, opened his mouth and let out another wave of poisonous sand. The most terrible thing about this poisonous sand was that it didn’t need to touch one’s body. By simply attacking one’s soul or something that belonged to oneself, it could poison the victim. The poisonous sand of Yu was a bit like some magic curses created by human Maguspriests, those could kill the targets from distances. But, the poisonous sand was more mysterious and unpredictable than most of those magic curses.

Just now, Ji Hao attacked a dragon coffin with a wooden puppet. A trace of Ji Hao’s power was brought away by the puppet. Therefore, the Yu Ancestor attacked the puppet with his sand, which traced Ji Hao’s power and came straight to Ji Hao after the puppet was destroyed.

If Ji Hao wasn’t protected by the Taiji Universe mirror, and if the silver light released by the mirror didn’t cover his entire body, Ji Hao would have been killed by Yu Ancestor already.

At the moment, Ji Hao and Yuan Li had already exposed themselves under Yu Ancestor’s eyes. Yu Ancestor had been spraying out waves of poisonous sand, and soon, purple-red sand and a red mist surrounded Ji Hao and Yuan Li, fiercely striking on the silver light.

"Yu Ancestor, since you’re not dead, your family didn’t die out either. Why are you hiding in this water eye?" Looking at the Yu Ancestor, who had been letting out strong waves of poisonous sand, Ji Hao asked coldly.

"Why should I tell you that?" Yu Ancestor’s face was even twisting in excitement. He waved his hands and laughed, "I’ve been stuck in here for thousands of years, and I am very bored by these coffins! Hehe, if you want answers from me...Kneel and beg!"

Flashing across the water, Yu Ancestor darted to Yuan Li and Ji Hao instantly, made a face to Ji Hao, then laughed with a hissing voice and said, "Or, you let go of these treasures, let me spray my sand on your face. As long as you can stay alive for the first three days, I’ll give you any answer you want!"

Ji Hao knitted his eyebrows. He wasn’t interested in trying that poisonous sand at all. Yu Ancestor was a mysterious ancient creature who lived since the prehistorical era. Who knew what kind of strange power he had? Ji Hao didn’t want to suffer for nothing.

Seeing Ji Hao remain silent, Yu Ancestor instantly laughed out loud with a glowing face, as if something terrific had just happened to him. "You dare not to do it! You dare not to try my sand! Haha! You know my name, you know how powerful I am!"

Yu Ancestor crazily danced around Ji Hao and Yuan Li for a while, then suddenly dropped his face and stared at Yuan Li from head to toe.

Yuan Li instantly pulled out the dragon staff Yu Yu gave him and pointed at Yu Ancestor, then shouted, "Why are you staring at me?"

Yu Ancestor reached out his slim, sticky and long fingers, which were like the tentacles of some poisonous insects, slightly poked Yuan Li’s arm and said, "Hm, little thing, you’re Wuzhi Qi’s son, aren’t you? You have such a strong monkey stink, I can just smell it!"

Yuan Li flicked his wrist and swung the staff upwards, sneered and responded, "Indeed, I’m Wuzhi Qi’s son. So what?"

Yu Ancestor tightened his face. Finally, he lost the control of it and laughed out hysterically, "So what? I will sue you! Ah haha! I will sue Wuzhi Qi’s son…No, I will Sue Wuzhi Qi! I will tell Gong Gong that he betrayed the Gong Gong Family. He colluded with the humankind! I’ll make that old monkey suffer!"

Yu Ancestor popped out his eyes in an extreme excitement, viciously glaring at Yuan Li, then growled, "We’re all the same, then why can he be the Huai Water God, having all kinds of nice things out there? He is worshipped by countless human beings; he eats all the delicious foods and has all the fun! What about me? I have to hide in this bloody hole, with three lifeless, stupid coffins! Why?"

"Bullsh*t poisons in the heaven! What ‘ the most important tasks’? What ‘the first-class credit’? What ‘great rewards’…I am locked in this bloody hole…Ah, what’s the difference between the life in here and the life in prison?" screamed the Yu Ancestor, "Even if I have to be punished by the human emperor and be locked in the prison before the Town Hall, I can at least have people to chat with, and I can still see living beings. But in here…"

Howling shrilly, Yu Ancestors’ eyes bulged from his eye sockets as he opened his mouths widely and let out a purple-red stream of light which struck violently on the silver-white light released from the Taiji Universe mirror.

Two hazy silhouettes suddenly dashed out from behind Yu Ancestor. Those two silhouettes were condensed from water ripples, and were a pair of spirit puppets made by a water-kind ancestor soul from Pan Xi world. From both sides, the two puppets darted to Yu Ancestor and detonated the fist-sized golden thunder-flame bombs held in their hands, generating a thunderous buzzing voice.

A three-thousand-meters-wide golden light sphere wrapped Yu Ancestor up. Waves of destructive thunderbolts dazzled within the golden light, and faintly, Yu Ancestor’s shrill screams could be heard without an end.