Chapter 1179: Dragon-slam Priest

The Magus Era

Chapter 1179: Dragon-slam Priest
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The water thunder bomb struck on the Pan Gu bell and caused an earth-shaking bang, generating dazzling lightning bolts. Under the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao stayed perfectly unmoved, while a half of Yuan Sheng’s cold jade building was shattered and sent flying up.

The building collapsed. Yuan Sheng glared at Ji Hao, showing his teeth. Once again, Ji Hao’s sword flashed across the water and descended like a strong waterfall. Yuan Sheng screamed with a high-pitched voice when the sword cut him into two, from the middle of his body.

Ji Hao took two steps back, seriously looking at Yuan Li’s cut body.

Clear mist streams drifted out from Yuan Sheng’s body and transformed into an enormous lotus which wrapped him up. Following a barely audible spell-incanting sound, the two pieces of Yuan Sheng’s body quickly merged back together.

Yuan Sheng popped out his six large eyes and threw a vicious glance at Ji Hao. He was indeed protected by the secret self-healing magic of his, but finally, Yuan Sheng realized a fact — He could never defeat Ji Hao. Ji Hao was shielded by powerful treasures, which meant he could never harm a hair of Ji Hao. Ji Hao’s sword was sharp and fierce, that even a slight swing of that sword could cut his body into pieces.

When Yuan Sheng first learned the secret dragon-slam art, he thought he had become invincible. He ordered his warriors to attack him together, as a result of which, all kinds of weapons used by his warriors were broken, while he remained perfectly unharmed.

But now, he knew the truth. Those weapons broke because of low quality instead of his own great power. This realization instantly weakened Yuan Sheng’s courage. He staggered back and yelled with a dry voice, "Brother, brother, I can’t defeat this guy. Please, brother, release your power and vanquish this guy!"

A loud and clear spell-incanting sound could be heard, followed by a thunderous boom. From inside the half-collapsed building, a dense cloud of dust rose, while a rockery made from coral and seashells was blown up violently. What could be heard next was a dragon roar, along with rapid water streams that immediately flushed away all the dust.

A black dragon swished out from under the rockery. This dragon had glowing-red eyes and standing scales, with an extremely violent power vibration releasing from its body. The dragon roared resoundingly, darting as fast as a gust of wind. From a long distance away, the dragon opened its jaws and launched a series of thunderbolts towards Ji Hao.

A loud sizzling noise lingered in Ji Hao’s ears as strong thunderbolts landed on the Pan Gu bell one after another. The arm-thick thunderbolts disintegrated against the bell dazzlingly, and made the bell buzz deeply. Yet, it never showed a sign of breaking.

Seeing that no effect was delivered by its thunder attack, the black dragon was infuriated. It dashed to Ji Hao and slapped on the bell with its enormous pair of claw.

Buzz! The bell rang deeply. Thirty-meters around Ji Hao, the space collapsed into a small black hole, with sharp streams of Chaos power roaring in it like thousands of daggers, cutting each other in the black hole.

The dragon’s two claws exploded immediately. Its blood, skin and muscle pieces were swallowed by the black hole. Then, a strong suction force attacked from the black hole, seeming to drag the dragon entirely in.

This ferocious dragon finally realized that although Ji Hao looked young and weak, he was not a pushover. Instead, he was a monster, far more terrifying than the dragon itself. In the dragon’s eyes, the fierce red light dimmed down, as it roared in fear.

"Ji Hao, my friend, stop, please!" said a clear voice from behind the dragon’s neck. Following a series of metal clangs, a golden chain swept down and coiled around the black hole, releasing streams of metal power. Countless thumb-sized golden spell symbols slowly emerged from the chain, transparent and glowing, even illuminating the black hole.

The Pan Gu bell cracked the space and created a black hole, but this effect was only maintained for a very short span of time. Sealed by the golden chain, the bell ring had already stopped, and naturally, the black hole had disappeared.

Ji Hao clearly understood that the bell ring was short, because the black dragon didn’t slap the bell hard enough. The black hole faded along with the bell ring, but its disappearance had nothing to do with this suddenly emerging golden chain. If the black dragon had struck the bell a little bit harder, the bell ring would be longer and stronger, and the effective range of the bell ring would be larger. Perhaps, this golden chain would be shattered and devoured by the black hole as well

However, the man sent out the golden chain didn’t think in the same way. In his eyes, he had sealed the black hole with his magical power and saved the black dragon.

"Ji Hao, my friend, how cruel you are. This black dragon followed me since the prehistorical era and made great contributions. Bu today, you took its claws. You are such a cruel man, but I will not allow you!"

Ji Hao showed the whites of his eyes, because he was speechless. The black dragon’s giant head blocked the line of his eight. Therefore, he leaped up to around a hundred meters and finally saw the man standing on the dragon’s neck.

With coarse clothes, bared arms and shanks, and golden bangles on both wrists and ankles, this tall and slim man had deeply sunken eyes, along with heavy and straight, blade-like eyebrows. Same as the dragon treading under his feet, a fierce, aggressive power vibration had been releasing from his body.

A golden chain had been quickly hovering around this man like a nimble, poisonous serpent. The golden chain was covered in ancient styled spell symbols, emitting a heavy sense of power.

Ji Hao was a hard-working learner, and had always been improving amazingly fast. He recognized those spell symbols at first glance. Those were mostly sealing and suppressing spell symbols, which could restrain all kinds of natural powers and the powers of some dark and evil beings of this world.

If this chain coiled on the body of an ordinary human being, not to mention if this human being would still be able to move or not, even the soul of this human being would be sealed.

"Are you out of your mind?" Ji Hao glanced at this man coldly and yelled, "This stupid animal under your feet tried to kill me the moment it saw me. I made it suffer because it deserves it!"

"Without asking why, you assumed my fault for this stupid animal…Is there a close relationship between you two? Are you father and son or boyfriend and girlfriend?" The moment Ji Hao saw this man, he knew where this man came from. Therefore, he didn’t bother mincing his words.

The black dragon roared again, while this man’s face turned extremely sulky. He gritted his teeth and said word by word, "I am Priest Dragon-slam. Guided by my Shifu, I started my cultivation in the era of the first divine emperor. Lately, I heard that a disaster happened in the mortal world, so I left my place, came down to save living beings and accumulate merit."

"Eh, ‘save living beings and accumulate merit’. Do you mean gormandizing in that underwater building?" shouted Ji Hao. "Enough, you bunch of fake priests, you’re obviously working with the water-kind! You’re destroying the world!"

Putting such an evil label on this man and his people, Ji Hao gave another resonant shout, then held the sword with both hands, made the Big Dipper step and combined the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything perish. A hundreds of meters long beam of sword light dazzled out from the Taiji divine sword, while it hacked straight down towards Dragon-slam Priest.