Chapter 1218: The Instinct of the World

The Magus Era

Chapter 1218: The Instinct of the World
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The will of Pan Gu world?

Ji Hao looked at Emperor Shun, horrified.

The embryo of Pan Gu world was born together with Saint Pan Gu. Saint Pan Gu cultivated himself well in the Chaos. And one day, when he was powerful enough, and the world embryo was mature, Saint Pan Gu launched a strike with his axe and created this world.

In a way, the embryo of Pan Gu world was Pan Gu’s spirit treasure.

After Saint Pan Gu created the world, he was attacked by countless Chaos monsters. Some of those Chaos monsters wanted to loot the natural reward power that was supposed to descend to Pan Gu for creating a world, while some wanted the power of creation of the new world. There were also some who wanted to kill Pan Gu and seize the new world and become the new owner of the world.

Saint Pan Gu fell, and Pan Gu world developed naturally, until present times.

Reasonably, the will of Pan Gu world should be the will of Saint Pan Gu, but Saint Pan Gu had fallen. This ‘will of Pan Gu world’ mentioned by Emperor Shun, was it the great Dao of Pan Gu world?

However, according to what Ji Hao had learned from Priest Dachi, Qing Wei and Yu Yu, the Dao was the natural law, unfeeling and emotionless. It was an operating rule of the world. Which meant, the great Dao of the world shouldn’t have self-consciousness.

"Did Pan Gu world itself suppress you to make you fail?" asked Ji Hao carefully. He still couldn’t believe it.

The two men with tall hats spread their hands and smiled bitterly.

"The twelve of us, we each consumed a giant amount of natural reward power to absent ourselves from our missions, and to gather the powers of all stars in the north. We earned three strikes." said one of the two men. "With the first strike, we destroyed nine water eyes and twenty-seven clones of old Gong Gongs."

"With the rest two strikes, we prepared one to awe the non-humankind and one to break the twelve portals. But this time, those non-humankind beings didn’t do anything despiteful. Instead, they only asked for some compensation. Therefore, we used both strikes on those portals." said the other man with a tall hat.

The combined strike was launched with the powers of all stars in the north, millions and millions of stars. The twelve former human emperors were not star kings indeed, and could not release the star powers fully. Nevertheless, they offered their own natural reward powers, and in return, those stars helped as much as possible.

The strike was heavy enough to reshape the whole world. If the strike landed on the twelve former human emperors, they might have even perished. Nevertheless, the twelve portals were protected by a strange power, which was not so strong, yet had an amazingly high quality.

When the twelve human emperors launched the strike, they clearly sensed the will of Pan Gu world itself. A clear natural decree was protecting those portals — No power from Pan Gu world could ever cause any damage to these portals.

That was the will of the world, Pan Gu world, the highest decree from the great Dao of this world. Because of this, the world-destroying strike disappeared before it landed on the twelve portals. It was gone, as if it never existed.

"Pan Gu world forbids from breaking those portals." said Emperor Shun with a bitter smile. He pointed at the bronze ball, which floated before his face, and continued with a deep voice, "The images in here were sent into the minds of the twelve emperors by the world itself. Ji Hao, you take a look."

The light screen sparkled, then a boundless Chaos appeared before Ji Hao’s eyes.

In the Chaos, a beautiful, great world was shining splendidly, like thousands of suns gathering together. Every now and then, hundreds of Chaos tides would violently brush across this world. The smallest Chaos tides were millions of miles long, while the largest were billions and billions of miles long.

Not even the slightest sound was generated. When those Chaos tides struck on the world, nothing but dazzling lights, an endless heat, and incalculable energies, were generated.

Around this great world, far, far away, twelve light spheres were approaching at amazingly high speeds. These twelve light spheres were much smaller than the great world. Even the largest one among them was not as big as one-millionth of the great world itself.

The Chaos was boundless. Even the smallest world was over one hundred billion miles in radius. When these worlds moved in the Chaos, their moving speeds were relatively slow based on their giant volumes, but to ‘normal living beings’ like human beings, the moving speeds of those worlds were despairingly high.

The twelve small worlds blasted countless Chaos whirlpools and Chaos tides, flying speedily to Pan Gu world as they left hundreds of billions of miles long glowing tails in the Chaos.

"Because of the great formation created by Gong Gong, the water powers from the twelve water worlds had been drawing into Pan Gu world ceaselessly. This generated an awfully strong suction force, which is bringing the twelve small worlds to Pan Gu world."

"Three years, in three years at most, these small worlds will be captured by Pan Gu world. Same as Pan Xi world, these small worlds will be torn apart, absorbed, and digested by Pan Gu world, to nourish the great Dao of Pan Gu world, and to strengthen this world."

"Pan Gu worlds has its instinctive needs. The world can breathe, just like us. Moment after moment, the world is breathing the Chaos power and producing new stars. Even Midland and the four wastelands have been expanding all the time, because of the world’s ‘breath’."

"Nevertheless, what the world will gain through billions of centuries of ‘breathing’ is far less than the harvest of devouring a small world."

"The world was sunken in sleep, until Pan Xi world was hunted. The world woke up at that time, and now, it craves more small worlds. It wants to strengthen itself, to grow stronger, and to improve. This is the most original, purest instincts of Pan Gu world. We…can’t stop it."

Emperor Shun pointed at the bronze ball and said, "This is the message sent to the few former emperors’ souls by the world itself."

Ji Hao remained silent, and so did the group of old ministers.

As human beings, who were born in this world and had been living in this world, how could they possibly stop this world from doing anything it wanted? Even a Supreme Magus could control the power of no more than one natural star.

But how many stars existed in Pan Gu world? This great, powerful world.

To Pan Gu world, the power possessed by a Supreme Magus was not even as big as a drop of water in an ocean!

"Pan Gu world has its eyes on the twelve small worlds, which have been hurling themselves willingly into the net." said Emperor Shun, "Therefore, water-kind armies will continuously arrive from the twelve worlds, and the flood will only grow stronger. In three years, the flood in Pan Gu world will reach the peak."

"Three years, we have to do something in the coming three years."

"We have to be more decisive, be…crueler."