Chapter 1247: Meeting Again After A Long Separation

The Magus Era

Chapter 1247: Meeting Again After A Long Separation
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Priest Hua’s great Dao was the Dao of evolvement, which was also the Dao of variation, of creation. All in all, Priest Hua’s Dao was the summation of all ‘unstable’ Dao in Pan Gu world; it was inclusive, and was the foundational Dao of the development of Pan Gu world.

Attaining Priest Hua’s results of Dao, Ji Hao fell into a strange, half-asleep, half-awake state. In his spiritual space, the embryo of Dao of evolvement was shining like the ancient moon, illuminating the entire space like an ice mirror. All his thoughts and ideas were concentrated on this ice mirror. He was thinking with it, and the most of his life-force was absorbed by it.

With nothing else but his unreasonably strong physical body, he instinctively controlled the nine dragons chariot, then flashed across the space with the power of the golden bridge. He felt nothing, no happiness, anger, or sadness; all emotions had faded away. At the moment, Ji Hao was like a puppet, a walking dead.

On the rapidly flowing, turbid river, ninety-nine spirit white-dragons sealed the river water with enormous chains, blocking the way of a flood control troop. Ji Hao drove the nine dragons chariot and descended from the sky. The ninety-nine white dragons raised mountain-huge waves and attacked with their combined power.

Through that ice mirror in his spirit space, Ji Hao saw every single move made by those white dragons. Like a gust of wind, he darted between all kinds of weapons wielded by those dragons airily, while easily throwing heavy punches onto their lower bellies, shattering their spirit Dan. Every spirit Dan was gained through years of severe cultivation. The ninety-nine spirit white dragons transformed back to their original forms and roared towards the sky, then captured by the flood-control troop.

On a boundless lake, thousands of giant boas raised the waves. Under the lead of around ten Xiang Liu snakes, they had been devouring human beings.

Ji Hao came all the way to help. Flicking his fingers, he cast thousands of different type of magic within a single second. Every boa and Xiang Liu snake was hit by a different magic. They were all killed instantaneously, with only their enormous bodies left as the food of the flood-control troop.

On top of a magnificent mountain range, large groups of water-kind creatures built a great city, which extended for tens of thousands of miles. With the high altitude, they blocked tens of violently flooding rivers, and the flood-control troops.

Ji Hao received a message and came over in a rush. Standing high in the sky, he clenched his fingers towards the mountain range and flattened it. Within a blink of an eye, the mountain range became a tiny grain of sand and disappeared in his palm. Millions of water-kind creatures were swallowed by the five-colored cauldron along with the mountain range. All water-kind creatures were burned out, both their bodies and souls. There were no survivors at all.

Rushing and slaughtering, Ji Hao’s hands were stained by blood, while screams and howls could be heard from every corner of Midland. Midland was vast, and flood-control troops that had encountered problems sent messages to Ji Hao to ask for help from every area. Ji Hao never rested, and was alway on the run. He had no time to eat, nor to sleep. Wherever he reached, nothing happened but slaughter, crazy, merciless slaughter.

Time flew by. Years passed in a blink of an eye.

Ji Hao had always been busy rushing about in Midland. He killed countless evil beings, and saved incalculable human beings. In the eyes of water-kind spirit creatures, Ji Hao was already the scariest devil in the world, but in the eyes of human beings, Ji Hao was just like Si Wen Ming, because they both saved lives and gave chances.

Led by Si Wen Ming, flood-control troops had already dredged and connected ninety-nine percent water veins in Midland. When the last few, which were also the most important channels, were connected, it would be the completion of Si Wen Ming’s great flood-control plan.

All the floodwater in Midland would flow into the Final Land, and would no longer harm human beings. The unwanted moisture coming from the twelve water worlds would also be drawn into the Final Land. The air would start drying, and the flood in the four wastelands would gradually, naturally fade.

In addition to that, when the strong water power started gathering in Midland from the four wastelands, the four wastelands would be dragged towards Midland by the water power, like giant liners on an ocean. Soon, the four continents in Pan Gu world would merge into one!

This day, Ji Hao drove the nine dragons chariot and flashed across the sky. Abruptly, Si Wen Ming called his name from down below.

"Ji Hao! Long time no see! Come down and have some water! Haha! Only nine channels are left! Our work is going to be completed!"

Standing on the chariot, Ji Hao’s face was bland and expressionless. But on hearing Si Wen Ming, that ice mirror quietly melted in his spiritual space. Afterward, all kinds of thoughts and emotions surged out from the deepest area of his primordial spirit.

From his cold and stiff body, which was like a dead tree, a thriving life-force was generated. Ji Hao rolled his eyeballs, then shook his head hard, and landed the chariot. Wielding his broad sleeve, the chariot disappeared. Treading on a fiery cloud, Ji Hao looked down.

"Phew!" Man Man, Shaosi and the others had been rushing about, fighting and slaughtering with Ji Hao restlessly for years. They also had blood on their hands, and their eyes were also bland. But following Ji Hao’s moves, life-force sparkled in their eyes too.

Following a series of metal-clangs, a Jia Clan battle king standing beside Ji Hao loosened his hands and let his heavy sword fall from the sky, smashing thunderously on the ground. This powerful battle king looked at his ten twitching fingers, then raised his head while gazing at the sky. "What time is it? These years…The killing was so exhausting." He murmured to himself.

"Ah, I’m starving! I want to eat, I want to sleep!" Man Man dropped her pair of hammers, lied straight on the fiery cloud, and immediately fell asleep.

"I’m a bit tired too, really." Shaosi smilingly sat beside Man Man, with her eyelids constantly dropping. But, she forced herself to not sleep. Her eyes were still fixed on Ji Hao, full of warmth, even through she still had that bland and exhausted look on her face.

Ji Hao wielded his sleeve again and released a gentle but strong life-force that warmed and nourished his friends, who had also fought like a machine for years. Carrying them with that fiery cloud, Ji Hao slowly landed on the ground.

On a gentle mountainside, countless scrawny human warriors with ragged clothes were sitting on the ground, resting. Surrounding them were a group of women, who were also skinny. They raised bonfires and boiled soups in broken clay pots.

While laughing, Si Wen Ming walked to Ji Hao with big steps. He had a ragged piece of hide wrapped around his waist, baring his upper body. His skin was pale as the belly of a dead fish. He still had hair, but no fine hair, which were all soaked off by the water.

"Uncle!" Ji Hao gasped for air. He was such a strong man now, but still, he felt like he was swallowing sand. Even after trying pretty hard for a while, he failed to secrete any saliva to moisten his throat.

Calling out ‘uncle’, Ji Hao couldn’t help but let out a strange noise from his throat because of the dryness. He couldn’t say one more word.

"Ji Hao! You must be exhausted these years!" Si Wen Ming walked up to Ji Hao smilingly. He was not walking steadily. Even as a Divine Magus, he nearly stumbled and fell to the ground. Fortunately, Ji Hao held him up.

They gave each other a giant hug, then Ji Hao grinned, looked at Si Wen Ming, and smiled, shaking his head as he said, "I’m good…I’m still alive!"

Si Wen Ming nodded heavily and responded, "Alive is good!"