Chapter 1236: Transmigration

The Magus Era

Chapter 1236: Transmigration
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"I hate you!" Priest Corpse and Gold Water’s embryos of Dao screamed in the air. Below the two embryos of Dao, their bodies were shattering, melted by the sun power and the extremely negative power.

Their hatred to Ji Hao would never fade, even until the end of the world.

They cultivated their bodies for countless centuries, with no efforts spared. Their bodies were the foundations of their cultivations. With those bodies, they survived countless major natural trials, ever since the prehistorical era. Every inch of those bodies was built with their immeasurably great efforts. However, Ji Hao destroyed their bodies.

Their embryos of Dao remained existing, which meant their cultivation was still there. Just now, they were laughing at Priest Flame, but at the moment, they were just like him. They had lost their body, the foundations of their cultivations. In the future, it would be almost impossible for these two embryos of Dao to make any progress.

"Ji Hao! How cruel you are!" Priest Corpse’s embryo of Dao screamed hoarsely. Coiling in a dark mist, a skinny silhouette reached out a pair of long and thin arms towards Ji Hao.

"Brother, be careful!" All these years, these priests had been intriguing against each other for benefits, and they were used to it. But now, seeing Priest Corpse putting up a desperate fight against Ji Hao, the group of priests couldn’t help but shout out loud. Their primordial spirits were all injured seriously too.

Priest Corpse was powerful because of his physical body. Without that body, Priest Corpse was no longer outstanding among his peers. On the contrary, he was even weaker than some of the others. Fighting a life-risking battle against Ji Hao with his embryo of Dao, but without a physical body to shield it? This was just like hitting a steel blade with a piece of tofu, completely suicidal.

Priest Corpse was woken up by his brothers and sisters. He attempted to draw back, but it was already too late.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. His eyes shone with golden and silver lights while he growled, "Since you are already here, don’t go. Priest Corpse, you’ve lived long enough."

Countless thoughts flashed through Ji Hao’s mind. Ji Hao thought of his first encounter with Priest Corpse, his first battle against him, and all troubles this guy had caused him.

Laughing again, Ji Hao’s erect eye sparkled. Another enormous sword condensed from his spirit power darted out. Priest Corpse’s embryo of Dao fled fast, yet he could never be faster than a thought of Ji Hao.

The sun power and the extremely negative power merged together. The four moves were combined again, and the tremendous, dazzling sword descended. It seemed to cleave all impediments, even seemed to create a whole new world.

Along with a heartbreaking scream, Priest Corpse’s embryo of Dao was chopped open. Sparkling dark mist rose from his broken embryo of Dao. Golden and silver flame lingered on that embryo of Dao, burning out all evil thoughts, desires, and darkness hiding in his soul.

In the air, nothing but Priest Corpse’s original soul remained, glowing brightly.

Pointed his finger out, Ji Hao prepared to perish that original soul for good. But all of a sudden, a dazzling golden light shone from Priest Corpse’s burning body, releasing a golden linden leaf magic talisman that wrapped up Priest Corpse’s original soul and rose straight into the sky.

A thin crack appeared in the sky. From the crack, a strange power drilled in. Priest Corpse’s original soul trembled in the golden light, then was dragged into the crack.

"That is…" Gold Water’s embryo of Dao quivered and murmured. His translucent face suddenly turned extremely dark.

"That is…The Netherworld, the place of transmigration." Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, recognizing that strange power. Priest Corpse’s embryo of Dao and primordial spirit were both destroyed by Ji Hao, but his original soul was sent to the place of transmigration!

The magic talisman flew out from Priest Corpse’s body was made from a linden leaf from Priest Mu himself. Priest Mu was an unimaginably powerful one, and so was his linden leaf magic talisman. Protected by that talisman, Ji Hao should not have been able to kill Priest Corpse easily.

But Ji Hao did it, easily indeed. The linden leaf magic talisman activated itself suddenly only when Priest Corpse’s embryo of Dao was destroyed and Ji Hao intended to kill his original soul. Protected by the talisman, Priest Corpse’s original soul was sent to the place of transmigration.

"Master Shifu!"

"Your Master Shifu wants you to reincarnate, to live and cultivate again!" Absorbing the powers from the original souls of five ‘Zun’-level sky devils, Ji Hao’s mind was never clearer. Immediately, he figured this out.

Priest Mu let Ji Hao kill Priest Corpse intentionally, then protected his original soul and sent it into the place of transmigration. After that, Priest Corpse would reincarnate. Under the protection of the linden leaf magic talisman, he would certainly become a human being. Once Priest Corpse attained his second life, Priest Mu would take him as a disciple again. With his previous-life cultivation, it wouldn’t take too long for him to regain his powers.

Then, Priest Corpse would be a human being.

Human beings were chosen by the world. They were the owners of the natural fortune. A human disciple, a powerful human disciple, would bring the sect a much greater fortune and much more benefits than Priest Corpse, a Chaos monster, could ever do.

Ji Hao immediately figured it out — If Priest Corpse and his brothers were powerful enough to survive, it would be good; after all, they were powerful beings and were highly helpful for the sect. But if they were killed, Priest Hua and Priest Mu would let them die, as long as their original souls can be sent to the place of transmigration. Thus, a few years later, Priest Hua and Priest Mu would have a large batch of elite disciples under their command, and those disciples would all be pure-blood human beings who could benefit the sect even more.

"Hehe, hehe, hehe!" Holding the Taiji divine sword, Ji Hao looked at Gold Water, and laughed coldly.

Obviously, Gold Water had figured it out as well. With a twisted face, he looked at the sky and burst with a hoarse roar, then bumped into Ji Hao.

Without hesitation, Ji Hao wielded his left hand and released a Yu Yu divine thunderbolt. The thunderbolt struck directly on Gold Water’s embryo of Dao. Gold Water didn’t fight back, and neither did his defensive treasures trigger themselves. He did nothing but let Ji Hao destroy his embryo of Dao.

"Thank you, Master Shifu!" Gold Water gave one last sigh. Afterward, a linden leaf magic talisman flew out from his burning body, wrapped up his original soul, and drilled into the netherworld.

"You, who wants a hack from me?" Easily killing Priest Corpse and Gold Water, Ji Hao tinkled the sword with his finger. The silvery tinkle vibrated the air, while Ji Hao smilingly looked at Priest Flame and the others, who were all vomiting blood.

Remaining silent for a while, a priest with a light-cyan skin screamed, "Ji Hao, you killed our two brothers only because you have those supreme treasures…Fight us with your own power if you dare to!"

Ji Hao laughed out loud. ‘My treasures? Didn’t you try to trap us with the monument? Isn’t that a treasure?"

Slightly shaking his head, Ji Hao launched another hack without hesitating.

Man Man, Shaosi, and the others moved together. At the same time, a swift dark silhouette flashed out of Ji Hao’s shadow like a nimble fish.