Chapter 1206: Ying Zun’s Power

The Magus Era

Chapter 1206: Ying Zun’s Power
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

The cauldron transformed into a colorful swirl, draining Ying Sun’s original soul power. Streams of dark mist were dragged out of his body and were being devoured by the cauldron. Ying Zun screamed in fury, and the gemstones he wore glowed brightly.

The two embryos each gripped a sword and madly hacked on Ying Zun’s body.

Sharp sword lights landed on Ying Zun’s body and generated a series of tinkle, raising bright fire sparkles. Hundreds of meters long slashed were left on Ying Zun’s body. Ji Hao saw clearly that the flesh under Ying Zun’s skin had a strange luster, looking like metal.

His original soul power was draining away. Hacked by the two embryos, the sun power and extremely negative power drilled into his body. Some of the wounds on Ying Zun’s body were burning, while the others were freezing. The hotness and the coldness collided with each other in Ying Zun’s body and made his skin split, squeezing out more dark mist for the cauldron to devour.

Ying Zun suffered an extreme pain and rage. He roared towards the sky. Thirty-six dark beads rose from his body, flashed across the air and transformed into all kinds of weapons, being gripped in his hands. Raising his arms, Ying Zun crazily bashed the Chaos cage created by the Pan Gu bell.

A muffled series of boom was generated. Ying Zun was unimaginably powerful. Circles of ripple were stirred up from the Chaos streams released by the bell, and the noise was even shaking Ji Hao’s two embryos.

"You sky devils can do no more than creating illusions and shaking mind…" Exclaimed Ji Hao’s two embryos together, "But, how can you have such a strength?"

The Pan Gu bell was a supreme piece, and Ji Hao had fought many powerful enemies with it so far. Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, and those Chaos monsters, none of them could ever shake the Pan Gu bell; a full-strike launched by any of them could generate a gentle ring from the bell at most.

However, in Emperor Shun’s spiritual space, Ying Zun, who was now in his soul form, had actually made the Pan Gu bell buzz. If he bashed the bell like this in the outside, the bell would have destroyed a whole area with a radius of a thousand miles already.

"Smart, silly little thing!" Ying Zun’s eighteen eyes shone with a dark light. Arrow-like dark beams darted out of those eyes, towards the two embryos of Dao.

The two embryos controlled the sword, transformed again into golden and silver light streaks, and dazzled all over the space. Sword lights struck down like heavy rain, leaving more deep wounds on Ying Zun’s body. Holding the thirty-six weapons, Ying Zun attacked crazily. From time to time, his weapon would bump against the sword lights and bang thunderously. Large cracks had been appearing on those weapons, yet none of them were broken yet.

"It seems that you didn’t learn anything useful from the memories of those two trashes, did you?" Ying Zun’s body started shrinking. His body was way too enormous. With that body, his defenses were mostly useless. Therefore, he shrank his body.

"Regarding the powers of my kind, those two had only reached the surface. They can indeed shake minds with illusions." said Ying Zun coldly and scornfully, "But, I am at a higher level. I can make anything in my mind real."

"Thunder!" Ying Zun abruptly burst with a great growl.

Hundreds of water-tank-sized thunder bombs suddenly emerged, falling down towards the two embryos.

Ji Hao’s eyebrows twisted. He nearly went crazy!

In Emperor Shun’s spiritual space, Ying Zun created actual thunder bombs, exactly same as the real thing!

Those were true thunder bombs instead of illusions; a bolt of that thunder could seriously destroy a city.

Emperor Shun’s spiritual space was immeasurable and boundless; it was between tangibleness and intangibleness. In this place, Ying Zun created a body for himself with his soul power, but how could he be powerful enough to create true thunder bombs in this place?

"Taiji! Merge!" shouted Ji Hao. The two embryos of Dao transformed into a golden fish and a silver fish, both enormous. The pair of fishes bit each other’s tail, circling swiftly. Light circles spread out, as the two embryos became a giant Taiji diagram, flying towards those thunder bombs.

Thunder bombs fell into the golden and silver Taiji diagram. The soft yet strong Taiji power wrapped up these thunder bombs and ground off their aggressivity, then sent them into the cauldron.

"Blast!" Seeing a small half of those thunder bombs swallowed up by Ji Hao, Ying Zun flicked his finger and shouted.

The rest hundreds of thunder bombs exploded, almost next to the two embryos. Dark flame roared over along with tsunami-like spirit power weaves. The silver and golden Taiji diagram quaked intensively. Ji Hao sensed a piercing pain from his primordial spirit, as those thunder bombs had already harmed his embryos of Dao.


Ji Hao gave another thunderous growl. A Chaos power stream descended from the Pan Gu bell, transformed into a giant hand, and grasped those exploding thunder bombs, forcibly compressing those into a human-head-sized dark ball, throwing it into the cauldron.

"What is this treasure?" Ying Zun greedily looked at the cauldron in shock. The darkness in his eyes grew deeper and deeper.

"This treasure is gonna take your life away!" Ji Hao roared coldly. By now, Ying Zun had already shrunk his body to around thirty-meters-tall. His face and body turned clearer and clearer. Flowing Ji Hao’s voice, the colorful swirl transformed from the cauldron turned around above Ying Zun’s head. Instantly, strands of dark mist rose from Ying Zun’s body, being absorbed by the swirl.

Ying Zun’s face twisted awfully. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Ji Hao. He locked his thirty-six arms together, seeming to cast some stunning magic.

Suddenly, a dense purple-golden mist spurted out from one of Ying Zun’s heads. That was the power of natural reward. The natural reward power generated a fire, which burned a black smoke out of that head of Ying Zun. Ying Zun screamed in shock, raised a few of his arms and slapped down on his own forehead.

Surrounded by a warm golden and purple light, Emperor Shun broke out of Ying Zun’s head. He roared like a beast while dazzling purple-golden light shone from his hands and pierced into Ying Zun’s body like long and sharp swords.

The power of natural reward was not lethal. The purple-golden light failed to penetrate Ying Sun’s body, yet the evil-suppressing power of the light largely weakened Ying Zun. It made his body hazy and dim, and squeezed a cloud of dark mist out of his body.

Ji Hao seized the opportunity. The golden sword and the silver sword transformed into a pair of strong light stream, circling around Ying Zun, and cutting his body.

The sword lights clanged against Ying Zun’s body, leaving wounds and raising clouds of dark smoke. Ying Zun was infuriated. All of a sudden, a head and four arms of his exploded, became dark thunderbolts, and rumbled down towards Ji Hao’s embryos and Emperor Shun’s soul. Both the two embryos and Emperor Shun’s soul were injured and forced back.

Yet, bursting with another roar, Ji Hao and Emperor Shun marched once again.