Chapter 1222: What Ji Wu Can Do

The Magus Era

Chapter 1222: What Ji Wu Can Do
Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh

"How dare I?" Ji Wu’s long hair straightened up, while lava-like streams of fire rose from his feet, instantly covering his entire body. Heave weaves spread out. Behind Ji Wu, a red light dazzled up for thousands of meters, within which, an enormous fire Qi Lin suddenly rushed out, roaring towards the sky.

The roar sounded like thunder blasting together, shaking both the earth and the sky. The red light expanded in all directions.

Following a water-clattering noise, the water before the city gate surged up for nearly a thousand meters and flooded backward, striking down on those human warriors. Countless rafts were wrecked, and those human warriors were thrown into the water.

Instinctively, Si Wen Bing and the few warriors behind him raised their arms to protect their faces. The burning hot red light swept across wave by wave and burned their hair and beard. By breathing, they felt that their noses were burning, and so were their internal organs.

A sizzling noise could be heard. Si Wen Bing could still take it, but blisters had already popped out from the skins of his few warriors. Those thumb-sized blisters started to burst, letting light yellow liquid flow on their skin. Their skin was quickly burned black, and soon, their bones were bared, with a metallic luster.

"How dare I?" Ji Wu burst with a thunderous roar once again, while that fire Qi Lin floating behind him proudly held its head high, aggressively staring at Si Wen Bing.

"Who is the daring one here?" Pointing at Si Wen Bing, Ji Wu yelled, "What are you? You’re nothing but an insignificant man from the small You Chong Clan. You’re even worse as an animal! How dare you act like that in front of me? Do you know the name of my father? My grandfather? Do you know that I am Marquis Dai? How dare you yell at me?"

The fire Qi Lin roared again and let out a lava-like stream of fire from its mouth, striking straight to Si Wen Bing and his warriors.

Si Wen Bing cursed out. Between his eyebrows, the silhouette of a mountain flashed across, then a triangle shaped, heavy shield flew out of his forehead, and expanded to nearly a hundred meters large against the burning wind, shielding his warriors and himself.

The fire bumped into the dark yellow shield. The fire was strangely sticky, it lingered right on the shield without going anywhere else. It wrapped up the shield, and seemed to even melt it. In a couple of breaths, the ground before the city gate was melted into lava, and not long after that, even the lava was burned into an incandescent state.

"Retreat!" Si Wen Bing shouted while quickly waving his hand to his warriors.

His shield was a Divine-level inherited magic treasure that belonged to the You Chong Clan. It was made from the bones of a thousand and two-hundred different types of spirit beasts with a nature of earth, along with the essence powers of eight famous mountains in Midland. The shield was strong and sturdy, with an amazing defensive power.

Controlling the shield with Si Wen Bing’s current power, not even a higher level Jia Clan warrior could break it, unless three to five higher level Jia Clan warriors combined their powers. But now, Si Wen Bing sensed a great pressure. He heard the shield screaming, which meant that the fire released by the fire Qi Lin was already weakening the shield’s original power.

"Ji Wu!" Si Wen Bing roared. He ordered his warriors to retreat, but the two priests beside Ji Wu smiled. One of them released a silver flying dagger while the other one threw out a golden flying sword. The flying dagger and sword left thousands of afterimages in the air, bypassed Si Wen Bing, and flew to his few warriors.

"Hit the targets!" The two priests laughed out loud together. Their flying sword and dagger pierced into the bodies of the few warriors, who were already covered in burn wounds. The sharp sword and dagger cut open their burning muscles, hacked on their bones, and generated loud tinkles.

The few warriors under Si Wen Bing’s command were also Divine Magi. However, the flying dagger and sword momentarily left hundreds of bone-deep wounds on their bodies. They didn’t panic. They breathed deeply, boosted up their spirit blood, and sent it to their wounds.

A Divine Magus had the power to even regrow his or her body from a single drop of blood. Some powerful ones could even survive a beheading, not to mention a flew dagger and sword wounds; those were nothing to Divine Magi.

Nevertheless, the few warriors soon shouted out loud in shock. They sent their spirit blood to their wounds, yet those long and deep wounds weren’t healed. On the contrary, large streams of blood were squeezed out of their bodies through those wounds.

A strange power lingered in their wounds, giving them a warm, numb feeling, while emitting a sweet and sour aroma. That was a magic drug which paralyzed their wounds, and seemed even to take away all the life-force around those wounds, and let spirit blood flow out of their bodies ceaselessly.

Soon, the few warriors were covered in blood. Their blood flowing down from their bodies dyed the earth red within nearly a hundred meters in radius.

"Commander, be careful! These weapons are strange!" The few warriors roared out in rage, while a golden beam and a silver beam flashed all over the sky, generating a series of puffing noise. These warriors trembled intensively, as the dagger and the sword penetrated their bodies over and over again, leaving thousands of punctured wounds on their bodies.

Hearts, lungs, livers…All their internal organs were severely injured.

Fortunately, Divine Magi possessed a strong life-force. They activated their spirit star power, replenishing their consumed spirit blood. But still, large streams of blood had been spraying out from their bodies. Gradually, their limbs were softened, and they started feeling cold.

Not even Divine Magi could afford to lose so much blood, not to mention the flying sword and dagger had been adding more wounds on their bodies al the time.

"Brothers, you are amazing!" Ji Wu laughed out loud and waved his right arm. A long and red sword appeared in his hand as he continued, "I’d like to show my power too. After all, I’ve been cultivating myself pretty hard these years. Brothers, please kindly give your advice!

"Be careful!" Si Wen Bing growled hoarsely, as he turned around, looking at his few warriors, who were almost killed by the flying sword and dagger.

"You be careful! Like I said, what are you? How dare you yell at me? It would be about right if Si Wen Ming came himself. A small one like you? Never!" Ji Wu laughed. Abruptly, he flashed across the air and almost teleported himself to Si Wen Bing. Next, the long red sword directly penetrated Si Wen Bing’s chest, leaving a stream of fire in the air. The sword was almost as long as Ji Wu’s body, yet was only about one inch wide.

Si Wen Bing howled in pain. The sword began burning his internal organs once it sank into his body. Si Wen Bing was a strong and brave one, but still, he twitched in pain, and couldn’t help but howl and curse out.

Ji Wu gave a vicious grin while twisting the sword inside Si Wen Bing’s body. He cut open a half of Si Wen Bing’s chest.

Blood splashed out as Si Wen Bing roared like a beast. He turned around with a dark yellow, heavy blade gripped in his hand, and hacked down towards Ji Wu’s head. Hazy mountain silhouettes emerged around the blade.

This was how true human warriors were like — ‘You refused to talk, so we fight, life to death! What could be even worse than death? Why would I be afraid of you? If I am too afraid to pull out my blade or wield my sword, would I still be counted as a human warrior?’

When Ji Hao arrived by the golden bridge, he saw Si Wen Bing launching the full strike.